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Chapter 2435: Leave It to the Police

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“You said it very clearly,”

‘aid Gu Ning, then she took out her phone and played the recording of Zhang Zikais conversation with the taxi driver.

Gu Nings phone would record her calls, so every conversation she had on the phone would be recorded.

‘When the taxi driver heard the recording, there was nothing he could argue about.

He knew that he couldnt deny it again, so he tried to run away, but Qiao Ya was too strong for him.

At this time, people became angrier at him.

“Let me go, let me go!” The taxi driver ached to leave and didnt care whether people were criticizing him.

He was reluctant to be taken to the Public Security Bureau.

“Since you dare do it, you must take responsibility.

Its too late to regret it now,” said Qiao Ya coldly.

“Ididnt do anything to her.

You cant catch me.

If my wife knows, shell divorce me.

Please let me go.” The taxi driver began to beg them.

Once he said that, it proved that he indeed tried to sexually assault Zhang Zikai just then.

“Why werent you afraid that your wife will find out just now If you really hurt the girl, you could be put in jail!” an onlooker said.

He had no sympathy for this taxi driver.

“I-I just lost my reason.

I promise it wont happen again.

I wont do it again.

Please let me go.

Please, Im begging you.” The taxi driver cried out.

He was really full of regret now.

Watching him crying, several people softened.

“You didnt regret it until you were caught.

What if we failed to catch you Even if you know its wrong right now, you made a terrible mistake.

If I hadnt rushed over, my friend would have been hurt by you.

You cant deny that!” said Gu Ning, She made it very clear in order to stop other people from being

sympathetic to the taxi driver.

It would only make bad people think that it wasnt a big deal even though they did bad deeds.

They would believe that they could easily get away with the crime as long as they apologized tearfully.

Some people indeed had a little sympathy for the taxi driver, but they soon came back to their reason after hearing Gu Nings words.

“Right, if the girl hadnt sensed the danger, she could have been hurt by the man!”

“So we better leave it to the police.”

“If bad people dont pay for their bad deeds, the world will become a terrible place.”

The taxi driver realized that they wouldnt let him go no matter how he begged them, so he had to accept the result.

There was nothing else he could do right now.

Qiao Ya was too strong, and he could not get rid of her.

Before long, the police came.

The several policemen recognized Gu Ning, so they were excited to see her.

“Hi, Miss Gu.” They greeted her respectfully.

‘When other people saw the polices attitude towards Gu Ning, they immediately understood that she was an important figure.

Seeing that, the taxi driver was more frightened.

“Nice to see you all.” Gu Ning replied with a smile, then told them the whole story.

The policemen were mad after hearing the story and knowing that the girl was Gu Nings friend.

Gu Ning was unwilling to bully the taxi driver with her influence, so she told them to deal with the case according to the law.

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Because Gu Ning had evidence and the taxi driver admitted the crime, the police didnt need Gu Ning and her people to go to the Public Security Bureau for their confessions.

They just took the taxi driver and Gu Ning drove Zhang Zikai back home.

It wasnt a bad crash, so their car could still drive normally.

She told Gao Yi to knock against the taxi, so she would pay for the damages.

After all, the taxi didnt belong to the taxi driver, it belonged to the taxi company.

After driving away, Gu Ning called Song Miaoge and asked her whether she was home.

Zhang Zikai encountered trouble on her way home, so Gu Ning was a little worried about Song Miaoge.

She had to call her to make sure that she was safe too.

Even though Song Miaoge was strong and could surely protect herself, Gu Ning wouldnt be relieved until she made sure that Song Miaoge was safe.

Song Miaoge said that she would be home soon, and Gu Ning told her to send her a message after she was home.

She wouldnt be completely relieved until Song Miaoge was safely home.

Gu Ning didnt tell Song Miaoge what had happened to Zhang Zikai in case Song Miaoge got anxious.

After driving Zhang Zikai back to the block where she lived, Gu Ning and her people left.

Zhang Zikai was safe now, because it was still early and there were many people in the block.

However, she was still scared by what had happened today, so she couldnt sleep at night.

Luckily, she felt much better the next day after she got up.

Zhang Zikai didnt tell her family about the terrible experience.

After all, she was fine now and she didnt want to worry her family.

She would let her familys chauffeur drive her and pick her up in the future.

The next day, Gu Ning went to ask about the taxi drivers condition.

The taxi driver confessed that he had the idea of sexually assaulting Zhang Zikai when he saw her, because she was very pretty.

He had an argument with his wife, so he was in a bad mood, but now he really regretted it.

However, no matter how he apologized, he couldnt deny the fact that he had committed the crime.

Even though he failed, he would still be punished.

As a result, he was held in detention for a month.

He should feel lucky that he didnt succeed, or he could have been sentenced to life in jail.

He might even lose his life there.

Although the Zhang family had standards, they werent weak.

They normally wouldnt bully other people with their influence, but they wouldnt hesitate to fight back.

In fact, the Zhang family was unaware of what had happened to Zhang Zikai this time.

If her family heard about it, the taxi driver would surely be put in jail for a few years.

According to the law, he shouldnt have a serious punishment, but the Zhang family knew how to play the game.

They didnt want him to die.

They just needed him to be punished seriously.

It was Zhang Zikais idea to keep it a secret from her family, or Gu Ning wouldnt have taken care of it.

If she dealt with it without the Zhang familys agreement, it might cause conflict..


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