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Chapter 2287: No Intention of Attacking You


Not only photos of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went viral on the Internet.

Han Chenglin also attracted a lot of attention, because photos of their gathering were also posted on the Internet and quickly went abroad.

Although he wasnt as popular as Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, many Internet users still noticed him and began to talk about him.

All the Internet users were asking who the girl with Han Chenglin was.

Was she Han Chenglins girlfriend

Normally, when a male star had a girlfriend, he could lose a lot of fans because he was already the Mr.

Right in many girls eyes.

They wouldnt want him to be occupied in reality.

Therefore, many stars chose to keep their romantic relationship a secret.

They werent sure whether Chu Peihan was Han Chenglins girlfriend, but many people believed so.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have hung out together.

That was how gossip came into being.

Before the truth came out, rumors were everywhere.

After that, Han Chenglins crazy fans began to attack Chu Peihan and kept on saying that she didnt deserve him.

They werent aware of Chu Peihans family background yet, but they were familiar with all the famous stars.

Chu Peihans face was strange and new in their eyes, so they assumed that she was trying to ride on Han Chenglins coattails.

Some people, however, didnt dare to attack Chu Peihan.

They didnt know who Chu Peihan was, but they recognized Gu Ning.

Since Chu Peihan was with Gu Ning, she must be Gu Nings friend.

Given Gu Nings status, Chu Peihan couldnt be poor.

Before long, information about Chu Peihan was exposed.

She was a freshman in the Capital Film Academy, and she was from City F, a third-tier city.

In that case, Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin were studying in the same school, but it couldnt prove that they werent a couple.

However, it was highly likely that they were a couple.

Chu Peihan was also Gu Guangmiaos student, a friend of Gu Ning who was the chairman of the Shengning Group.

Given the above information, it was already enough to prove that Chu Peihan wasnt an ordinary person, but she was still amid a lot of criticisms.

Some Internet users wouldnt stop attacking Chu Peihan just because she was Gu Guangmiaos student and Gu Nings friend.

In fact, even celebrities with powerful backgrounds would still be criticized, let alone Chu Peihan.

Normally, those Internet users wouldnt be punished according to the law as long as they didnt cause serious results.

Stars needed publicity, and they could get public attention by being criticized, so they wouldnt care much about it.

In the entertainment industry, they had to learn to bear the cyber-violence.

If the Internet users knew the real support behind Chu Peihans back, they wouldnt dare to criticize her so harshly.

Instead, they would be scared of her, because Chu Peihan had the support of the Qing Gang.

Even senior officials in the government were slightly afraid of the Qing Gang, so ordinary people would naturally be frightened.

After all, the illegal gangs wouldnt obey the law and were very cruel.

If ordinary people dared to mess with the illegal gangs, they could die at any time.

Internet users wouldnt know that for the time being, because Chu Peihan had no intention of making her relationship with the Qing Gang public.

Chu Xuanfeng had the same idea, because it might cause Chu Peihan a lot of trouble.

Even Situ Ye and he were targeted once in a while.

If they hadnt been strong enough, they would have been killed long ago.

On the Internet, many people criticized Chu Peihan for being calculating and seducing Han Chenglin.

They believed that she didnt deserve him at all.

Although they werent very clear about Han Chenglins family background, it was said that he was from a very influential family, so they all believed it.

Chu Peihan and the others were unaware of that right now, and they were still enjoying the meal.

After having dinner, they went back to their own places.

Because they had dinner not far away from the Imperial Garden, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked back to the siheyuan later.

On the other hand, Chu Peihan and Shi Xiaoyue needed to go back to school, and Han Chenglin had a car, so he would drive them to school.

Han Chenglin was more than willing to do that.

On their way back to school, they took out their phones to surf the Internet.

Before long, Shi Xiaoyue read the strong criticisms of Chu Peihan.

Shi Xiaoyue was addicted to Weibo.

She almost spent all of her free time on it.

“Sh*t, Peihan, youre under attack on Weibo now!” Once Shi Xiaoyue saw the criticisms of Chu Peihan, she exclaimed and let Chu Peihan look at her phone.

When Han Chenglin heard it, he was displeased at once.

He immediately realized that he might be the reason why Chu Peihan was under attack on Weibo now.

When they visited the Imperial Garden today, some people had taken photos of them and his fans must have seen the photos on Weibo.

He was right.

“I knew I would be in trouble whenever Im with Han Chenglin!” Chu Peihan complained.

She wasnt that angry, but was still displeased.

She wasnt mad at the unkind Internet users, but Han Chenglin.

Han Chenglin felt very guilty since Chu Peihan was strongly criticized because of him.

Right when he was about to apologize to her, Chu Peihan continued.

“How come I seduced Han Chenglin Its impossible.

Ill never ever seduce him.

Even if Im going to seduce a man, Ill only seduce my dream man.

How could they say I dont deserve Han Chenglin at all Hes merely…”

Chu Peihan was going to say that Han Chenglin wasnt charming at all in her eyes, but she soon realized that he was in the car now, so she stopped abruptly.

She was displeased, but it wasnt right to attack him when he was present.

Moreover, those were the Internet users remarks, not Han Chenglins words.

Han Chenglin didnt care even if Chu Peihan was going to swear at him.

After all, his fans had caused her trouble, and he was responsible for it.

However, Chu Peihan loudly said that she would never seduce him.

Even if she was going to seduce a man, she would only seduce her dream man!

It was quite upsetting!

When Shi Xiaoyue heard that, she was also unhappy.

She felt it was too much.

Han Chenglin was the eldest son and the heir of the Han family.

Not many young men could be comparable to him, but Chu Peihan cruelly slighted him.

Chu Peihan was attacked on the Internet because of Han Chenglin, but she shouldnt attack him like that.

“Um, Im sorry.

I didnt mean to attack you.

I was just saying that Ill only seduce a man I like even if Im going to seduce someone.

We dont get along at all.

Its impossible that Ill seduce you.” Chu Peihan explained at once.

She also realized that what she just said went too far.

Hearing Chu Peihans explanation, Shi Xiaoyue felt much better.

In fact, she could understand Chu Peihans feelings.

No one could stay calm when he or she was amid strong criticisms.

However, did she really dislike Han Chenglin

Shi Xiaoyue had a good impression of Chu Peihan.

If she could be together with Han Chenglin, she would feel happy for them, but she couldnt force Chu Peihan to accept Han Chenglin.


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