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The police found their identities, but it showed that they were all orphans, so they were unable to contact their families.

The flight took three hours and ten minutes from the capital to City Yuan.

Therefore, when they arrived at City Yuan, it was already 2:30 pm.

They walked out of the airport, then took a taxi to the city center.

At this time, it was 3:30 pm.

They didnt rush to take action.

They first went to the Huangdeng Hotel and had a rest.

After the rest, they would eat before going.

At 7 pm, they rented a car from the hotel, then set off.

The killer organization that Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had worked for wasnt in an unobtrusive place; it was in a manor in a suburb.

On the surface, it was a manor, but it was actually the base of a killer organization.

Although killer organizations were a very secretive existence, they didnt need to hide in very remote places, such as deep mountains and ancient forests.

As long as they had a good cover, no one would know that the basement of a manor turned into the base of a terrifying killer organization!

However, that was just the base, and not where their head lived.

The heads of killer organizations were always mysterious.

Only a few henchmen could see the real face of their heads, because their heads usually had a mask on when they showed up.

In order to prevent subordinates from betraying them, the heads of killer organizations never let too many members know their real face.

As the heads of killer organizations, they were in a very dangerous position.

They could be betrayed by their own subordinates, and could also be assassinated by their peers.

They were in a much more dangerous situation than leaders of illegal gangs.

Besides, the competition among killer organizations was also fierce.

Although Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were familiar with the place, Gu Ning didnt let them drive.

She told them to sit in the back seats in case they were recognized.

They only needed to guide Gu Ning to the right place, so Gu Ning would be the driver.

Because it was a manor in a suburb, there was nothing around.

Therefore, Gu Ning could only stop the car nearby, then walked over.

She didnt drive there because she was unwilling to drag the Huangdeng Hotel into trouble.

When they walked over, they didnt bother to hide and directly swaggered forward.

It was a private manor, so outsiders werent allowed to come close.

So once they reached the gate, they were stopped.

However, the two people who guarded the gate were astonished to see Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

They were key subordinates of the killer organization and were loyal to their head.

They were familiar with every killer and only their own mates were allowed to enter this manor.

If they couldnt remember the faces of all the members, they couldnt do their job well.

Killers in the organization, however, didnt necessarily know each other.

Although it was a base, killers normally wouldnt come back unless they were summoned.

They could live outside.

Usually, they were taking days off, carrying out tasks, or receiving training somewhere else.

Therefore, killers didnt meet often.

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That was the reason why Gao Yi and Qiao Ya failed to recognize the three men who were sent to kill them.

Unfortunately, after Gao Yis and Qiao Yas names were put on the wanted list, the whole organization remembered their faces.

If they met by chance one day, they would kill them.

After all, only dead people couldnt tell secrets.

As long as they were still alive, it was possible that they would tell other people about the killer organization.

“How dare you come back” asked the gatekeeper in surprise.

He knew it wasnt a kind visit.

“Why not” Gao Yi said.

With Gu Nings help, they dared to do anything.

If Gu Ning didnt help them, they indeed wouldnt have dared to come back.

“Well, since youre back, dont ever think to leave again,” said the gatekeeper, getting ready to attack Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

At this moment, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Are you sure that youre going to use violence Do you think you two can defeat the five of us”

Hearing that, the two men were shocked, because they could see that Gu Ning and the others were very strong.

Since they dared to come here, they couldnt be weak.

They had to be well-prepared.

In that case, the two gatekeepers thought that they better stay calm and figure out their purpose first.

“Why did you come” asked a gatekeeper.

“We met a few people yesterday.

They said that your head wants to see me, so Im here.

If he really wants to see me, tell him to talk with me in person,” said Gu Ning.

The two gatekeepers frowned a little.

They didnt know that their head had sent out people to find this girl.

Anyway, since she said that, they had to ask for their heads opinions.

“Whats your name” asked a gatekeeper.

He had to know her name before he went to report it to their head.

“My names Gu Ning,” Gu Ning said.

“Wait for a while.

I need to ask our head first,” said the gatekeeper.

Then he called their heads servant.

Not many people had their heads number, and they could only call their heads servant if anything happened.

As soon as their head heard the news that Gao Yi and Qiao Ya came back with Gu Ning, he was very surprised.

In that case, his people must have found them and might have been caught in trouble.

Otherwise, his people would have called him.

The head realized that Gu Ning didnt cooperate.

It definitely couldnt be a friendly visit!

Even though it was an unfriendly visit, he still decided to see her.

Whether she agreed to work with him or not, he needed to talk with her first.

Besides, if he didnt go, she might cause damage to his base.

He would become a joke if other killer organizations heard about that.

If Gu Ning was willing to cooperate with him, he could let go of Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

However, if she wouldnt, he would kill Gao Yi and Qiao Ya because they had betrayed their organization.

He wouldnt let Gu Ning go either.

She found out about his base so she would be a time bomb if he let her go.

The head told the gatekeeper to take Gu Ning and her people to have a seat in the living room, and that he would be there in half an hour.

He didnt think Gu Ning and her people had any choice after they came into his manor..

She would either agree to work with him and leave, or be killed.


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