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Chapter 2344: Where Are They

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The criminal and the other two people drove there, so they should be easily found.

Gu Ning first walked ahead along the traces left by their car and didnt stop using her Jade Eyes to look for them.

However, the terrain was really difficult.

Although there was a flat road and the car could drive in, there were a lot of trees and many hills farther away which the car couldnt drive in.

Therefore, Gu Ning guessed that they should be nearby after they stopped the car where the car couldnt go further.

Or they left the car here and walked to their destination.

Either way, it should be easy for Gu Ning to find their car.


After following the traces for about a hundred meters, Gu Ning saw a car in the dense small woods.

The car was exactly like the one which the criminal took.

Leng Shaoting had sent her the screen capture of the car, so she recognized it immediately.

The criminal and the person with super powers werent in the car, but there was a man lying on the rear seats.

He was already unconscious, tied up, with his mouth gagged.

Given his appearance, Gu Ning believed that he must be Leng Shaotings soldier.


Gu Ning kept on moving closer.

After observing around for a while, she saw nobody nearby.

How could they leave the hostage alone in the car

The hostage seemed seriously injured, so he couldnt run away even if he woke up now.

Gu Ning didnt know whether they left to deal with something and would come back later, or if they directly ran away after leaving the hostage in the car.

Either way, Gu Ning had to rescue the hostage first.


After Gu Ning walked closer, she used her Jade Eyes to see the inside and outside of the car to see whether there were traps.

If there wasnt any, she would take action then.

If there was a bomb, the car might explode once she touched it.

That would be the worst result.

She could dodge the explosion, but the hostage inside would die.

Gu Ning checked the car and found no bomb, so she tried to open the car.

Unfortunately, the car door was locked, so she had to break the window.

Gu Ning took out a dagger and put magical energy into it.

After cutting the window a few times, it broke.

Without delay, Gu Ning pried the car door open.

Afterwards, she cut the ropes around the mans body off, then pulled off the adhesive tape on his mouth.


The hostage was seriously injured, but luckily he was still alive.

Gu Ning immediately put magical power into his body.

Because he was still alive, his wounds quickly healed and his face became ruddy.

After a while, he woke up.

The moment he opened his eyes, Gu Ning stopped.

The man was scared when he saw a person in front of him.

He subconsciously jumped up and shrank to keep a distance away from Gu Ning.

He seemed defensive.

Because it was dark, he couldnt see the persons face.

He could only see a high ponytail, so it must be a woman.

“Who are you” he asked and stayed alert.

“Leng Shaoting asked me to rescue you,” said Gu Ning.


“Shaoting” The man was surprised, but also felt slightly relieved.

However, he wasnt fully convinced.

“Who are you then”

“Im his girlfriend,” said Gu Ning.

“Girlfriend” The man was struck dumb for a second.

Leng Shaoting told her to rescue him and she was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

An idea dawned on the man.

“Are you Shaotings fiancée”

It wasnt a secret that Leng Shaoting already had a fiancée, but they had never met her.

Now he saw her in reality and got excited even though he couldnt see her face clearly.

“Yes, Im his fiancée,” said Gu Ning.

The man, Tao Lin, was relieved right away.

He introduced himself.

“Nice to see you, my name is Tao Lin.

Shaoting is my leader.”

Because he was excited to see Gu Ning, he forgot that he was still in a very dangerous situation now.

Tao Lin trusted Gu Ning, not only because of her words, but because of his own judgments.

He didnt feel any malice from her.

If she was hostile to him, she wouldnt have helped him get rid of the ropes.

Moreover, he suddenly realized that he was feeling much better now.

Even if his body was still uncomfortable, he could move around now.

It must be Gu Ning who treated him.

He didnt know what Gu Ning had done for him to become so much better after being injured seriously.

Tao Lin thought of what his comrades had been through before.

They had been badly injured too, and Leng Shaoting gave them a pill.

After taking the pill, they got much better, so Tao Lin guessed that Gu Ning must have helped him take the same pill.


Tao Lin was curious about it, but felt embarrassed to ask Gu Ning.

“Oh, when did you pass out Where is the criminal and the other person” Gu Ning asked.

If Tao Lin passed out just now, he should know where they went.

If he had been unconscious for a long time, he might know nothing.

Either way, she had to ask him about it.

“I was knocked unconscious by them not too long ago.

I heard them say that they would go to find an ancient grave in the mountain before I passed out,” said Tao Lin.

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted slightly.

“Get out of the car now.” Gu Ning said to Tao Lin.

Tao Lin didnt realize that he was still in the car until Gu Ning said that to him, then he immediately got out of it.

“I need to continue to chase them.

You cant stay here alone,” said Gu Ning.

She took out her car key and handed it to Tao Lin.

“My car is at the intersection over there.

Walk away along this road.

You should be able to see my car about two meters ahead.

Drive to Huafu Hills.

Xin Bei is waiting for you there.

Ill send him a message and tell him to meet you at the gate.”

“No, if I drive your car away, what will you do” Tao Lin refused at once and looked worried.

“Its too dangerous for you to chase them alone.”

“Relax, since Shaoting sent me here, I can handle it well.

Do you need me to call Leng Shaoting and let him give you that order in person” Gu Ning said.

Because she was unwilling to waste time, she directly threatened Tao Lin.

Leng Shaotings words were orders to them, so they had to obey.


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