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Chapter 2267: Leng Shaomings First Love

At noon, Leng Shaoming came back to the capital, so Master Leng immediately set up a meeting for him with Zhan Zhiyin.

They would meet each other at 2 pm in a café.

Leng Shaoming arrived at 1:30 pm.

He wasnt very interested, but arrived earlier out of good manners.

Before Zhan Zhiyin showed up, Leng Shaoming saw a familiar face.

It was a young couple, and the woman walked in holding the mans arm.

When they walked by Leng Shaomings table, they saw each other.

As soon as the woman noticed Leng Shaoming, she let go of the mans arm and felt embarrassed.

Because of that, the man was mad at once.

Leng Shaoming remained calm instead.

He didnt seem to be affected at all.

“Hi, Mr.

Chang, Miss Fan.” He politely greeted them.

This Mr.

Chang was Chang Kaixuan, the son of the Chang familys second son.

He was at the same age as Leng Shaoming.

They had even gone to the same high school, but separated in universities.

They used to have a very bad relationship and always fought.

They had grown up now, so they would still exchange greetings out of good manners even if they still disliked each other.

Miss Fan was the daughter of a senior official in the government.

Her full name was Fan Yayue.

She went to the same university as Leng Shaoming, and she was also his first love.

It happened when they were studying in university and it had been four years.

When Leng Shaoming met her again, he felt nothing.

He didnt love or hate her, and could calmly greet her.

However, if it was possible, he was reluctant to see her again.

Although he didnt love or hate her now, she had betrayed him after all, so he was unwilling to meet her.

How did Fan Yayue betray him

Speaking of that, it was actually against Fan Yayues own willingness.

She was schemed against back then, but it wouldnt have happened if she had behaved herself.

That day, Fan Yayue lied to him that she was uncomfortable and went to have fun in a bar with her friends.

They struck up a conversation with a few handsome men and they went to drink together.

Under the effect of alcohol, they had sex.

It didnt go abroad, so not many people knew it, but Leng Shaoming couldnt accept it and broke up with her.

Leng Shaoming had been together with Fan Yayue for a year back then, but they had never slept together.

He treated her very well, so he was a good boyfriend.

Leng Shaoming was also Fan Yayues first love.

She loved him deeply and felt too embarrassed to be his girlfriend after she had sex with another man.

However, she couldnt get over Leng Shaoming, so she had that reaction earlier.

Precisely because of that, Chang Kaixuan was displeased.

To be specific, he was angry, because Fan Yayue had embarrassed him in front of his enemy.

Therefore, Chang Kaixuan gave Fan Yayue a fierce glare.

Fan Yayue also understood that she shouldnt have done that, but it already happened.

Chang Kaixuan was aware that Leng Shaoming was Fan Yayues first love and that they had never slept together.

However, he didnt know the real reason why they broke up.

Fan Yayue only told him they didnt get along.

Chang Kaixuan took Leng Shaoming as his enemy, but still chased his first love, not to prove he was better than Leng Shaoming, instead, he felt displeased once he remembered that Fan Yayue had been together with Leng Shaoming before, although they had never slept together.

He chased Fan Yayue simply because the Chang family wanted to draw the Fan family to its side.

He was ordered by his family to chase Fan Yayue.

In fact, he only felt displeased because Fan Yayue had been together with Leng Shaoming before, but he was very satisfied with her.

She was pretty, sexy, and his type.

He really liked her, but there was no love between them.

He didnt love any woman, or like another woman more than Fan Yayue.

He felt it was no different no matter who his girlfriend was, so he didnt care about it that much.

Moreover, Fan Yayue was a very qualified wife in his eyes.

She didnt care how he played around outside, as long as he didnt make it public.

Even if Chang Kaixuan was very mad, he was unwilling to make himself a joke before Leng Shaoming, so he swallowed his anger for the time being.

Because Leng Shaoming greeted them, he had to give a response to show his good manners.

Therefore, Chang Kaixuan curbed his anger and said to Leng Shaoming, “Hi, Mr.


After that, he pulled Fan Yayue and walked away.

They had an appointment with their friends and their friends were already waiting for them, or he would choose to leave this café.

“Kaixuan, Im sorry, I didnt mean to…” Fan Yayue apologized once they walked away.

Chang Kaixuan understood that Fan Yayue didnt do it on purpose.

It was just a conditioned reflex.

However, precisely because of that, it proved how much Fan Yayue cared about Leng Shaoming.

She was his woman, but she was still thinking of another man who was even his enemy.

It was humiliating to him.

They were in public, so he wouldnt argue with Fan Yayue.

“Dont humiliate me again.” Chang Kaixuan coldly warned her.

“Of course!” Fan Yayue said.

Although she had mixed emotions now, she had to stay calm.

In fact, Fan Yayue didnt have much affection for Chang Kaixuan because she still liked Leng Shaoming, and because of that, she couldnt fall in love with another man.

She simply didnt hate Chang Kaixuan.

Anyway, Chang Kaixuan treated her well and they got along.

And it was impossible for her to get together with Leng Shaoming again, so she was willing to be Chang Kaixuans girlfriend.

After all, their families were already on the same boat.

When it was only ten minutes away from 2 pm, Zhan Zhiyin came.

Zhan Zhiyin was very happy to see Leng Shaoming, but she didnt forget her manners.

She behaved very confidently.

Leng Shaoming hadnt met Zhan Zhiyin many times, and they hadnt seen each other for several years, but he still recognized her at first glance.

Besides, when he saw Zhan Zhiyin, Leng Shaoming was struck dumb for a second and was attracted to her.

Zhan Zhiyin was very beautiful, but Leng Shaoming had seen countless beautiful women and many of them were prettier than Zhan Zhiyin, so he wasnt just amazed by her beauty.


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