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Shi Xiaoyue did her best to be invisible and didnt talk to them along the way, in order to leave more space to Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin.

To make it happen, she even deliberately walked a few steps behind them and pretended that she was answering a call.

By all means, she wanted to give them more chances to get to know each other.

Han Chenglin was her cousin after all, and he even paid her to help him.

Actually, if Han Chenglin didnt give her money, she wouldnt bother.

She was worried that Chu Peihan might be mad at her if she found out about their real relationship.

Upon thinking that Chu Peihan would be angry with her after knowing the truth, Shi Xiaoyue felt bad.

She treated Chu Peihan as a close friend, but if it was possible, she really hoped that Chu Peihan could become her cousin-in-law.

In that case, they would be a family.

Shi Xiaoyue agreed to help Han Chenglin because Han Chenglin was a good man.

Even though he seemed to be a bad guy on the surface, he was actually reliable.

Shi Xiaoyue had a positive opinion about Han Chenglin, not because he was her cousin, but because he was actually a good man.

However, it wasnt up to her, it was Chu Peihans decision.

No matter how good he was, he might still treat people differently.

Whether Chu Peihan thought that Han Chenglin was her Mr.

Right depended on how well they got along with each other.

Nevertheless, Shi Xiaoyue hoped that Chu Peihan could give Han Chenglin a chance.

In fact, Shi Xiaoyue had planned to keep her real relationship with Han Chenglin secret for a while longer, so she didnt expect it to be exposed today.

After they arrived at the movie theater, they saw a familiar face who turned out to be a family member.

The moment Shi Xiaoyue saw her family member, she had a premonition, but it was too late for her to run away now.

“Hi, Cousin Chenglin, Cousin Xiaoyue, what a coincidence! Did you come to see a film too”

It was an energetic and handsome 20-year-old boy who was talking to them.

The next moment, he turned to look at Chu Peihan, then gave a glance at Han Chenglin.

“Hey, Chenglin, is this your girlfriend”

Before Han Chenglin could say anything, the boy greeted Chu Peihan.

“Hi, nice to see you.

My name is Han Zhexi.

Im Han Chenglins cousin, and Shi Xiaoyues…”

“Shut up!”

Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin immediately interrupted him, but unfortunately it was too late.

Chu Peihan thought that he was only Shi Xiaoyues cousin, but unexpectedly he was also Han Chenglins cousin.

In that case, Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin were cousins too!

Realizing that, Chu Peihan was shocked and angry.

She couldnt accept it.

Why did they keep it a secret from her

Although they could choose not to tell her about their real relationship, at this moment Chu Peihan felt she had been fooled.

“Um, Peihan, please let me explain…” Knowing that it was impossible for them to keep it a secret from Chu Peihan any longer, Han Chenglin felt he needed to be honest with her in case she got angry.

He hoped that Chu Peihan could give him a chance to explain.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhexi had no idea why Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin rushed to interrupt his self-introduction.

Why did Han Chenglin need to explain their relationship Did he do something wrong

“Nothing.” Chu Peihan was mad, but she still composed herself.

She was reluctant to embarrass anyone, so she forced a smile on her face.

Afterwards, she turned to stare at Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin, but they were too guilty to meet her eyes.

“Well, I just lost interest in the film.

Why dont we go have some coffee” Chu Peihan said, clenching her teeth in anger.

She was quick-tempered, but sometimes she could also curb her anger.

No matter why they kept their relationship a secret from her, she wanted to hear their explanation.

After all, she regarded Shi Xiaoyue as a close friend, and she believed that Shi Xiaoyue wouldnt hurt her.

Han Chenglin also treated her nicely.

Therefore, she curbed her anger and didnt lose her temper right away.

Hearing that, Shi Xiaoyue and Han Chenglin understood that Chu Peihan was willing to give them a chance, so they agreed at once.

They really needed to talk about it now.

After that, they walked away, leaving the confused Han Zhexi behind.

Han Zhexi didnt follow, because he already had an appointment with his friends.

He couldnt stand his friends up.

Along the way, there were many people, so Han Chenglin and Shi Xiaoyue said nothing.

The two of them hated Han Zhexi to death right now.

If it hadnt been for him, their real relationship wouldnt have been exposed.

At least not today.

At the same time, they regretted doing it.

They should have told Chu Peihan about their real relationship earlier.

If they did that before today, Chu Peihan wouldnt be so mad now.

However, it was too late.

There was a café next to the movie theater, so they went there and found a table at the corner.

Since they were in a café, they ordered some drinks.

Once the waitress was gone, Han Chenglin opened his mouth before Chu Peihan said anything.

“Um, Peihan, we didnt keep our family relationship a secret from you on purpose.

We didnt mean to hurt you either, but…”

Saying that, Han Chenglin suddenly found it difficult to continue, because he would have to confess his affection for Chu Peihan after that.

He was willing to do that, but he wasnt prepared and was afraid that Chu Peihan might be scared.

He was also afraid that she would reject him.

Han Chenglin seemed thick-skinned, and as if he was afraid of nothing, but he was different in front of the girl he liked.

He cared about Chu Peihan, so he got nervous.

“What” Chu Peihan asked in a flat voice.

Shi Xiaoyue got anxious for Han Chenglin, because she didnt know how to explain it to Chu Peihan.

It would be best if Han Chenglin could finish the explanation on his own.

Han Chenglin took a deep breath.

Although he was afraid that Chu Peihan would reject him, it would be hard to explain it if he didnt confess his affection for her right now.

Chu Peihan would probably be angrier and might believe that they were making fun of her.

It would hurt her and he would lose any chance to chase her in the future.


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