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Lin Mingxuans father was an official in the government, and his enemy in politics paid the two men to abduct Lin Mingxuan.

Therefore, Lin Mingxuan was dragged into trouble because of his father.

It was Mu Chens fault that he failed to protect him well, but no serious issues were caused, so Lin Mingxuan didnt punish Mu Chen.

However, no matter what, Mu Chen didnt do his job well, so Lin Mingxuans father decided to replace him.

Mu Chen was reluctant to leave Lin Mingxuan, but it was indeed his fault, so he said nothing about it.

It was already very nice of Lin Mingxuans father that he didnt receive a punishment.

Anyway, Lin Mingxuan strongly disagreed with his father.

Mu Chen had stayed by his side for years and they had formed a close relationship.

And this time, he hadnt listened to Mu Chen and left the washroom before Mu Chen.

Otherwise the two men wouldnt have had the chance to kidnap him.

Because Lin Mingxuan insisted on keeping Mu Chen and said that it was also his fault, his father gave in.

Both the Lin family and Mu Chen were very grateful to the girl who went to the police to help Lin Mingxuan.

Although Lin Mingxuans parents didnt know the girls name and couldnt thank her face to face, Lin Mingxuan and Mu Chen had already thanked her in person.

The next day, Gu Qings family and Gu Qinyangs family went home after having lunch.

Tang Jiayang, Tang Jiakai, and Gu Ning drove them to the airport.

Gu Ning would go back to the capital the next day, while Tang Jiayang needed to return to Country Y.

His flight would take off at the same time as Gu Nings, so Tang Yunfan, Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunhangs wife sent them to the airport.

This was the first time that Tang Yunfan had sent Gu Ning to the airport in person.

If Gu Man had fully recovered after delivering, Gu Man would have come with them to the airport too.

Although Gu Ning wasnt a kid and was much more mature than many adults, she was still her parents beloved daughter.

Therefore, when Gu Ning left, Gu Man kept on reminding her to take good care of herself.

Gu Man also told her to spend more time with Jing Yunyao if she had time.

It was never easy to get along well with in-laws.

Although they seemed very close right now, Gu Man barely knew Jing Yunyao, so she was still worried about Gu Nings life in the Leng family.

Whatever Gu Man reminded her to do, Gu Ning listened and agreed.

She definitely was willing to spend more time with Jing Yunyao, because Jing Yunyao was worth her care.

Jing Yunyao wasnt a mean, difficult mother-in-law, and she treated Gu Ning as her own daughter.

If Jing Yunyao had been a mean, difficult mother-in-law, Gu Ning wouldnt bother to please her.

Once Gu Ning and the others arrived at the terminal, they attracted a lot of attention.

Some people recognized Gu Ning, Tang Yunfan, and Tang Yunhang, because they were celebrities and often showed their faces in the news.

“Wow, isnt that Goddess Gu”

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“Right, is that the chairman of Tanghuang next to her”

“I heard Goddess Gu is Chairman Tangs daughter.”

“I thought its a rumor, but it seems to be true.

Look at them.

They are so alike!”



People who recognized them began to talk about them, but none of them dared to go up to say hi.

If Gu Ning was alone, they wouldnt be afraid, but Tang Yunfan and Tang Yunhang were also with Gu Ning.

After watching Gu Ning and Tang Jiayang pass the security check, Tang Yunfan and the others walked away.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiayang soon separated, because Tang Jiayang was going abroad and needed to go through customs.

Gu Nings flight took off at 2:40 pm, so when she arrived at the capital, it was 5 pm.

Gu Ning had called Leng Shaoting beforehand, so he was already waiting for her at the airport.

Today was Valentines Day, and Leng Shaoting couldnt wait to see her.

In addition, he had made a schedule for this romantic day, but he was a little afraid that Gu Ning might not like it.

In order to make preparations, he had done research on the Internet for a long time.

He learned a lot from other peoples experience.

When Leng Shaoting arrived at the arrival hall with a large bunch of roses, he attracted a lot of attention.

His appearance was already very outstanding, so now he was even more attractive with the bunch of roses.

There should be ninety-nine roses in the large bunch.

In an instant, it aroused jealousy among the females.

They wondered who the lucky girl that owned such a handsome romantic boyfriend was.

And they wished that they could be his girlfriend.

Many women took out their phones and took several photos of Leng Shaoting.

Then they posted his photos in their WeChat moment and expressed their envy.

When Gu Ning walked out and saw Leng Shaoting standing there with a large bunch of roses, she was astonished, but she was touched too.

With a happy smile on her face, Gu Ning trotted to Leng Shaoting.

After Gu Ning reached Leng Shaoting, the public saw her and was amazed by her extraordinary beauty.

It was true that a handsome man always matched a beautiful girl.

Those who had a plain face could only watch from the side.

Before long, some people recognized Gu Ning.

It turned out that this extraordinarily handsome man was her boyfriend!

They had seen his photos on the Internet, and could see that he was very handsome, but they didnt recognize him until Gu Ning showed up.

After that, more and more people took out their phones to take photos of this beautiful couple.

“Happy Valentines Day!” Leng Shaoting handed the bunch of roses to Gu Ning.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning took the flowers and thanked Leng Shaoting, but she didnt have a gift for him.

“Im sorry, I didnt prepare a gift for you,” said Gu Ning with slight embarrassment.

“Youre the best gift for me…” Leng Shaoting smiled at her and said meaningfully.

Gu Ning flushed at once.

She gave Leng Shaotings glare, but Leng Shaoting only felt aroused.

They hadnt had sex for a long time after all.

He subconsciously swallowed, but there were too many people in the airport, otherwise he would have given her a long, passionate kiss.

“Alright, lets go!” Saying that, Leng Shaoting held Gu Nings hand and walked away under everyones jealous gaze.

As soon as they were gone, people who recognized them began to talk about them.


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