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Chapter 2277: She Really Wore No Make-up!

However, Gu Nings skin was much better than theirs.

Her skin was white, smooth, and flawless.

If she didnt say that she wasnt wearing any make-up, everyone would believe that she had put on a delicate look.

They had never seen a girl who could be so beautiful without any make-up! It seemed as if she had a natural filter on her face!

Actually, Gu Ning looked very young and should be about twenty years old.

It was normal that her skin was in a good condition.

Some people were born with flawless skin, so it wasnt uncommon, but Gu Ning probably had the best skin they had ever seen.

“What Youre not wearing any make-up”

Hearing that, many people were amazed.

They immediately walked over to observe Gu Ning face to see whether it was true.

If it was allowed, they would definitely reach out to touch her face.

“No way, your skin looks so perfect!”

“Is she maybe wearing very light make-up Many girls claim that they dont wear any make-up, but they actually used toning cream.”


Gu Ning put on a slight smile, then said confidently, “If you dont believe it, I can wash my face with makeup remover right now, but different peoples skin are in different conditions.

Some are better, while some are not, so there might be different results after using Kouzi.

However, I can be sure that your skin can be greatly improved.

Youll be able to go out without any make-up.

My skin has always been in good condition, but it used to be a little dark.

After using Kouzi, my skin was lightened up and whitened.

Well, I live in the capital, so I tried it as soon as it came out.

Ive used Kouzi for a long time.”

There was magical power in Kouzi products, so their skin would get better and better over time.

Actually, no matter how effective Kouzi was, its effect could only last for a short time.

It didnt mean ones skin would be in a good condition forever after using Kouzi.

If you had food you were allergic to, you could still have bad acne.

If you used skincare products which werent suitable for you, your skin could be damaged.

After hearing Gu Nings words, those who didnt know much about Kouzi got excited.

If it really had such a great effect, it would be good news for them.

“Why do you approve of Kouzi so much Were you hired by them” Someone questioned.

Hearing that, many people began to doubt Gu Ning.

They were afraid to be fooled.

A saleswoman became anxious.

“No, no, we didnt hire any people to promote our products.”

Saying that, she turned to look at Gu Ning with doubts.

Did this girl come to cause trouble

Although she was doubtful, she wasnt sure of it.

Perhaps Gu Ning really liked Kouzi.

The saleswoman felt it was inappropriate to criticize Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled at the person who said she was paid to promote Kouzi.

“If you dont believe the great effect of Kouzi, you can look it up on the Internet.

There are many comments left by consumers of Kouzi.

I also told you that you can try it right here right now.

You can witness the effect with your own eyes.”

Gu Ning didnt get mad, facing their question.

It was very normal to be questioned when they knew little about Kouzi.

Hearing Gu Nings explanation, they were more convinced, but they stayed doubtful before witnessing the effect.

“Miss, can you do me this favor Ill settle the bill for you,” Gu Ning asked the girl who had acne.

“Sure!” The girl had the same idea, so she agreed.

After that, Gu Ning turned to the crowd and said, “If you think its not persuasive enough, I need another volunteer.

I need someone with skin problems so that we can see the effect.”

“Ill try.” Once Gu Ning finished, a middle-aged woman who had melasma walked out.

Although she simply wanted to get a free treatment, Gu Ning didnt care much about it since she was willing to be a volunteer.

After that, Gu Ning told a saleswoman to get them a box of facial masks.

She let Leng Shaoting pay for it first, then she opened the box and gave the girl and the middle-aged woman a piece.

Before they put it on, Gu Ning took a photo of them without any filters.

Afterwards, they put on the masks, and Gu Ning also started washing her face.

She wet the cotton pads with makeup remover, then wiped her face, but her face stayed the same.

Gu Ning then spread the cotton pads to show the crowd.

There was no make-up on them, which shocked everyone.

“No way! She really isnt wearing any make-up.”

“Wow, her skin is flawless.”


After that, Gu Ning washed her face with cleanser and her face stayed white, smooth, and flawless.

This time, nobody dared to doubt whether Gu Ning really had no make-up on her face.

They became envious of her, and couldnt wait to buy Kouzi products.

However, they decided to be patient.

They were going to see what would happen to the face of the girl and the middle-aged woman.

In the meanwhile, many people took out their phones to search the Web for news about Kouzi.

They began to read comments left by people who had used Kouzi.

Not everyone had wild speculation.

When they read the comments on Kouzi, they didnt think about whether they were left by the Internet Water Army paid by Kouzi.

Most people were convinced that Kouzi was indeed very effective.

Shoppers who walked by the Kouzi cosmetics department were attracted to them.

Within a short time, more and more people stayed after knowing what they were doing.

Fifteen minutes soon passed.

The girl and the middle-aged woman removed the facial mask from their faces.

As soon as other people saw their faces, they were all amazed by the effect of the facial mask.

As Gu Ning had said, their faces were in a much better condition now.

The girl and the middle-aged woman were excited too after watching the other peoples reaction.

After that, they went to wash their faces and compared their current faces to the photos they had taken earlier.

They could clearly see at least half of the acne and melasma had faded.

“Wow, this is…” The middle-aged woman could barely finish a sentence from the excitement, because the melasma on her face always bothered her.

Even her husband lost interest in her because of the melasma.

She had tried many ways to get rid of it, but never succeeded!


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