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Chapter 2453: Its Annoying

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It was not only the bridesmaids and the best men; Gao Chengyun and Jiang Zezheng who stood next to them were also very popular.

After all, both of them had a high status and were good-looking too.

They didnt coldly reject them, but they refused to give any woman their numbers.

Not every guest came to enjoy the wedding.

Most of them had other purposes.

Among the invited guests, there were many people of power and wealth, and they were easily targeted.

Accordingly, those who failed to get the numbers of the important people outside went into the hall.

The hall was full of quality men and women, so they had many choices.

At about 5 pm, the Jiang family came.

All of its members were present.

Jiang Minhong and Jiang Jiamin had separately prepared a gift for Cao Wenxin.

Because they were at the same age and had a good relationship with Cao Wenxin, they sent her a gift on behalf of themselves.

If they werent close, they could have let their seniors do that.

For example, Jiang Yutong didnt have a close relationship with Cao Wenxin and they rarely met, so she didnt bother to send Cao Wenxin a gift on her own.

It was very normal.

Once Jiang Yutong came, she went straight to see Tang Jiayang.

However, she didnt see Tang Jiayang in the wedding hall.

Then she saw Jiang Lihua and went to ask her.

“Aunt Lihua, where is Cousin Jiayang” Jiang Yutong asked.

She had a very good attitude towards Jiang Lihua, because Jiang Lihua was her aunt and Tang Jiayangs mother.

Looking at Jiang Yutong, Jiang Lihua, however, seemed displeased.

Actually, ever since she learned that Jiang Yutong had fallen in love with Tang Jiayang, she began to dislike her.

No idea, I just arrived.” Jiang Lihua replied in a flat voice.

Even though she disliked Jiang Yutong now, she didnt make things difficult for her.

“Fine.” Jiang Yutong didnt think that Jiang Lihua refused to tell her where Tang Jiayang was.

She just felt a little disappointed.

After that, Jiang Yutong continued to search for Tang Jiayang.

Watching Jiang Yutongs back, Jiang Lihua shook her head resignedly.

How could this young girl fall in love with her own cousin

Close relatives couldnt get married now.

Even if it was acceptable, Jiang Lihua wouldnt agree.

She decided to tell Jiang Yutongs parents to educate her about it.

By now, among the members of the Tang family, only Tang Haifeng and Tang Yunfan were still absent.

Because Gu Man had just delivered, she couldnt attend the wedding, so Tang Yunfan would come in a while, but he would go back home after giving his gift.

He couldnt leave Gu Man alone in the

house, even though Gu Man said that she would be fine.

The fact that his niece got married was very important, but his wife just delivered.

So he showed up to send Cao Wenxin good wishes, but he wouldnt stay for the ceremony and dinner.

In fact, even if he didnt come, the Cao family wouldnt blame him.

They understood that he was in a special situation.

About a dozen minutes past § pm, Tang Haifeng and Tang Yunfan arrived.

Tang Haifeng went to chat with Master Cao and other seniors, while Tang Yunfan left after presenting his gift and sending his congratulations.

Tang Yunfan was very generous, and the gift he sent to Cao Wenxin was a store of two hundred square-meters in the city center.

Tang Yunhang also sent Cao Wenxin a store.

Although it wasnt as large as Tang Yunfans, it wasnt much smaller.

And Tang Haifeng sent Cao Wenxin a big house.

In todays society, a house was the most valuable and potential property.

Among Cao Wenxins dowries, there was also a house and a store.

With the dowries, she didnt need to work and could still live a good life just by receiving rent.

Actually, Xin Bei could provide Cao Wenxin with a good life even if she had no property, because Xin Bei was rich, However, the Cao family was unaware of his wealth.

They knew very little about Xin Beis job.

They only knew that he was a special forces lieutenant colonel, and carried out special tasks.

However, he would get a bonus after finishing a task, so he didnt lack money at all.

Xin Bei had honestly told them that he could often get a bonus of at least a hundred thousand yuan.

However, because the Red Flame was a very special team, he couldnt tell them many details.

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They had conducted many dangerous tasks and had a lot of enemies, so their lives were in danger.

As a result, whenever they performed a task, they would disguise themselves in order to protect their identities.

In that case, the fewer people who knew about their job, including their families, the safer they would be.

Anyway, the Cao family and the Tang family gave Cao Wenxin many properties, not because they were afraid that Xin Bei couldnt give Cao Wenxin a good life, but because they were family.

Cao Wenxin was a member of the Tang family, so she would receive expensive gifts at her wedding.

At about 5:30 pm, Gu Ning and the others walked out.

Unluckily, right after they reached the hall, Jiang Yutong saw them.

However, she didnt dare to walk forward because there were many of them, especially since Leng Shaoting was also there.

Although this was the first time that she had seen Leng Shaoting in real life, she had seen photos of him on the Internet before.

After all, he was too handsome to be ignored.

Most importantly, he was Gu Nings fiancé.

Gu Ning had an extremely handsome fiancé, who was born in a powerful dominant family, which aroused Jiang Yutongs jealousy.

Leng Shaoting was the heir of the Leng family in the capital, and he was also the youngest major general in the military.

Jiang Yutong didnt understand why Gu Ning could be so lucky! She turned out to be the Tang familys granddaughter, had a super successful career, and even became the future granddaughter-in-law of the Leng family in the capital.

Compared with Gu Ning, she was merely a nobody.

Although Jiang Yutong disliked Gu Ning, she wished she were Gu Ning countless times.

If she were Gu Ning, she could own everything that Gu Ning had right now.

Unfortunately, it was just her dream.

Due to Leng Shaoting, Jiang Yutong hesitated to go ahead.

She wasnt afraid of his high status, but she was scared of his air.

She wasnt afraid of Gu Ning, because she didnt believe that Gu Ning dared to hurt her at Cao Wenxins wedding.

It was also impossible for Leng Shaoting to do anything to her, because she hadnt messed with him at all, but she just lacked courage to approach him.

Therefore, Jiang Yutong could only stand there and watch Tang Jiayang with a pitiful look.

Tang Jiayang saw Jiang Yutong, but didnt bother to pay much attention to her.

Tang Jiakai, however, stared at Jiang Yutong for a while.

He understood that she didnt dare to walk over because there was a large group of them.

It was a good thing.

After all, it was annoying when Jiang Yutong wouldnt leave them alone..


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