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Chapter 2454: Couldnt Stay Here Any Second Longer


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‘When Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong saw Gu Ning and the others, they immediately walked forward.

Although there were a lot of them and they felt a little shy, they didnt see many familiar faces in the hall.

So if they didnt go to talk with Gu Ning, they would be bored!

It was boring for them to talk with unfamiliar people.

“Hi, Jiayang, Jiakai, Gu Ning, and you all, nice to see you!”

Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong smiled at them.

Gu Ning welcomed them.

Once Jiang Yutong saw Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Minhong walk over, she followed them.

“Hi, Jiayang, Jiakai, Jiamin, Minhong, Miss Gu!”

After Jiang Yutong walked over, she greeted them kindly as if they were very close.

She knew that she must be nice, or they would refuse to accept her and she wouldnt be able to talk to Tang Jiayang.

Given her kind attitude, they wouldnt embarrass her publicly.

If they did that, it would be their fault.

Unfortunately, nobody cared about her attitude.

Because she already left a terrible impression on them, so no one liked her.

‘What was worse, Tang Jiakai showed obvious disdain and asked her angrily, “What are you doing here”

Hearing that, Jiang Yutong was mad, but she acted aggrieved.

“Im bored by myself, so I wanted to stay with you for a while.”

“I dont think were that close.

Whenever we meet, we always argue.

Do you want to argue again” Jiang Jiamin retorted at once.

It had nothing to do with Tang Jiayang that she picked on Jiang Yutong.

She and Jiang Yutong never got along.

“You…” Embarrassed by Jiang Jiamin in public, Jiang Yutong was mad, but she still curbed her anger.

“I havent seen Jiayang for a long time.

Now hes home.

I just want to chat with him for a while.

Is there anything wrong with that”

“Tm not familiar with you.

There is nothing we can talk about,” said Tang Jiayang coldly, showing obvious hatred.

“You…” This time, Jiang Yutong couldnt help crying.

How could he say that to her face They were cousins! If other people said that to her, she wouldnt be heart-broken, but now even Tang Jiayang hated her.1

It seemed that they teamed up and bullied Jiang Yutong, but they didnt want to do that.

It was Jiang Yutong who asked for it herself.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting and the other people said nothing.

They didnt think it was wrong.

Moreover, they could see that Jiang Yutong wasnt an honest girl.

She was pretending to be weak.

They had no sympathy for girls like her.

“Did you hear that Jiayang isnt familiar with you, so you should go now!” Tang Jiakai gloated over Jiang Yutongs misfortune.

He really didnt want to see her.

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“You…” Jiang Yutong felt even more aggrieved.

“Alright, lets go to see Wenxin now,” said Gu Ning.

It was a public place and they came to celebrate the good event.

No one wanted to cause trouble.

After that, they followed Gu Ning away.

“Tl go with you!” Jiang Yutong was reluctant to be left behind, so she immediately caught up to them.

Although they had just embarrassed her, she refused to believe that they would chase her away.

“Who allowed you to do that” Gu Ning coldly said to her.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was angry.

How could they be so hateful and bully her together

“Stay away from us, or Ill teach you a lesson in person.” Gu Ning threatened her.

Even though she didnt want to cause any trouble at Cao Wenxins wedding, she wouldnt mind teaching Jiang Yutong a lesson if she didnt leave.

She would make it as quiet as possible.


At this moment, Jiang Yutong was scared and didnt dare to follow them again.

She didnt think that they would dare to injure her, but she was unwilling to take the risk.

What if Gu Ning really beat her She would be the only one who was injured.

Filled with unhappiness, Jiang Yutong ran to her mother.

Junior Mrs.

Jiang was chatting with several other rich wives.

When she saw her daughters sad face, she knew that her daughter must have gotten the cold shoulder from Tang Jiayang once more.

She had no idea what to say right now.

She had tried to persuade Jiang Yutong to give up, because she disapproved of Jiang Yutongs affection for Tang Jiayang.

Even if they liked each other and wanted to be together, she would only feel embarrassed.

How could her daughter fall in love with her own cousin

Luckily, only her family was aware of that.

If it went abroad, she would be greatly humiliated.

In case Jiang Yutong did anything embarrassing, Junior Mrs.

Jiang pulled her to a comer and warned her seriously.

“Yutong, behave yourself.

If you do anything embarrassing, not only our family, but the Tang family will also be humiliated.

If the Tang family feels humiliated, we might lose our

connection with them.

Our family heavily relies on the Tang family to stay rich.

Dont hurt our familys benefits just because youre heart-broken!”

“What have I done wrong” Jiang Yutong was very sad now, and wanted her mother to comfort her.

However, her mother warned her to behave herself, which filled her with even more unhappiness.

“Ill be best if you did nothing wrong.

Stop bothering Jiayang.

Dont you know youre only embarrassing yourself” Junior Mrs.

Jiang said.

She now felt guilty in front of Jiang Lihua.

Hearing that, Jiang Yutong felt aggrieved.

In fact, she knew that she was embarrassing herself, but she couldnt stop herself from seeing Tang Jiayang!1

“The Tang family said nothing because were relatives, but now I already feel guilty in front of your aunt.

Yutong, be mature!” Junior Mrs.

Jiang said honestly, “If other people hear about it, youll be a joke!”

“L…” Jiang Yutong opened her mouth, but didnt know what to say, because her mothers words made her realize how serious it was.

However, it was really hard for her to stop loving Tang Jiayang.

For the sake of her family, she must behave herself.

“I think Ill just go home.

I cant stay here any longer.” After pondering over it, Jiang Yutong decided to go home..


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