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If they didnt have the ability, they wouldnt do that.

Leng Shaoting left after driving Gu Ning to the Shengning Organization.

Separating was always sad, but they would see each other again in the near future.

Anyway, if they didnt go to work and stayed together all day long, they would get sick of each other sooner or later.

Everything was going well in Gu Nings company.

If there was a problem, Chen Cangyi would have reported it to her earlier on.

At about 3 pm, someone sent over Jiang Liluo and Si Jins ID cards and ownership certificate.

However, Gu Ning didnt leave her company until it was 5 pm.

It wasnt rush hour yet, so she went to have dinner in the siheyuan before 6 pm.

When she got back to the siheyuan, Gu Ning gave the ID cards and ownership certificate to Jiang Liluo and Si Jin.

When they received the ownership certificate, both Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were shocked.

They only knew that Leng Shaoting was going to help them with the ID cards.

They had no idea that he even bought a house for them.

Because they needed a home address to make ID cards, Leng Shaoting directly gave them a house.

“Its too expensive.

We cant take this.” Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were touched, but they felt that they shouldnt take this expensive gift.

“Since Shaoting is willing to buy you a house, you can take it!” Shangguan Yang said.

He was also surprised that Leng Shaoting would directly give them a house, but there was no reason for him to take it back after he gave it to them.

“But its too expensive,” said Jiang Liluo with hesitation.

“Dont worry, the only thing Shaoting doesnt lack is houses.

He has too many to live in.

Its very kind of him that he wants to give you a house, so just take it,” said Shangguan Yang.

“Yeah, just take it!” said Gu Ning.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were convinced by Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang, so they took it.

After that, they called Leng Shaoting and thanked him in person.

When Gu Ning was free, she taught Jiang Liluo and Si Jin stuff that they didnt know yet.

They had learned a lot these days, but they had almost no knowledge of complicated stuff.

They were going to learn how to drive soon, so Gu Ning introduced its function to them first.

Given their good memory, they were able to remember it within a short time.

After they got familiar with the structure of the car, Gu Ning let them read the questions and answers of Subject 1.

During this time, Gu Ning took out her phone and played on it.

She hadnt chatted with her friends for a long time, so she decided to ask them how they were doing.

Once Song Miaoge learned that Gu Ning was in the capital, she asked whether she was free the next day.

If Gu Ning was free, they could meet up.

Gu Ning wasnt busy, so she agreed.

Zhang Zikai saw their messages and didnt hesitate to join them.

Therefore, the three of them made an appointment.

They would go shopping in the afternoon, then have dinner the next day.

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At 3 am, Gu Ning received Gao Yis call and he told her that Qiao Ya was missing.

Qiao Ya was missing So late at night

Gao Yi said that there were three strangers outside their house earlier.

They went to have a look, then got into a fight.

The three people were very strong and professionally trained.

The two of them were fighting against three people, but they were at an advantage.

However, Qiao Ya chased after one of them who ran away, so he was left alone against the other two.

He was still at an advantage, but was unable to catch them.

When Gao Yi came back to his senses, Qiao Ya was already gone.

He couldnt find her, so he thought that Qiao Ya might have been captured.

Those people must have come for the two of them, but they couldnt defeat them at the same time, so they decided to capture one of them.

The first idea that appeared in Gao Yis mind was that those people must have been sent by the killer organization they were part of before.

After hearing the whole story, Gu Ning agreed with Gao Yi on his idea.

However, it was also possible that she was their target.

Because they couldnt catch her, they went to catch her people.

Either way, Qiao Ya was missing and Gu Ning would definitely go to find her.

She didnt want anything bad to happen to Qiao Ya.

Without delay, Gu Ning got up and changed her clothes before going out.

The others could hear it when Gu Ning left so late at night, but they all knew that Gu Ning could make decisions on her own, so none of them asked her why she went out so late.

Actually, if Gu Ning had to go out so late in the night, it must be because of something very important.

So if they stopped her, it might cause her unnecessary trouble.

As for Gu Nings safety, they were slightly worried, but not too much, after all, Gu Ning was very good at fighting.

She wasnt likely to be hurt.

If it was tricky and Gu Ning needed their help, she would certainly let them know.

She wouldnt risk her life.

Once Gu Ning was outside, she called K.

Ks phone was always on, so he saw it the second Gu Ning called him.

Not many people had his number, and it must be something serious because it was very late now.

Accordingly, K immediately picked up his phone.

Upon seeing that it was Gu Ning, he realized that it must be important, so he answered it at once.

“Qiao Ya is missing.

Check the surveillance cameras around my house in Century City.

About a dozen minutes ago,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” K said, then hung up.

Without hesitation, he got up and turned on his computer.

It was shocking that Qiao Ya was missing! She used to be a professional killer! Therefore, K thought that she might have been captured by the killer organization she had worked for before.

Although he had removed their names off the wanted list, it didnt mean that the killer organization would stop chasing them.

It might just pay less attention to them, but it would still catch them if they met by chance.

Gu Ning could also be the target, because she had many enemies.

Her enemies might not be able to defeat her, so they decided to catch the people by her side.

Before K found out the truth, Gu Ning had to go to Century City.

She had no idea where she should go right now.

If K couldnt get more information before she arrived at Century City, she would try to collect some clues by herself.

If K got information, she would go after the criminal.

It was very late at night and the traffic on the road was light, so Gu Ning drove as fast as possible.

Normally, it would take people forty minutes to get there, but Gu Ning arrived in only twenty minutes.

At this time, K also had a result.

After Qiao Ya ran after the fleeing man, the man suddenly threw white powder at Qiao Ya..

Qiao Ya subconsciously blocked it with her hand to prevent the white powder from entering her eyes.


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