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It seemed that Gu Ning was much better at stone-gambling than he thought.

All of a sudden, Kang Shaojie got excited and looked forward to cutting out more jade from the following raw jade materials.

“Jesus, its middle-high level.”

“Im so envious now.”

“Me too.”


The crowd was shocked once more.

Although there was middle-high level jade cut out once in a while at this raw jade material market, it wasnt common.

It was actually quite rare, so it was shocking news every time a piece of middle-high level jade was cut out.

As happened today, before the jade was even fully cut out, the news had already spread abroad and attracted more people.

Before the jade was fully cut out, someone shouted a bid, but Kang Shaojie was unwilling to sell the middle-high level jade.

“Im sorry, my friend doesnt want to sell this jade.”

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Hearing that, the jewelers were very disappointed, but they could do nothing about it.

When Kang Shaojie began to cut the third raw jade material, he was really nervous, especially when the crowd was guessing whether there was jade inside.

He was curious too.

Even though he was aware that it was impossible to cut out jade from every raw jade material, it aroused his expectation after cutting out two pieces in a row.

However, the third one was a normal stone.

Although Kang Shaojie was mentally-prepared for this result, he was still a little disappointed.

Anyway, it was still acceptable.

Gu Ning wasnt a god after all.

Honestly, even a god might not be able to cut jade from every raw jade material.

When the fourth raw jade material was cut open, jade showed once more, and it was another middle-high level jade.

Kang Shaojie was totally amazed, staring at the jade in excitement.

At the same time, it caused a sensation among the onlookers in the store.

“Jesus, there is jade again.

And its also a piece of middle-high level jade.”


Kangs friend is really unbelievable! There are only four raw jade materials, but three of them contain jade, including two pieces of middle-high level jade!”

“Right, its hard not to be jealous!”


Seeing that Kang Shaojie cut out another piece of jade, the jewelers wanted to buy it, and asked Kang Shaojie whether he was willing to sell.

Unfortunately, Kang Shaojie refused again, which disappointed them.

More and more people came into the Kang familys store, so it quickly became crowded.

The fifth raw jade material was a normal stone, but three pieces of jade were cut from the six raw jade materials chosen by Gu Ning.

It was a very impressive result, since two among them were at middle-high level.

They were worth over a hundred million yuan.

When they cut the sixth one open, Kang Shaojie was full of anticipation.

Everyone waited to see the result in anticipation.

Because three pieces of jade were cut out of five raw jade materials by now, they had great anticipation for the last one.

“Wow, Mr.

Kang, its amazing! You cut out so many pieces of jade.” At this moment, an acidic male voice sounded from outside as a man in his early thirties walked inside.

There was obvious jealousy on his face.


Chen, please dont misunderstand.

I didnt choose them, one of my friends did.

I just helped her cut them open,” said Kang Shaojie.


Chen was the third son of another major raw jade material miner in City Rui, Chen Yuhong.

The Chen family had the worst reputation among the three major raw jade material miners.

Knowing that it wasnt Kang Shaojie who chose those raw jade materials, Chen Yuhong felt much better, but the owner was Kang Shaojies friend, which still made him feel uncomfortable.

“Oh, may I know her name If shes so good at stone-gambling, I would like to see her,” said Chen Yuhong.

He really wanted to meet this unbelievable person.

If he could draw her over to his side, it would be great.

“Sorry, she isnt here.

I cant introduce her to you,” said Kang Shaojie.

It was true that the owner of these raw jade materials wasnt here.

He wasnt lying.

Moreover, he knew what Chen Yuhong was thinking.

It was impossible for him to introduce such an outstanding person to his enemy.

Chen Yuhong was aware that it was impossible for Kang Shaojie to introduce such an outstanding person to him, so he thought that Kang Shaojie was lying to him.

“Well, Mr.

Kang, your friend must trust you very much.

Shes absent, but is willing to leave all the raw jade materials to you.” Chen Yuhong joked.

Kang Shaojie had a good reputation, but he refused to believe that Kang Shaojie could be so upright.

So he was mockingly saying that Kang Shaojies friend was a little naive.

Kang Shaojie heard the mockery in Chen Yuhongs tone, but he thought Chen Yuhong had that thought because he wasnt trustworthy.

“Were close.

Why shouldnt she trust me I wont steal her jade.

If I had that intention, I wouldnt have cut the raw jade materials in public.


Chen, since you are joking about that, does that mean that youre not trustworthy Ha-ha, please dont be mad at me.

Im joking too.”

He was joking Absolutely not!

Therefore, Chen Yuhong was displeased.


Kang, its funny that you said that.

I dont really care, but other people might believe it if you often joke about that.”


Chen, you did it first.

I just kindly reminded you to be careful.

I didnt mean to insult you.

Im sorry.” Kang Shaojie apologized.

Hearing that, Chen Yuhong became even angrier, but he couldnt vent his anger on Kang Shaojie.

Right at this moment, the stone cutter shouted that there was jade in the stone.

They immediately stopped arguing and turned to look at the raw jade material with one accord.

No one was more excited than Kang Shaojie.

Because the outer layer of the raw jade material was covered by dust, they couldnt see the quality of the jade.

After the stone cutter cleaned it, they finally saw the jade.

As soon as they recognized the type of the jade, the stone cutter exclaimed.

“Oh my! This is a piece of old-pit-glass jade!”

“What Its a piece of top-level old-pit-glass jade”

“No way! Its old-pit glass!”


In an instant, the crowd got much more excited than previously.

Kang Shaojie was stunned.

When the middle-level jade was cut out, he was already amazed, but unexpectedly there was a piece of top-level old-pit-glass jade too.

Gu Ning was really unbelievable! Among the six raw jade materials, there were four pieces of jade, including three high-level ones.

At this moment, he made up his mind to strike a deal with Gu Ning!

If he was alone now, he would call Gu Ning right away.


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