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Chapter 2447: I Can Teach You


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He forced her to use her mouth to satisfy him.

Because Jiang Ze was too violent, it didnt seem that they were making love, but as if he was venting his anger.

Zhang Yanni felt excited at the beginning, because they normally had sex gently, but she soon couldnt stand it and begged Jiang Ze to stop.

However, Jiang Ze ignored her and continued to be violent.

He didnt seem tired at all!

After that, Zhang Yanni finally realized that Jiang Ze was different today.

He was unusually violent and impatient.

She started to feel that they werent making love.

He lost control of himself!

“Jiang Ze, stop, stop it now.

I-I cant stand it any longer,” shouted Zhang Yanni.

“You cant stand it We have a long future ahead.

Arent you afraid that Ill cheat on you if you cant satisfy me You know men love sex.

Im not an exception.

You had just lost your virginity, so Ive been gentle several times,” said Jiang Ze unkindly.

Zhang Yanni lost her virginity to Jiang Ze.

Because she really liked him, he didnt need to try everything to get her in bed.

She was more than willing to sleep with him.

That day, they also went to drink together and it was very late, so they didnt go back to school and stayed outside.

At the beginning, Zhang Yanni was worried that Jiang Ze might do something to her.

She didnt dare to sleep until Jiang Ze promised that he wouldnt do anything.

However, there were a few men who could control themselves when a woman slept beside them.

Moreover, it was his girlfriend, and he couldnt wait to have sex with her!

It wasnt Jiang Zes first time, so he wasnt nervous at all.

He clearly knew how to get Zhang Yanni excited.

Since Zhang Yanni was willing to sleep in the same room with him, he made the very important first step.

Therefore, at the beginning, Jiang Ze only hugged and kissed her.

‘When Zhang Yanni melted into his arms, he began to fondle her body.

Zhang Yanni was scared and immediately pushed Jiang Ze away, but Jiang Ze insisted on saying that he was just fondling her body and they wouldnt have sex.

Zhang Yanni wasnt prepared, but she was an adult, and she wanted it too.

As a result, she let Jiang Ze fondle her.

Gradually, Zhang Yanni began to feel aroused and even started enjoying it.

‘When Jiang Ze touched her sensitive part, she pushed him away again.

She was afraid that both of them might lose control of themselves, but Jiang Ze comforted her once more.

He said that he just touched it and wouldnt penetrate her.

Zhang Yanni trusted Jiang Ze, and she also found out that her body liked it, so she accepted his explanation.

‘When Jiang Ze rubbed her sensitive part, she felt her whole body trembling in excitement.

She even wanted him to penetrate her.

Because Jiang Zes fingers were rubbing her sensitive part and was hesitant to penetrate, Zhang Yanni moaned a little in pleasure.

“Yanni, are you willing to give your virginity to me If not, Ill stop,” said Jiang Ze.

“I-1…” Zhang Yanni flushed.

She wanted to say yes, but was too timid to say it aloud.

“Lwont force you, but Im so uncomfortable now.

Can you help me with your hands” Jiang Ze asked.

Before Zhang Yanni could say anything, he pulled her hands and placed them on his erect part.

The second Zhang Yanni touched his giant d*ck, she quickly withdrew her hands in horror, her cheeks flushing red.

“arent you willing to help me just with your hands” Jiang Ze asked in an aggrieved tone.

“I-I-L..” Zhang Yanni stammered, and didnt know what to say.

She was willing to help him, but this was the first time that she had ever touched a mans d*ck.

She was terrified and nervous.

She had watched sexual videos before, but it was totally different from what she was doing right now.

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“I dont know how,” said Zhang Yanni.

She was also excited, so she didnt refuse him.

“Its fine.

I can teach you,” said Jiang Ze.

Then he took Zhang Yannis hand and clasped it around his touch d*ck, moving it up and down.

“Just like this, faster.”

It took Zhang Yanni some time to get familiar with it, but she soon learned the skill.

Jiang Ze moaned heavily, which embarrassed Zhang Yanni.

At the same time, Jiang Ze kept on rubbing her sensitive part, so Zhang Yanni wanted more and more.

Suddenly, she wanted Jiang Ze to directly press her down the bed so that she couldnt push him away.

Because, it was torture for her!

“Yanni, can we Dont you want to” Seeing that Zhang Yanni was aroused too, Jiang Ze asked for her permission.

“I-Im scared…” Zhang Yanni was still very shy.

“Im still a virgin.”

“Are you afraid that Ill abandon you, or are you afraid of the pain If youre afraid that Ill abandon you, I can promise to you right now.

As long as you love me, Ill never leave you.

Since were girlfriend and boyfriend now, I hope that you and I can be together forever.

I hope we can have a family.

I just

dont know whether youre willing to marry me,” said Jiang Ze sincerely.

If he didnt have a better choice, he would marry Zhang Yanni.

“Of course!” Zhang Yanni said once Jiang Ze finished.

She dreamed about marrying Jiang Ze and took their relationship seriously.

“So youre afraid of the pain Its indeed painful at the beginning, but the pain will soon go away.

Ill be very gentle.

Since both of us want to have a family, well have sex sooner or later.

We can take precautions against premarital pregnancy,” said Jiang Ze.

He was brainwashing Zhang Yanni.

Zhang Yanni agreed with him on that, so she agreed after hesitating for a short while.

So Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni had sex.

At the beginning, Zhang Yanni indeed felt the pain, but she soon began to enjoy it.

After that night, Zhang Yanni often asked Jiang Ze to hang out together and they would stay outside and sleep together.

That was how they had sex.

Zhang Yanni didnt know what to say when Jiang Ze said that he might cheat on her if she couldnt satisfy him.

She definitely didnt want it to happen.

Therefore, Zhang Yanni had to tolerate it even though it was really uncomfortable.


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