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Chapter 2380: Wont Divorce

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If she could solve the problem quickly, she was unwilling to waste time.

“You…” Hearing Gu Nings answer, Senior Mrs.

Shen was full of anxiety.

She realized that she had offended someone she shouldnt mess with.

Although it was Gu Ning who interfered in their familys affair, it was hard to end the argument now that she was involved.

The Shen family was a major family in City B, but it was not comparable to the Tang family.

“Mom, who is she” The young woman also panicked when she saw her mothers anxious expression.

It was obvious that even her mother was afraid of this young girl.

Senior Mrs.

Shens daughter was named Shen Jing.

As for the three men, one was Shen Jings husband, one was Shen Jings uncle, while the last one was Senior Mrs.

Shens nephew.

“The Tang family,” said Senior Mrs.


She had heard about Tang Yunfans story with Gu Man, because it was an open secret in high society.

She often socialized with those rich wives, so it wasnt surprising that she was aware of that.

In addition, she had also seen Gu Mans photos.

Photos of Tang Yunfan were everywhere in finance magazines, so Senior Mrs.

Shen was very familiar with his face.

“The Tang family”

Everyone was terrified.

“Which Tang family” Shen Jing asked.

Even though there was only one famous Tang family, which was the richest family in City B, it was so shocking that Shen Jing must make sure of it.

If it was the well-known Tang family, how should they handle what they had done today

The other people all turned to stare straight at Senior Mrs.


They wanted to make sure of it and hoped that it wasnt true.

Even if it wasnt the well-known Tang family, it couldnt be poorer than the Shen family given Senior Mrs.

Shens reaction.

“Dont worry, I wont bully you with my connections.

I think we should solve the problem fairly,” said Gu Ning.

In fact, although Gu Ning did nothing, they didnt dare to argue with her anymore after knowing about her family background.

Senior Mrs.

Shen was in awe of the Tang family, but she was still unwilling to give in.

“Miss Tang, I dont think it has anything to do with you.

Please dont interfere in our familys affair.

We wont blame you for injuring us.

It might damage your reputation if other people know what youve done,” said Senior Mrs.


After knowing about Gu Nings family background, she didnt dare to shout at her again, but she still threatened Gu Ning.

She was reluctant to let Gu Ning go after she injured her, but she could do nothing about it.

Therefore, she decided to take a step back and hoped that Gu Ning would stop interfering in it.

“I have a great sense of justice.

Im willing to help Miss Shu.

I dont think people will criticize me after they know why I beat you.

Youll be criticized instead.” Gu Ning said, “And, I think you might be kept in the Public Security Bureau for a few days for stealing a baby from its mother.” There was a mocking smile on Gu Nings lips.

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“You…” Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Shen was mad.

“The baby fell to the ground by accident.

We didnt do it on purpose.

Isnt the baby fine now Why should we be punished” Shen Jing argued at once.

Because the baby fell from her hands, she would be punished first if they had to take the responsibility.

However, she didnt mean to let the baby fall.

She was bumped when they were pushing and pulling each other, so the baby fell.

“The baby is fine Ridiculous.” Gu Ning sneered.

The baby almost died! Without her help, the baby wouldnt have survived.

Even if the baby was indeed fine now, Shen Jing was still wrong.

“Although the baby is fine now, you still dropped it,” said Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, Shu Fangyi wont divorce my son.

As long as they dont divorce, nobody can blame us for it,” said Senior Mrs.


However, Senior Mrs.

Shen wasnt sure of it.

After all, Shu Fangyi seemed determined to get a divorce, otherwise she wouldnt have turned to Gu Ning for help.

“If so, lets see what Miss Shu will choose to do.” Gu Ning was unwilling to waste more time arguing with them.

To be honest, Gu Ning wasnt sure whether Shu Fangyi would give in after Shen Liang came and said something to please her.

Shu Fangyi seemed determined earlier, but she was angry at that time.

She might not really mean what she said.

Not every woman had the courage and determination to leave her violent or disloyal husband.

Therefore, if Shu Fangyi really forgave Shen Liang, she couldnt continue to interfere in their familys affair even though Shen Liang was only catering to Shu Fangyi because of her manor.

She was an outsider after all.

At this time, a doctor came to treat the Senior Mrs.

Shen and her nephews injured arms.

It was painful to put the dislocated arm back to its original place, so Senior Mrs.

Shen screamed loudly.

Once it was back in its original place, it wasnt painful any longer, but it would still take some time for them to make a full recovery.

After a while, Shu Fangyi came back with the baby after having a medical check-up.

The baby was totally fine.

Other people believed that the baby wasnt injured at all, but Shu Fangyi believed that Gu Ning had saved the babys life.

Even though the baby survived, Shu Fangyi hated Senior Mrs.

Shen and the others as deeply as usual.

At the same time, she also stayed alert in case they rushed over and hurt the baby again.

However, Senior Mrs.

Shen and the others wouldnt do anything to hurt Shu Fangyi now, because they wanted her to stay in the marriage.

Because of what Senior Mrs.

Shen just did, she couldnt say anything about it now.

She could only leave it to Shen Liang.

After Shu Fangyi took the baby back, she subconsciously moved to Gu Nings side, because only Gu Ning could protect her now.

The baby was carried by a nurse, who was Shu Fangyis caregiver, so she followed her to Gu Nings side.

Because Senior Mrs.

Shen and Shen Liang had no intention of keeping the girl baby, they didnt bother to pay for a babysitter.

Luckily, the caregiver in the hospital could do the same thing.

She cooked for Shu Fangyi and took good care of her.

The caregiver had great sympathy for Shu Fangyi.

She was scared of marriage now because she didnt want to have such an evil mother-in-law.

If the same thing happened to her in the future, she would be helpless..


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