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Because of what Tang Yunfan had been through before, they didnt think it was strange that she regained her memories.

Moreover, there was no reason for Gu Ning to lie to them.

“Great, great, great.” Tang Haifeng felt touched.

He was old and cherished familial relationships more than ever.

To him it was very touching that a family could have a reunion.

The others had the same feeling.

After chatting for a while, Tang Yunfan took them to eat at the Huangdeng Hotel.

Gu Man ate before the Leng family came, so the nurses stayed to take care of her while the others went to eat.

After eating, the others would come back.

Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin wouldnt stay at the hospital for long.

They had to leave that afternoon, but Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao would stay for a few more days.

Therefore, after having lunch, Tang Jiakai and Tang Haifeng went back to the Tang familys house.

Tang Yunhang left to deal with his business.

And Tang Yunfan, Jiang Lihua, Jing Yunyao, Gu Ning, and Leng Shaoting returned to the hospital.

After 1 pm, Jiang Xu and Gu Qing had gotten back to City F.

However, they didnt go home, but went straight to the hospital.

They even gave Gu Qinxiang a call on their way there.

Although Gu Man forgave Gu Qinxiang, she didnt tell him that she just gave birth to a baby.

She didnt hate him, but Lin Lijuan was mentally ill now, and Gu Qinxiang needed to take care of his crazy wife.

Gu Qinxiang had hired a nurse and Gu Qingyun was back home for the vacation, but Gu Man still felt that she shouldnt bother them.

Gu Man told Gu Qing to help her explain that to Gu Qinxiang.

In fact, even if Gu Man didnt want him to come simply because she disliked him, it was understandable.

After all, Gu Qinxiang felt guilty for what he had done to Gu Man before.

At this time, it was noon and Gu Qinxiang was resting in the company.

Relying on Gu Nings help, his company was becoming more and more profitable, so he was busy now.

He normally stayed in the company at noon for lunch and a nap.

When he received Gu Qings call, Gu Qing told him that Gu Ning gave them a medicine which could keep their mother alive.

Gu Qinxiang was excited to hear that, but he had mixed emotions afterwards.

Their mother treated Gu Man and Gu Ning badly, but Gu Ning was still willing to help their mother.

Gu Nings kindness impressed Gu Qinxiang.

Gu Qinxiang was the one who had been the most spoiled in their family, so he had the deepest connection with their mother.

He was the last one who wanted to see their mother die.

Otherwise, he would have already given up on treating their mother because it cost a lot each day to keep their mother in the hospital.

Once Gu Qinxiang heard the news from Gu Qing, he rapidly went to the hospital.

Because he was closer to the hospital than Gu Qing was, he arrived five minutes earlier than Gu Qing and Jiang Xu.

After being still in bed for a year, Old Mrs.

Gu had lost a lot of weight.

During this year, she had no food, other than being fed intravenously.

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Nevertheless, Gu Qing immediately did what Gu Ning told her to do.

She helped her mother take a power crystal.

Both Gu Qing and Jiang Xu had taken the pill before, so she knew that it would melt once it was put into the mouth.

“Can mom swallow it” Gu Qinxiang asked worriedly.

“Dont worry, the pill will melt the second its put into the mouth,” said Gu Qing.

Gu Qinxiang watched it quietly and really saw the pill melt as soon as it was put into her mouth, but he wondered whether it was effective.

Thinking of that, Gu Qinxiang asked, “Is it really effective”

“Since Ningning said its effective, it must be effective,” said Gu Qing.

She trusted Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Qinxiang was convinced, because he believed that Gu Ning wouldnt joke about that.

Because their mother was in a vegetative state, the medicine didnt come to effect as quickly.

They stayed for an hour, then left.

However, shortly after they left, Old Mrs.

Gus face changed.

Her pale face became ruddy, but it was very slow.

In City B.

At 3 pm, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin to the airport.

Jing Yunyao stayed in the hospital to chat with Gu Man and Jiang Lihua.

Even though this was their first meeting, Jing Yunyao didnt feel nervous at all.

After all, she was very nice and easy to get along with.

Therefore Jiang Lihua and Gu Man had a good impression of Jing Yunyao.

Actually, Jing Yunyao only treated people who were close to her nicely.

If it were strangers, she would be as aloof as Gu Ning.

“Yunyao, if Ningning does anything wrong in the future, please be tolerant,” Gu Man said to Jing Yunyao.

Although Gu Ning hadnt married Leng Shaoting yet, it would happen sooner or later, so it was understandable that Gu Man said that to Jing Yunyao.

In fact, Tang Haifeng and Master Leng already treated each other as family members.

As a mother, Gu Man didnt want Gu Ning to have a bad relationship with her mother-in-law.

After all, it was never easy to get along well with mothers-in-law.

Among a hundred mothers-in-law, perhaps only two or three of them were easy to get along with.

Normally, mothers didnt want their daughters to suffer the same pain as them, while mothers-in-law had the opposite idea.

Even Old Mrs.

Gu had treated Lin Lijuan and Wen Yulan unfairly in the past.

“Ningning is a very good kid.

I like her very much.

Because of her, I was able to meet Shaoting again.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have known that I actually have a kid and a family,” said Jing Yunyao.

She truly liked Gu Ning and would never pick on her.

Knowing that Jing Yunyao liked Gu Ning very much, Gu Man was relieved.

She could see that Jing Yunyao was very sincere.

When they talked about Gu Ning, Gu Man gave a sigh.

“Ningning suddenly became so strong after having a car accident.

Shes so young.

She should be enjoying her youth, but she is carrying a lot on her shoulders.

I feel proud of her, but shes just a kid.”

“Right, Ningning is too outstanding.

Shes destined to be different.” Jing Yunyao agreed with Gu Man.

Gu Ning was different from what she was before.

She was a strong woman now, not an ordinary girl..

However, Jing Yunyao still had to admit that Gu Ning was very outstanding among her peers.


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