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Chapter 2448: His Anger Went away

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That night, Zhang Yanni almost fainted several times during sex.

However, because of what Jiang Ze just said, she didnt even dare to tell him to stop for a while.

She was afraid that he might break up with her if she couldnt satisfy him.

Therefore, they didnt stop until Jiang Ze was exhausted.

His anger also went away after he vented through the violent sex.

He came back to his reason, but he was still reluctant to accept the fact that he lost Zhao Fulin, a very good opportunity to join high society.

It was all because of Zhang Yanni, but he couldnt argue with her, which really bothered him.

Zhang Yanni wasnt very smart, but she could still feel that it must have something to do with Zhao Fulin that caused Jiang Ze to lose his patience tonight.

However, she didnt ask him about that, because she clearly new it would only cause an argument.

She was too tired to do that right now.

All she

wanted now was a good sleep.

Because she was completely exhausted, she soon fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, Jiang Ze was in a better mood after they got up.

He knew that he was too violent last night and was also afraid that Zhang Yanni might break up with him.

He couldnt bear that.

Therefore, when Zhang Yanni woke up, he apologized to her and comforted her for a while.

He promised that he would be gentle next time and even checked whether her sensitive part was injured.

After that, he made breakfast for her, and Zhang Yanni forgave him.

After having breakfast, they had sex again.

This time, Jiang Ze was very tender, so Zhang Yanni felt much better.

However, Jiang Ze was still mad at Zhang Yanni; he just skillfully hid his emotions.

In the afternoon, Leng Shaoting came to City B, followed by Xu Jinchen, Chen Meng, Si Ming, Ai Weishun, Zhao Lang, Zhao Weixian, and Xiao Nanchen.

Among the twelve members of the Red Flame, in addition to the bridegroom, eight were present and three were absent because they needed to deal with something else.

Anyway, it was a good thing that so many of them could come.

After all, it wasnt easy for them to get together normally, unless there was a task or training.

After they arrived, Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning out and they had dinner.

Gu Ning had met all of them before, so she didnt feel embarrassed.

In fact, even if they were completely strangers, she wouldnt feel uneasy, since she was brave and outgoing.

It was not only them; Zi Beiying and Qiu Yuxin also came.

Qiu Yuxin was very busy, so she was often absent when they had a gathering.

During these days, she had an activity to attend, but Cao Wenxins wedding was more important, so she canceled it.

Modeling was just an interest and she didnt attach great importance to wealth and fame, so she could schedule her own work.

She accepted so many job offers because Si Ming was occupied.

Even if she was free, she wouldnt be able to see him, so she preferred to work.

Only when Si Ming was free would she clear her schedule and go to see him.

Zi Beiying, Qiu Yuxin, and Gu Ning all came with their men, while the others were either single or came alone.

It was upsetting to be alone among a bunch of couples.

They also called Xin Bei out today, but Cao Wenxin didnt come because she was pregnant.

She needed more rest, so Xin Bei would go back home to stay with her right after eating.

They called Xin Bei out because they needed to talk about how to pick up the bride tomorrow morning, As the bridegrooms best men, they would handle that part of the ceremony.

Because they needed to pick up the bride tomorrow, they didnt drink tonight.

After eating, Xin Bei went home, while Leng Shaoting and the other men went to enjoy themselves in a clubhouse.

There were many activities to do in the clubhouse, and they could play games together.

All of them stayed in Shengshi Hotel tonight, so they would set off together tomorrow.

They had to arrive at the Cao familys house before 8 am.

Xin Bei had already bought a house for his new family.

Because he didnt have much time, he directly bought a well-decorated house.

It was chosen by Leng Shaoting for Xin Bei, and it was built by a real estate company controlled by the Shengshi Organization.

Actually, Leng Shaoting prepared it for himself, because he needed a place to stay when he came to City B.

After all, it wasnt appropriate for him to stay in Gu Nings house every


However, since Xin Bei needed a house now, Leng Shaoting gave it to him.

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It was chosen by Leng Shaoting and decorated by Leng Shaotings people, so it was definitely of good quality.

Leng Shaoting also asked for a very reasonable price.

He sold the house to Xin Bei at the original price with the decoration and furnishing being free.

The decoration and furnishing fee was about three million yuan.

The house was done three months ago, so it was aired, but Cao Wenxin was pregnant now, so it was better if she stayed in another house for a few more days.

After they got married, they would move into Cao Wenxins house in Huafu Hills until Xin Beis house was completely done.

Because they were going to pick up the bride early in the morning tomorrow, they needed to go to bed early tonight.

So at 10 pm, they separated.

Members of the Red Flame stayed with them, so Xu Jinchen couldnt sleep with Zi Beiying in the same room tonight.

Gu Ning and Zi Beiying also decided to go to Huafu Hills.

The two girls would stay there for the night.

And Qiu Yuxins family was in City B, so she went to sleep at home.

Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen sent Gu Ning and Zi Beiying to Huafu Hills, then they went back to the hotel.

Si Ming drove Qiu Yuxin back to her home.

Gu Ning wouldnt leave with them tomorrow, because she was going to the Cao familys house.

Wenxin was her cousin, so she would go to stay with the bride.

Cao Wenxin actually wanted Gu Ning to be her bridesmaid, but Gu Ning was unwilling to do that.

Cao Wenxin wasnt unhappy about that, and instead turned to An Ran, Zhu Yuanzhen, Tong Jiayao, and Cao Wenwen for help.

Cao Wenwen was her other cousin.

Anyway, because Cao Wenxin was pregnant, they had decided to hold a simple wedding.

Zi Beiying would go with Gu Ning tomorrow, because she was a girl, and it wasnt appropriate for her to stay with the men.

So the next day, Gu Ning and Zi Beiying got up at 6 am.

They always got up at that time, but normally they would go to run or exercise after they got up..


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