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Gu Ning saw the gossip about Qiao Hanchen.The title was: Qiao Hanchen met actor Pei Yuanyuan at night, then left together.

No one knew where they went.

The two are suspected of dating.

Also attached below was a photo of Qiao Hanchen drinking coffee with a woman, then leaving together.

However, it meant nothing.

These photos were making groundless accusations.

Maybe the two just met by chance, then sat down and talked for a while.

Then walked out of the café at the same time, and left separately!

Certainly, Gu Ning guessed right.

That was the truth.

Otherwise the paparazzi would have continued to follow.

Because there was no evidence, they didnt follow them.

In fact, the paparazzi werent ignorant of whether it was true or false, but they needed to do their job and achieve a high click rate.

Therefore, as long as it could arouse discussions, whether it was true or false, they would make it public first.

Besides, they didnt confirm it.

They were just skeptical.

Pei Yuanyuan was just a star without much fame, and she was not much to talk about, but Qiao Hanchen was different.

He was relatively famous.

And now he had become more popular because of An Empress of Military Blood.

In addition there was Life After Life, Legend of the Demon Flower which became popular before it was filmed.

The popularity of both An Empress of Military Blood and Life After Life, Legend of the Demon Flower made Qiao Hanchen very popular.

Therefore, because of the gossip, Pei Yuanyuan attracted a lot of publicity too, but most netizens didnt believe that they were together.

After all, things in the entertainment industry had no authenticity until there was solid evidence.

Moreover, it wasnt uncommon that stars met by chance, so photos couldnt prove anything.

However, some believed it.

Most of the netizens who believed it said that they didnt want them to be together.

They felt that Pei Yuanyuan didnt deserve Qiao Hanchen.

After all, there was a big gap between their status in the industry.

Some other people expressed their blessings.

As long as they liked each other, fame didnt matter.

Pei Yuanyuans fans didnt believe that she didnt deserve Qiao Hanchen.

She was so outstanding, while Qiao Hanchen had been put in jail for taking drugs!

Their own fans undoubtedly protected them, and other people just watched the drama.

For that kind of news, Gu Ning didnt have much interest.

She didnt get mad just because of this unimportant matter.

If something serious really happened, she would take action then.

It wasnt that she didnt allow her artists to have gossip.

She just wouldnt allow them to do bad things.

As long as it wasnt a scandal, the company wouldnt blame them.

In addition to Qiao Hanchens gossip, other artists also had a lot of rumors and publicity.

If the stars couldnt attract peoples attention, it would be dangerous.

It was rumored that Han Lengxuan and Bai Ling were a couple, and it was understandable for them to say so.

Han Lengxuan and Bai Lin were recruited to star in Infinite Horror, then played a role in An Empress of Military Blood.

They terminated the contract with the original company at about the same time, then joined Fenghua Entertainment.

Now they were starring in Life After Life, Legend of the Demon Flower, and occasionally were seen eating together.

Even if there was nothing between them, paparazzi had taken photos of them together many times before.

So there should be chemistry between them! Moreover, both of them were good-looking, and had good reputations, so they were a match.

Accordingly, many people believed that they were already together in private.

However, the truth was that they werent together, but they did like each other.

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As netizens thought, even if there used to be nothing between them, they fell in love after making the same decisions and spending a lot of time together.

Due to having the same experiences and cooperating many times, there was really chemistry between them, but they felt it was too early to get together.

Both of them felt that they had just joined Fenghua Entertainment, and they hadnt made any achievements yet.

So they wanted to focus on work first, then be honest with each other when the right time came.

If at that time, one of them had changed his or her mind, nothing would happen.

It only meant that they didnt have a deep affection for one another.

If they didnt love each other enough, there was no need to get together.

Gu Ning didnt know that they had fallen in love because of their cooperation in the shows, but she also felt that they were a good match.

If they were really together, she wouldnt mind.

If their fans unfollowed them just because they announced their relationship, then they were irrational fans and werent important.

People must live for themselves.

If one gave up what he or she loved for vanity, then he or she wasnt worthy of liking.

There was no rumor about Su Tongnuo.

Most of the news about her was about her first time as the leading actress of Life After Life, Legend of the Demon Flower.

Most people who noticed the news left positive comments, because Su Tongnuos fans knew what style was suitable for her.

The makeup photos of Life After Life, Legend of the Demon Flower were also very attractive.

There were also some people who disapproved of her.

After all, the shooting hadnt yet started, and no one knew what it would be like!

Some people, however, attacked Su Tongnuo unkindly, saying other actresses were better than her for the role.

They might not necessarily be fans of the other actresses.

Some of them deliberately did this to defame other actresses, but there were real fans.

Because idols were so perfect in the eyes of fans, they all felt that their idols were suitable for any roles.

Then there was a lot of news about Gu Ning herself.

Good news accounted for 78%, while bad news accounted for 23%.

Gu Ning didnt care about the bad news.

As long as it didnt cross the boundary, she could turn a blind eye on it.

By the time Gu Ning read the news, Leng Shaoting had finished cooking, and the two of them ate together.

After eating and packing, Leng Shaoting had to go back to the military base, so he decided to drive Gu Ning to the Shengning Organization along the way.

“Oh, Senior Jiangs and Senior Sis ID cards are done.

Do you need me to send them to your company, and you can give it to them” Leng Shaoting said on the way.

“Sure.” Gu Ning replied, and asked, “What is their address!”

“In XX block.

I bought a house there for them.

Although they are temporarily living with our master now, they cant live together forever.

After all, they will get married and start a family in the future.

The house is a gift for them.

My man will send over their ID cards, the key to the house and the real estate certificate,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Okay.” Gu Ning replied.

She didnt mind that Leng Shaoting gave Jiang Liluo and Si Jin a house as a meeting gift..

It showed his kindness, and Long Shaoting didnt lack money anyway.


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