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Chapter 2452: Rationally Cold


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Some women were annoyed when they were rejected and even secretly swore at the best men.

They felt that the best men were too arrogant.

In fact, if those men werent so handsome, they wouldnt have tried to ask for their WeChat account.

Anyway, they asked for the humiliation and were simply self-centered and selfish.

Luckily, there were only a few of them.

Most women merely felt a little disappointed when they were rejected.

They just wanted to make friends with those handsome men, and didnt mean anything.by it.

However, if it was possible, they could hang out together.

After all, it took time for men and women to get closer.

If they wanted to form a relationship, they had to take action.

Nowadays, women also learned to strike up a conversation with men.

So as long as they liked someone, they wouldnt miss the opportunity.

Since there were women who tried to strike up a conversation with the best men, there were also men who did the same thing to the bridesmaids, who were very pretty too.

Many men recognized Tong Jiayao, because she was a beautiful and strong woman who had great fame in high society.

Although the Tong family wasnt super-rich, it was influential.

And in fact, there werent many super-rich families in City B.

Among all the rich families in the city, there might only be a few dozen super-rich families.

Therefore, a normal rich family already had enough influence in City B.

Therefore, Tong Jiayao was the target of many rich heirs, but it wasnt easy to impress her.

In fact, it wasnt a good time to strike up a conversation as they could only exchange greetings and chat for a short while.

Tong Jiayao was a little cold, but she was very sophisticated, so no matter who came up to talk with her, she always looked nice and polite.

If it was an unfamiliar person, she would keep her distance.

Only when she saw familiar faces would she be sincere.

Gao Chengyun and Jiang Zezheng didnt stay in the lounge with Gu Ning and the other girls.

Instead, they stood outside with the bride, the bridegroom, the bridesmaids and the best men.

After all, their girls were the bridesmaids today, and they should take care of them.

‘When Gao Chengyun saw that Tong Jiayao was so popular among the men, he was a little displeased.

“Well, it seems that Jiayao is much more popular than we thought.” Jiang Zezheng joked with Gao Chengyun.

“Yeah,” said Gao Chengyun calmly, as if he wasnt unhappy about it.

“Why are you still hesitating Arent you afraid shell be stolen away” asked Jiang Zezheng, Even he felt anxious for Gao Chengyun.

He understood that Gao Chengyun needed time to think about it, but sometimes it was cold if people thought too much in a romantic relationship.

“If shes stolen away, it means that she doesnt belong to me.

No one can steal my girl from me,” said Gao Chengyun, but he was actually a bit worried.

He didnt have much confidence in himself.

“Dont think so rationally about a romantic relationship.

You need to take action.

It takes time for men and women to get to know each other after all.

If you dont spend more time with her, how can you know whether youre suitable for each other You need to carefully cultivate your love.

If you dont do

anything, you wont find your love,” said Jiang Zezheng.

Hearing that, Gao Chengyun agreed.

In fact, he had been thinking about that recently.

Should he confess his affection for Tong Jiayao now

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However, he was afraid that Tong Jiayao would reject him, so he hesitated to take action.

Jiang Zezheng continued.

“Perhaps shes waiting for you to take the first step.

If youre still wasting time, she might doubt whether you really like her.

Itll have a harmful effect on your relationship.”

Upon hearing that, Gao Chengyun got nervous.

It seemed that he should really make up his mind and confess his affection for Tong Jiayao now, or it would be too late if the damage was done.

It was true that Tong Jiayao was waiting for Gao Chengyun to make the first step.

She could do it if Gao Chengyun still hesitated.

In todays society, women could also take the initiative.

However, when both of them liked each other, she still wanted him to confess his affection for her first.

She believed that she had given him obvious hints.

If he wanted to be together with her, he should

tell her.

If he didnt, perhaps he didnt like her very much.

‘When would she take the first step If the man she liked didnt know that she liked him and she was sure that he had a good impression of her, she would confess her affection for him.

For example, when she met Leng Shaoting, she didnt fall in love, but she was attracted to him due to his outstanding air and appearance.

However, before she knew more about him, there was no love between them.

Therefore, after knowing Gao Chengyun for so long, she had started to doubt whether he liked her and whether he wanted to be together with her.

If not, she would be really disappointed and sad.

It wasnt easy for her to like someone after all, but unfortunately he didnt like her the same way.

Anyway, she wouldnt force him to accept her.

In fact, Tong Jiayao had made a decision.

After Cao Wenxins wedding, she would ask Gao Chengyun out and have a talk with him.

Ifhe didnt want to be together with her, they shouldnt be so close any longer.

It was a total waste of time.

Gao Chengyun, actually, had the same idea after hearing Jiang Zezhengs words.

He decided to confess his affection for Tong Jiayao after Cao Wenxins wedding.


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