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Chapter 2483 The Zombies Are Destroyed

He didnt ask them about the zombies, but their comrade, because he thought life was more important.

Although they were soldiers and their duty was to fight against crimes and overcome crisis, they were ordinary people too.

No one was willing to lose his life and life was precious.

“Shes dealing with the zombies inside,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Shes alone How could you leave her alone in there” Regimental commander Liu was surprised and mad.

He thought it was terribly wrong that they left a woman alone in the grave to deal with the zombies.

He didnt slight women, but it wasnt right that they left a comrade alone in the battle.

“Regimental commander Liu, dont worry, she can handle it alone.

Besides, because she needs to burn the zombies, we might cause unnecessary trouble if we stayed inside with her.

The zombies can release stinky smells, which is harmful for our bodies.

Besides, there are three injured people.

We had to rescue them first before we could go in again to help her,” said Xu Jinchen.

He understood that Regimental Commander Liu was a very nice man, and thats why his attitude had been a little rude.

Therefore Xu Jinchen didnt feel displeased with him.

Xu Jinchen and the others didnt plan to wait outside after rescuing the three injured people.

Although he knew that Jing Yunyao was able to handle it alone, he thought that they should do it together with her.

“Great, they have been rescued now.

You should go back in to have a look!” said Regimental Commander Liu urgently.

He was worried about Jing Yunyaos safety, and was afraid that the zombies couldnt be completely destroyed.

He didnt want more problems to be created.

When Xu Jinchen and the others took the injured people out, Regimental Commander Lius men took them over, so Xu Jinchen and the others went back into the grave right away.

In the grave, they saw blazing flames, while Jing Yunyao was standing at the entrance of the grave chamber.

About twenty minutes later, the zombies were only half burned.

They werent dead yet, and were rolling on the ground, but they were out of strength now.

“Why did you come in again” Jing Yunyao asked them.

“Well, I know you can handle it alone, but I thought we should do this together,” said Xu Jinchen.

Jing Yunyao smiled and said nothing further.

After that, they waited till the zombies were completely burned.

However, the stinky smell was really unpleasant, so they all covered their noses with clothing.

In that way, they wouldnt smell it.

Although it was two zombies, it was still quite scary when they were burned to death.

However, they needed to take a video of it to prove that the zombies were totally destroyed.

Whenever they carried out a task, they needed to take back the criminals.

This time, the zombies would be burned to ashes, which couldnt prove that they had successfully finished their task.

Therefore, they directly took a video of it.

About ten minutes later, the zombies stopped rolling and began to twitch on the ground.

They were about to take their last breath.

After another ten minutes, they were finally burned to ashes, and the problem was solved.

After that, they left together.

When Regimental Commander Liu saw them come out together, he was relieved and asked about the zombies right away.

“How is it Did you kill the zombies” asked Regimental Commander Liu.

“Yes, theyve been destroyed,” said Xu Jinchen.

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Hearing that, Regimental Commander Liu and his men were shocked and finally relaxed.

They didnt doubt Xu Jinchens words.

“Alright, Regimental Commander Liu, well leave it to you now.

Please dont let anyone else know about it.

We need to go,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Senior Colonel Xu, its late.

Why dont we go to have a meal” said Regimental Commander Liu.

They had done them a big favor.

Even though it was their job, he felt that it was necessary for him to buy them a meal.

“No need, well eat on the plane,” said Xu Jinchen.

The flight provided food, so they would directly eat on the plane.

They were unwilling to bother Regimental Commander Liu, not to mention that it was more convenient.

“Fine, then Ill arrange for someone to drive you to the airport.” Since Xu Jinchen refused, Regimental Commander Liu didnt insist.

He needed to stay to deal with the rest anyway, so he could only arrange for someone to send them to the airport.

“Great,” said Xu Jinchen.

They didnt have a car, so they needed someone to drive them, since Regimental Commander Liu had been the one who went to pick them up after they arrived.

After that, Regimental Commander Liu arranged for a soldier to drive Xu Jinchen and the others.

When Xu Jinchen and the others were gone, Regimental Commander Liu ordered his men to go into the grave and have a look.

After making sure that the zombies were really destroyed, they would block the entrance to the grave again.

He did that, not because he didnt believe Xu Jinchen, but because they also needed to take some photos as evidence.

Xu Jinchen didnt give them the video he took, because it was what the Red Flame needed.

When Regimental Commander Lius men went into the grave, they saw two piles of ashes.

They knew that those were left by the zombies, so they left after taking several photos.

Afterwards, they blocked the entrance of the grave.

After everything was done, Regimental Commander Liu went to see the archeology team which was still under control.

He made them sign a confidentiality agreement.

If they dared to leak the news, they would be punished.

Because it was a suburb, only a few people heard the commotion, so as long as they kept it a secret, it wouldnt spread abroad.


However, the zombies scared everyone today, so they had nightmares when they slept.

Zhang Hantao was a member of the archeology team, and he was the assistant of an expert.

Because he was almost caught by the zombies, he was more terrified than other people.

At night, he had a nightmare and even cried out in horror.

His wife was woken up, then turned to call his name and ask him what happened.

Zhang Hantao shouted, “Zombie, zombie!”

Zhang Hantaos wife thought that he just had a nightmare, so she shook him calling his name till he woke up.

When Zhang Hantao learned that he just had a nightmare and kept on shouting the word zombie, he immediately explained that he watched a zombie film with his colleagues at work today.

He was scared by the film, so he had a nightmare.

Hearing that, Zhang Hantaos wife believed him.

In case he leaked the information accidentally, Zhang Hantao made up an excuse and went to sleep in the study.

During the following days, none of them could have a good sleep.

Their families noticed that they werent right, but they said that they were fine, so their families didnt continue to ask about it.


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