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Chapter 2349: The Master Chamber

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Seeing that Gu Ning swiftly avoided the hidden weapons, Ma Shibiao and the other men were amazed by her abilities.

It seemed that she wasnt weak at all!

If they walked at the front, they might not be able to avoid all the attacks.

Therefore, they became more alert to Gu Ning.

Ma Shibiao had no intention of keeping all the treasures in this grave as his own.

They were willing to share with Gu Ning.

She was alone anyway, so she couldnt take much.

He just hoped that Gu Ning had the same idea.

As they met more and more traps, they got closer and closer to the master chamber.

Although they hadnt found it yet, they were still excited.

They couldnt deny that Gu Ning was very helpful along the way.

After they walked ahead for another while, Gu Ning saw a cavern next to the grave tunnel five meters away.

Because there was a wall in the middle, nobody could see it.

The chamber was about ten square-meters large with walls in every direction.

It was empty, so it wasnt the master chamber.

However, if they wanted to find the master chamber, they had to enter this chamber.

Although there was nothing inside, nor even a door, there might just be a wall in the middle.

Either way, they had to get into the chamber first.

Because the wall was about one meter thick and it was completely dark in the chamber, Gu Ning couldnt see clearly.

She stopped at the wall next to the chamber.

Ma Shibiao asked curiously, “Miss Gu, is there anything wrong with this wall”

Ma Shibiao was very smart.

Once he saw that Gu Ning stopped in front of the wall, he guessed that there might be something wrong with it.

“Yeah, I think there might be a chamber behind this wall,” said Gu Ning.

Everyone was surprised and couldnt believe it.

“Miss Gu, can you tell us why I dont see any differences in this wall,” said Ma Shibiao.

He couldnt believe it, but he was curious to know why Gu Ning said that.

“My fox smelt something different.

If you dont believe it, you can continue to walk ahead.

Anyway, Ill dig through this wall,” said Gu Ning.

In order to keep her secret from them, she lied that it was the monster fox who found it.

Those men were convinced.

After all, foxes indeed had a much better sense of smell than humans, so it was possible that this fox smelt something they couldnt smell.

Whether there was a chamber behind this wall or not, they would join Gu Ning since she insisted on digging through the wall.

If they continued to walk ahead while Gu Ning found the chamber, they could miss treasures!

Besides, they might not be able to find the way back if they walked ahead.

They could end up in trouble and lose Gu Nings help.

Thinking of that, Ma Shibiao agreed.

“If so, lets dig now.”

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They all carried tools, so they immediately took out their tools to dig through the wall.

Because they only needed to dig a hole which could allow a person to go inside, two men were enough.

Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary person, but she was a woman after all, so Ma Shibiao felt embarrassed to let her do the work.

So he told two of his subordinates to dig first.

Criminals werent bad people all the time.

At least, Ma Shibiao took care of Gu Ning because she was a woman.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt let him escape.

The wall was about a meter thick, so it wasnt difficult to dig across.

At the beginning, Ma Shibiao and the other men thought that it might only be fifty centimeters thick, but they were wrong.

They even doubted whether there was really a chamber behind it.

When they finished two thirds of the work, Ma Shibiao said, “Did the fox make a mistake”

“Go on, I believe its right, because I have met the same situation before,” said Gu Ning.

Therefore, they continued to dig and finally the wall was broken.

“There is really a chamber!”

Everyone was thrilled to see the chamber behind the wall, but a black thing suddenly rushed out and knocked against the man in the front.

The man stepped backwards and scared other people away.

It turned out to be a large bat, but luckily the man wasnt injured.

The bat immediately flew away after hitting the man.

“F*ck, it hurt me!” The man wasnt injured, but it was painful, so he swore.

Because a bat suddenly rushed out, they were worried that there might be other bats, so they didnt go over right away, but waited to see what would happen next.

“Boss, what should we do now No one knows whether there are more bats or unknown dangers.” The man who was knocked by the bat asked Ma Shibiao.

Before Ma Shibiao said anything, Gu Ning said, “Put a torch inside.

No matter what is in there, itll stay away once it sees the light.”

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the inside of the chamber, and she saw no more bats, but there were many other snakes, rats, and small animals.

Therefore, it was necessary to chase them away with a torch.

They needed to go in to see more.

Ma Shibiao wasnt mad even though Gu Ning interrupted him, because he had no idea what to do.

He had never been through something like this before.

Gu Ning seemed to be experienced, so they were willing to listen to her.

After all, with Gu Nings help, they found this chamber.

They all felt that they would find treasures by following Gu Ning.

“Do as Miss Gu said,” said Ma Shibiao.

Ma Shibiao was their leader, so they wouldnt do anything unless Ma Shibiao gave them the order.

Without delay, they took action.

Before long, they made a torch and lit it, then moved it to the hole.

They didnt continue to dig after lighting the torch.

They waited for a long while, then continued when they heard nothing.

One man kept on holding the torch by the hole.


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