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Chapter 249: Cure Master Zhang

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“Its normally caused by blood congestion.

Im not completely sure it can be cured yet, but Im confident that I can help you to be in a better health condition.

Why dont we have a try after we arrive at your raw material store” Gu Ning didnt directly tell him that she could cure his disease, even though she could actually do it, because she wanted to be modest.

“Sure… sure.” Master Zhang was thrilled.

Although Gu Ning didnt give him a guarantee, he believed in her.

Zhang Hanyin didnt dare to question Gu Nings ability after what had happened just then, but she still had doubts.

In fact, City Teng was only a small city in the county, but it developed very well.

It was universally known that jade was abundant in Burma, and Province Y bordered Burma, so it was a popular place for jade trade.

Meanwhile, City Teng had the largest market for stone gambling in Province Y, which was the reason why Gu Ning flew to City Teng.

In addition, there were many foreign rich people in City Teng.

Many jewelry businessmen from around the globe would also set up an office here to acquire raw jade of high quality for their companies.

The antiques market in City Teng was well-known too, thus Gu Ning planned to visit its street of antiques, as well as stone gambling, this time.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the street of stone gambling.

Once Gu Ning was on the street, she was shocked by the scene before her eyes, because it was a hive of activity.

Even Gu Ning who was proud of her adaptability slightly failed to adapt to it.

They didnt waste time walking along the street, but headed straight to the store of the Zhang Family, so Gu Ning didnt bother to use her Jade Eyes to scan those raw materials beside the street.

She had no intention to cut raw materials today, because she didnt want to cause a sensation.

And she wasnt in a hurry to collect funds by stone gambling, so she would administer Master Zhang the treatment today before discussing cooperating with him.

It could be much more convenient for her to open a company providing jade if she had the Zhang Family as her supplier.

After that, she would go and change her outfit and come back.

The Zhang Familys store was located in the center.

It was a big quadrangle.

The main hall was around 50 square meters with many raw materials at a low price piled up in it.

There were also four other rooms inside and each of them stored different levels of raw materials.

The price also varied according to its level.

The manger of this store came out to welcome them the minute that Master Zhang appeared.

Master Zhang then guided Gu Ning and the others, walking into a tearoom.

Gu Ning began to massage Master Zhangs arm after they sat in the tearoom.

When the power gradually flowed into Master Zhangs body, he felt the cool air.

Minutes later, Master Zhang felt greatly relieved and the pain that had tortured him for a long time disappeared little by little.

He suddenly felt full of energy, which made him beam with pleasure.

Although he had witnessed Gu Nings extraordinary ability earlier today, it was still shocking to experience it himself now.

Gu Ning then moved to his legs.

After a while, Master Zhangs four limbs recovered.

When it was done, Gu Ning drew her hands back.

Master Zhangs health condition was better than Master Tang, who was the old man Gu Ning had saved at the airport today, so it didnt cost Gu Ning much power this time.

“Wow, its so unbelievable!” Master Zhang was more than astonished now.

“Grandpa, how do you feel now” Zhang Hanyin asked with burning curiosity.

Except for Gu Ning; Zhao Yuefeng and Master Zhangs two bodyguards all looked at him for the answer.

“I dont feel any pain or weakness; instead, Im full of strength now!” Master Zhang said.

His eyes were full of tears of excitement.

“Really Thats amazing!” Zhang Hanyin raised her voice, thrilled.

Everyone felt happy for Master Zhang.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much!” Master Zhang said to Gu Ning.

“Its my pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre almost fully recovered now, but I hope that you can exercise more to recover fully.”

Gu Ning didnt want to shock them more, so she hid the truth that Master Zhang was already fully recovered.

It depended on Master Zhang to maintain his health and avoid a recurrence of the sequelae after all.

“Of course I will!” Master Zhang answered.

“Miss Gu, I dont know how to thank you enough, but if you encounter any trouble in Province Y, please feel free to tell me.

Although our Zhang Family isnt the most influential family in Province Y, were a family of great power in this place.

As long as I can help, Ill spare no effort to do it for you!” Master Zhang promised.

The Zhang Familys range of influence was limited in Province Y, but Master Zhang was able to help Gu Ning within his area.

Gu Ning was in fact waiting for Master Zhangs promise.

“Since youre willing to do so, I would like to lay my cards on the table.

I came to City Teng for stone gambling.

Im running a jewelry store and plan to open branches in the near future, so I need a large amount of raw materials.”

“Its troublesome to choose raw materials from stores one by one in City Teng, and I dont have time for it.

I need a long-term stable supply, so I prefer to acquire a batch of them at a time, and Ill cut them myself back in my company.

I heard Mr.

Zhaos talk with you when we were at the airport in City Y, and got to know that your family is a raw material supplier.

Thus I want to make an alliance with you.

What do you think” Gu Ning said directly.

“Of course Im willing to make the deal with you! Its a win-win,” Master Zhang laughed out.

Indeed, both Master Zhang and Gu Ning would gain benefits from the deal.

“However, its hard to cut out jade among raw materials.

Arent you afraid that youll lose money if you acquire a batch of them at a time” Master Zhang asked.

Even Zhao Yuefeng who knew about Gu Nings outstanding ability of stone gambling felt worried for her, but he was excited at the same time.

He wanted to know how much jade Gu Ning could cut out.

“There is no business without taking risk! Im not afraid to take a chance,” Gu Ning answered with confidence.

Master Zhang was also aware of the fact that business was always risky.

If he cut out all the raw materials himself, he would get a lot of good jade as well.

And it would still be profitable even after deducting the cost of the raw materials, but there was no need for him to do so.

“Great! I like your confidence.

If you have any need, be free to tell me.

Ill guide you to the warehouse to pick the raw materials,” Master Zhang said.

Even Zhao Yuefeng admired Gu Nings ambition, because he didnt dare to do that himself.


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