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Chapter 2351: Afraid of Danger

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The passage was tortuous.

After walking about ten meters, they reached a stone door.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw a large chamber behind it.

From her direction, she could see another stone door at the front of the chamber, but she couldnt see what was behind it yet.

On both sides of the stone door, there were two coffins.

They were like guardians, guarding both sides of the stone door.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning couldnt see what was in them.

In addition to that, there was nothing else in the chamber.

However, there were many small holes around the walls of the chamber.

If Gu Ning guessed correctly, there should be hidden weapons.

“Given my experience, there might be hidden weapons, so we must be careful,” said Gu Ning.

Even if Gu Ning didnt remind them to be careful, they would be very cautious, but now they had to be even more careful.

Gu Ning searched around the stone door for the switch.

If there wasnt one, they would try to break the door.

After searching for a while, Gu Ning found a different stone on the wall, so she assumed that that was the switch.

The next second, she pressed it down.

Because Gu Ning was unwilling to be stained with any dirty things or poisons, she put on gloves.

The stone was really loose, so when Gu Ning pressed it, it sank in, then the stone door moved with a loud groan and slowly opened.

Seeing that, everyone was happy.

When the stone door moved, Gu Ning stepped a little back, because there were hidden weapons.

She didnt know whether they would be unleashed.

The others didnt know that, and didnt think further about it, so they just stood there.

They didnt notice that Gu Ning stepped back either.

Gu Ning didnt remind them to step back because they found the master chamber.

It was time for her to get rid of them.

Since there were hidden weapons, she would let them go in first.

If the hidden weapons could help her get rid of them, it would be for the best.

Seeing Gu Nings behavior, the monster fox did the same thing.

Gu Ning didnt make big moves because she didnt want to attract their attention.

At their back, Nicholas was watching her.

Therefore, she casually moved behind Ma Shibiaos two subordinates.

When the door was mostly open, several arrows were shot out from inside.

They were scared and immediately ran back to hide.

The man at the front couldnt avoid the arrows quickly, and was shot in the arm.

It wasnt serious, but he was injured.

At least he couldnt use this arm for the time being.

When all of them backed to the turn of the grave tunnel, the arrows finally stopped.

Ma Shibiaos other subordinate dressed the injured mans wound at once.

At this moment, Ma Shibiao had two injured men.

“F*ck, there are hidden weapons,” said Ma Shibiao angrily.

Although it was very normal that there were traps and hidden weapons in an ancient grave, he was mad upon thinking that two of his subordinates were already injured.

They couldnt carry many things later.

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“Its very normal.

The more hidden weapons there are in a grave, the more treasures there should be.

Like only rich people have safes in their homes, because poor people dont have valuable things to take care of,” said Gu Ning.

Ma Shibiao felt much better once he thought that there might be a lot of valuable objects in the chamber.

Nicholas barely said anything along the way.

He followed them in silence, but Gu Ning never ignored him.

After all, he wasnt an ordinary man, and Gu Ning wasnt sure of his abilities yet.

No matter how strong Ma Shibiao was, he was just a mortal, so Gu Ning wasnt afraid of him at all.

“So, what should we do now Will there be more hidden weapons” Ma Shibiao asked.

“Let someone walk over there, and well know,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, they frowned.

It was too dangerous!

Although all the men here were Ma Shibiaos subordinate except for Nicholas, Ma Shibiao was reluctant to risk their lives.

“Its too dangerous! Do you have any other ideas” Ma Shibiao asked.

He wasnt frightened, but it was too risky.

If there was another idea, he wouldnt need to take the risk.

“You want the treasures, so you shouldnt be afraid of danger.

You look like a coward now.” Gu Ning laughed at him, then directly walked ahead.

Ma Shibiao was angered by Gu Nings words, but couldnt say anything about it, because Gu Ning walked out alone.

It proved that she was braver than them.

The other men felt embarrassed, but Nicholas stayed calm.

He didnt go over because he wasnt the leader in this grave-digging team.

There was no need for him to take the risk.

In addition, he wanted to see Gu Nings abilities.

As soon as Gu Ning walked over, arrows shot out.

Gu Ning held two daggers in her hands.

She didnt run away, but directly fought against the flying arrows.

She planned to see how long these arrows would continue.

There werent many flying arrows, but it wasnt easy to deal with.

Five arrows were shot over at a time, so there would be over a hundred arrows after several rounds.

Gu Ning could handle the flying arrows well, and it didnt take much energy.

She was only a little tired.

Nicholas and the other men were amazed by her agility.

Perhaps only Nicholas could do the same thing.

Ma Shibiao and his subordinate might not be able to handle it.

After over a hundred arrows were shot, it suddenly fell silent.

The grave tunnel was quiet, but the chamber wasnt.

It was only the first barrier outside the chamber.

There were many hidden weapons in the grave tunnel, so there must be more in the chamber.

After all, it was easier to hide in the grave tunnel than in the chamber.

There were corners and turns in the grave tunnel, but there were only two coffins in the chamber.

There was no place where they could hide.

By then, they had to rely on their own abilities to protect themselves.

After the hidden weapons in the grave tunnel stopped, Gu Ning ignored Ma Shibiao and the other men, and walked ahead alone.

Seeing that, Ma Shibiao and the other men immediately followed..

They now fully believed that they would be safe and get the treasures by following Gu Ning.



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