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Shi Xiaoyue didnt tell Han Chenglin about the message she sent to Chu Peihan.

When Chu Peihan read the message, her anger towards Shi Xiaoyue quickly went away.

In fact, she wasnt really mad at Shi Xiaoyue, and Shi Xiaoyues reasons werent unacceptable, but should she give Han Chenglin a chance

She didnt know.

Her mind was in a total mess.

She didnt think that Han Chenglin was a bad guy.

Actually, she had a very good impression of him, and honestly didnt hate him.

Instead, she liked him.

However, she never planned to get into a romantic relationship within this or next year, so Han Chenglins sudden confession threw her into confusion.

Even though Shi Xiaoyue said that she could give him a chance and break up with him if he wasnt the right one, she felt it was a hard decision.

It would be irresponsible if she got together with Han Chenglin only because she wanted to try a romantic relationship.

She was also aware that not every couple ended up getting married in the end.

She wasnt naive, and understood that she might not have good luck and find her Mr.

Right after a single try.

Like what Shi Xiaoyue said, it would take time to know whether she found the right man.

Anyway, if she was sure of it, she wouldnt hesitate, but now she hesitated to accept Han Chenglins love for her.

However, she didnt want to reject Han Chenglin either.

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She had no intention of wasting Han Chenglins time by not accepting him and not rejecting him.

She simply felt that she needed more time to get to know him better.

Chu Peihan didnt reply to Shi Xiaoyues message, because she didnt know what to say.

After waiting for a long while, Shi Xiaoyue understood that Chu Peihan must be thinking about it seriously.

She felt guilty for keeping her family connection with Han Chenglin a secret from Chu Peihan, but she didnt regret doing that.

Back in their school, Chu Peihan took out her phone.

She thought for a while, then sent Han Chenglin a message and told him that she had arrived.

Whether she accepted Han Chenglin or not, they were still friends.

So to prevent him from worrying about her, she decided to send him a message.

When Han Chenglin received Chu Peihans message, he had just driven Shi Xiaoyue back home.

Watching Shi Xiaoyue walking into the block, he sat in his car by the side of the road.

Han Chenglin was really worried that he might not receive Chu Peihans message, and he wouldnt feel relieved until he saw it now.

Afterwards, Han Chenglin replied to Chu Peihan: Peihan, I was very serious tonight.

I know its too sudden for you, and you dont know what to do.

I actually didnt plan to do it so early precisely because I was afraid that it would be too sudden.

But my family connection with Xiaoyue was exposed and I didnt want you to misunderstand us.

I hope we can still be friends.

I wont force you to give me an answer right now.

I just hope that you can give me a chance to pursue you till youre willing to accept me.

Reading Han Chenglins message, Chu Peihan was lost in thought for a long while.

She remembered how they met “by chance” every time.

Once in a karaoke bar, Shi Xiaoyue went out for a while, then came back with Han Chenglin.

Shi Xiaoyue said that they met by accident.

Once in a park, she had an appointment with Shi Xiaoyue, but Shi Xiaoyue was delayed by something, then she saw Han Chenglin.

In the end, Shi Xiaoyue was half an hour late.

Obviously, Shi Xiaoyue wanted to give Han Chenglin more time to be alone with her.

Such an accident had happened many times.

In fact, Chu Peihan didnt feel mad at all when she remembered all the above, because Shi Xiaoyue didnt hurt her.

Shi Xiaoyue simply wanted to set her up with Han Chenglin out of goodwill.

Now she wondered whether Han Chenglin came to City F for a business trip in order to see her.

Thinking of that, Chu Peihan suddenly felt touched.

She could see how much Han Chenglin cared about her.

However, she still felt it wasnt easy for her to accept Han Chenglin right now.

After a long while, right when Han Chenglin thought that Chu Peihan wouldnt reply to him, Chu Peihan sent him a message.

Chu Peihan: Thank you for your understanding.

Its indeed a big surprise for me.

I honestly dont know how to face you.

Im sorry, I cant give you an answer right away either, because were not very familiar.

As for the chance you want, I think you can ask yourself for it.

No one else can give you a chance.

Alright, thats it.

I need to go to bed now.

Actually, Chu Peihan agreed to give Han Chenglin a chance, but she didnt say it straightforwardly.

If she did, it might make Han Chenglin think that she already accepted him.

She didnt want to fool him.

Chu Peihan didnt really go to sleep, and she simply had no idea what to say to Han Chenglin.

Reading Chu Piehans reply, Han Chenglin understood her meaning, so he was very happy.

At least, Chu Peihan didnt reject him and was willing to get to know him better.

He also knew that Chu Peihan couldnt go to bed so early, but he understood that he shouldnt bother her, so he simply sent her a good night.

It was Chu Peihan who refused to talk with Han Chenglin any longer, but she somehow felt upset when she read his message.

After watching the film, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting returned to Mid-Levels Mansion.

Back in the house, Gu Ning received another surprise.

Leng Shaoting had not only prepared flowers for her today, he also prepared a necklace for her in the middle of the bed in the master bedroom.

The necklace was surrounded by rose petals in the shape of a heart.

“Where did you learn all of this” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting.

“From the Internet,” said Leng Shaoting honestly.

He didnt say that it was his idea just to make Gu Ning feel more touched.

Normally, if it was his own idea, it would be more sincere.

However, Gu Ning didnt care about that, as long as Leng Shaoting treated her sincerely.

If he didnt, he wouldnt have spent time doing his homework on the Internet! In addition, Leng Shaoting had no sense of romance, so it would be really difficult for him to become romantic by himself.

“Thanks, I love it.” Gu Ning smiled.

No matter what Leng Shaoting sent her, she loved it very much.

“Wont you do something to prove it” Leng Shaoting wasnt satisfied with Gu Nings verbal thanks.

He wanted something physical.


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