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It was great news that Leng Shaoting broke through to the next level, but they hadnt eaten yet, so they went back to eat.

After they finished, they needed to climb down the mountain and rush back to the capital overnight.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were worried that something might happen while they were gone.

Although Jing Yunyao could help and all the problems would be solved, they still felt it was their duty to protect their country.

Shangguan Yang complained that they could never have a real break, and that was true.

They always had work to do and got involved in other peoples business.

They didnt even have time to cultivate.

Luckily, they were talented, so they still made fast progress even though they only spent very little time on cultivation.

Average cultivators might not be able to make any progress within just a year.

“Although Im busy, I need to make money.

I didnt have money to pay my medical fees in the past, but now the only thing I dont lack is money,” said Gu Ning.

“Alright, you win.

Money is indeed a good thing.

You can buy a lot of delicious food with money,” said Shangguan Yang.

He was mostly interested in food.

“Master, your disciple, me, has a lot of money.

You can eat whatever you want and as much as you like!” said Gu Ning in a very generous tone.

“Great, as long as youre willing to pay the bills for me,” said Shangguan Yang.

Even though he deserved that treatment because he taught them skills, he was sometimes afraid that they might dislike him for it.

“Of course! Master, the skills youve taught us are worth far more than just a little money,” said Gu Ning seriously in case Shangguan Yang had worries.

“Right, I agree with Ningning!” Leng Shaoting said.

He was more than willing to support Shangguan Yang.

“Thatll be perfect!” Shangguan Yang felt touched hearing Gu Nings and Leng Shaotings reply.

His worries also went away.

In fact, what Shangguan Yang taught them was worth much more than the money they had spent on him.

The skills were priceless.

After eating, it was already 8 pm, but they didnt rush to climb down the mountain.

Because the sky turned dark later here, it was already 8 pm, but the sky was still bright.

They would directly fly back to City Ge with their flymg swords when it was dark.

If they went back right now, they couldnt use their flymg swords, because people could easily see them once they left the Kunlun Mountain.

And that might cause trouble.

At 9 pm, the sky was finally dark, so they set off at once.

They didnt fly as fast as a plane, but they were much faster than a car.

It normally took two hours to get to City Ge from the Kunlun Mountain, but they arrived after half an hour.

They walked to the main road, then took a taxi to the airport.

The private jet they took was parked at the airport of City Ge, so after they got into the taxi, Leng Shaoting called the pilot of their private jet.

He wanted it to be ready to take off in half an hour.

They were near the airport now and should arrive in five minutes, and within twenty minutes, they should be able to board the plane.

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting called Jing Yunyao.

Before Leng Shaoting said anything, Jing Yunyao asked about his condition.

Leng Shaoting called her, which meant he had already left the mountain.

Therefore, he should either have succeeded or failed in breaking through to the next level.

Although Jing Yunyao believed that Leng Shaoting must have succeeded, she needed to hear the answer from his mouth.

Leng Shaoting told her that he succeeded and that he was at the primary stage of the Yuan Ying Period now.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao was happy for him.

Then Leng Shaoting asked Jing Yunyao whether anything had happened during these days.

Jing Yunyao told him that some accidents happened, but she dealt with them well.

She would tell him details after they were back.

Since she managed everything well, Leng Shaoting wasnt worried and didnt ask about it.

They would talk about it later.

Gu Ning also called Qiao Ya and asked whether anyone wanted to see her.

There were many people who called Gu Ning recently, but there was nothing serious.

The company also worked properly.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was relieved.

When they arrived at the airport, it was only 10 pm, so it was still crowded.

However, because Leng Shaoting and the others took a private jet, they went through a special passage.

Before they walked in, someone else also used the special passage.

At the entrance, a bunch of young boys and girls were shouting the same name and “I love you” over and over.

At a glance, Gu Ning figured out what was happening.

A group of young fans surrounded their idol.

It was Cui Enyi, a mix-blooded female star.

It was said that she was very arrogant and always traveled in a private jet.

Anyway, she was rich, so nobody could judge her.

“Whats happening over there Did anything go wrong” Shangguan Yang asked.

“It is a group of young fans,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh!” Hearing that, Shangguan Yang nodded.

He knew that young people nowadays all had their idols.

There were also crazy fans, but this was the first time that he had ever seen such a scene, so he didnt know what was happening.

Gu Ning couldnt care less about Cui Enyi, and their private jet was going to take off in twenty minutes.

Therefore, they had to be quick.

Whether Cui Enyi was busy posing for her fans to take photos of her, Gu Ning and the others needed to go through.

Cui Enyi was a great beauty.

She was good at acting and singing, so she still had a lot of fans although she was arrogant.

Moreover, she was born in a rich family, so she had enough money to be so confident.

“Let us walk through please!” shouted Gu Ning at the front.

Because these fans were too crazy, they barely heard Gu Ning at the beginning.

Gu Ning slightly frowned and raised her voice.

“Please, everyone, let us pass.

Were running out of time.”

This time, most people heard her and turned around to look at Gu Ning.

The next moment, they were stunned.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were too attractive to be ignored.

Although Gu Ning wasnt that much prettier than Cui Enyi, she was undoubtedly more beautiful than her.

More and more people focused on Gu Ning and the voices shouting Cui Enyis name became lower and lower..


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