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Chapter 2446: Jiang Ze Lost His Temper

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Because many of them were looking at the table Gu Ning sat by, Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang also sensed their gazes.

‘When they noticed that the people around another table were all very surprised as well, they thought that they must have recognized Gu Ning.

After all, Gu Ning was a celebrity, so it was normal that many people recognized her.

People at Jiang Zes table immediately withdrew their gaze when they realized that Gu Nings friends were staring at them.

It was embarrassing!

After that, Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang turned their heads back.

They didnt think it was a big deal so they observed Gu Nings reaction.

They knew that Gu Ning could feel that the people around another table were looking at her, but Tang Jiakai still said, “Hey, the bunch of people sitting around the table next to the adjacent table were looking over at us.

I think they must have recognized Ningning.”

“Gu Ning is a celebrity after all and shes so popular.

Its very normal if shes recognized,” said Jiang Jiamin proudly.

“Right!” Jiang Minhong agreed.

Hearing their discussion, Gu Ning smiled and said nothing, then they stopped paying attention to the other people.

They continued to play games and drink.

However, Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni were in a very bad mood now.

If it was possible, they wished that they could leave right now.

Unfortunately, their friends were also born in rich families like Zhao Fulin, so Jiang Ze didnt dare to be the wet blanket.

‘What he couldnt accept hadnt ended yet.

“Oh, I read on Weibo that Gu Ning is also the Tang familys granddaughter.

Her father is the chairman of the Tanghuang Organization.”

“I dont know, but they should be relatives even if they arent father and daughter.”

“If Gu Ning is really Lord Tangs daughter, she has an unbelievable family background! Shes already a billionaire, and now her family is also super-rich and powerful.

Nobody dares to mess with her in City B!”


They were all envious of Gu Ning.

Although some people had broken the news that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans daughter, not everyone saw and believed it.

Therefore, they werent sure.

“1m curious to know the family background of the other people who are sitting with Gu Ning now.

They cant be ordinary people.

And so if Zhao Fulin is one of them, her family cant be simple!”

They knew Zhao Fulin, but they werent familiar.

They were only aware that Zhao Fulin had admired Jiang Ze before, but she kept a distance away from them after Jiang Ze got together with Zhang Yanni.

Hearing that, Zhang Yanni and Jiang Ze were more displeased.

At this moment, Jiang Ze was full of regrets, while Zhang Yanni was jealous and a little panicked.

Because she had lied to Jiang Ze that Zhao Fulin was born in a poor family, if Jiang Ze learned the truth, he would surely be mad at her.

She didnt know that Jiang Ze was a snobbish man, but she had already bad-mouthed Zhao Fulins character to him before.

Jiang Ze claimed that he disliked girls without standards, and never mentioned that he cared a lot about the girls family background.

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Anyway, Zhang Yanni had lied to him, so she was worried that it might be exposed.

In order to prevent Jiang Ze from finding it out, Zhang Yanni said, “I dont know.

She always told me that she was born in a poor family.”

After she said that, Jiang Ze wouldnt think that she had lied to him even if he found out that Zhao Fulin was actually born in a very rich family.

They used to be good friends, but it didnt mean that she clearly knew Zhao Fulins family background.

Therefore, nobody doubted Zhang Yannis words, except

for Jiang Ze.

He knew that Zhang Yanni was hypocritical and calculating, but he couldnt argue with her right now.

Anyway, given the current situation, Zhao Fulins family might be more influential than he thought.

He only knew that Zhao Fulins family had over a hundred million yuan in assets, but he didnt know that her family was related to the Jiang family.

‘The Jiang family had a high status, because it had a lot of influence in politics and was connected to the Tang family.

Jiang Ze was already full of regrets after knowing that Zhao Fulins family was very rich and that she had a relationship with Gu Ning.

If he learned more about her family background, he would lose control of himself and quarrel with Zhang Yanni.

Nevertheless, for the time being, he was unaware of all of this.

Gu Ning and the others didnt hang out too late.

At 11 pm, they left.

However, for most people, their night just began.

Normally, they wouldnt leave until 12 am.

Therefore, after Gu Ning and her friends left, Jiang Ze and his friends still stayed in the bar till 12 am.

Although they were college students, they were adults too, so they stayed outside tonight instead of going back to their school.

Because Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni were a couple, they did everything couples did.

They had even slept in the same room many times.

Jiang Ze was a little drunk, but he was still clear-headed.

However, he was very unhappy and blamed Zhang Yanni for it, so he violently pressed her against the wall and kissed her wildly as soon as they walked into the room.

Jiang Ze was a little violent, so Zhang Yannis back felt slightly hurt, but she didnt think he did it on purpose, so the next moment, she melted in his kiss.

Although Jiang Ze kissed her heavily and her lips hurt, she enjoyed it a lot.

Without delay, Jiang Ze undressed Zhang Yanni and threw her onto the bed.

The bed was soft, so Zhang Yanni didnt feel any pain.

She had no idea that Jiang Ze was actually venting his anger on her.

Afterwards, Jiang Ze undressed and pressed his body against Zhang Yannis.

That night, he had no patience with her.

He even forced Zhang Yanni to do something she normally wouldnt do..


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