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“Well, lets see how long you can be proud of yourself! If you lose today, you must accept the result.

Weve signed an agreement.

The shareholders signatures are on it as well.” Kang Shaojie was unwilling to waste time arguing with Kang Yuannan.

After the result of their competition was out today, he wouldnt be so arrogant any longer.

Kang Shaojie understood that Kang Yuannan might refuse to do what he had promised if he lost, but Kang Shaojie wouldnt allow it to happen.

If it really happened, he would ask the shareholders to return the shares to him.

Although it was difficult, he wouldnt let them continue to act against him.

“Stop bragging.

Say that to me after you win!” said Kang Yuannan.

He didnt think Kang Shaojie could defeat him.

Actually, Kang Yuannan was worried, because the probability of him winning the game wasnt 100%, but it should be at least 60%.

Kang Yuannan believed that it wouldnt be hard for him to defeat Kang Shaojie, because he joined the industry much earlier than Kang Shaojie.

He had also cut out two pieces of jade from five raw jade materials before.

Sometimes, he could even cut out three pieces of jade.

Although the jade usually werent at high levels, Kang Shaojie didnt have that record.

Therefore, Kang Yuannan was very confident.

Kang Shaojie warned him not to deny their agreement after he lost, but Kang Yuannan didnt think he would lose.

He didnt bother to think of the consequences if he lost.

Even if he really lost the game, he could give in for the time being and let Kang Shaojie take over the position, because it wouldnt damage his reputation.

However, whether he could sit on the seat steadily depended on Kang Shaojies abilities.

Kang Yuannan definitely wouldnt allow him to seize control easily.

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Even if he yielded, it wouldnt last.

If both of them couldnt cut out jade, the competition wouldnt end until there was jade cut out, so it wouldnt be a draw.

Kang Shaojie stopped arguing with Kang Yuannan, in case he lost control of his emotions.

After all, the Chen family and the Meng family were both here.

He couldnt make himself a joke in front of them.

Honestly, it was already a joke that he had a competition against Kang Yuannan, but he couldnt make himself a joke.

The Meng family was also one of the three major jade developers.

They owned Yutian Jade Mining Company which had cooperation with Jing Jining.

The representative of the Chen family was Master Chens eldest son, while the representative from the Meng family was Master Mengs third son.

Both Master Chen and Master Meng were still very healthy, so they were still the patriarchs of their families.

Master Chens eldest son and Master Mengs third son were the heirs of their families.

For now, both of them were general managers in their families companies.

They just received the news from the Kang family so they rushed over in a hurry.

By the time they arrived, it was nearly 10 am.

Although they were the Kang familys competitors, the Meng family had never bothered to attack them maliciously or scheme against them.

As for what was happening in the Kang family, the Meng family agreed that it was Kang Yuannans fault, but it wasnt their business.

They just needed to watch the drama.

On the other hand, the members of the Chen family were self-centered.

Therefore, none of them thought that Kang Yuannans behavior was wrong.

After all, legitimacy belonged to the victor.

However, if they were Kang Shaojie, they wouldnt allow Kang Yuannan to do it.

It was a double standard.

The game was about to begin, but Gu Ning was still absent.

Kang Shaojie glanced outside once in a while to see whether she would come.

Actually, Gu Ning was already in the hall at this moment, but she disguised herself as another person, so Kang Shaojie failed to recognize her.

Once Gu Ning came, she saw a large pile of raw jade materials in the hall without any marks.

There should be over a hundred of them.

And they were going to cut those raw jade materials open today.

Therefore, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to look into them.

Among the pile of raw jade materials, there was a piece of top level jade, two middle-high level, two middle level, and three or four low level jade.

Gu Ning took out her phone at once and secretly took a few photos.

She edited the photos and marked a red spot on five raw jade materials.

Among the five raw jade materials, there were three pieces of jade, including one top level and two middle-high level jades.

Gu Ning only told Kang Shaojie where the three pieces of jade were.

If she gave him all the raw jade materials containing jade, it would be too strange.

After Kang Shaojie got the three pieces of jade, it was impossible for Kang Yuannan to win even if he could find the other five pieces of jade.

They competed over the value instead of the number of jade.

Even with only one piece of top-level jade and a piece of middle-high level jade, Kang Shaojie would surely win.

When Kang Shaojie felt his phone vibrate, he took it out and had a look.

He was surprised once he saw Gu Nings message attached with a photo.

Without delay, he opened it.

After seeing the photo with the marked raw jade materials in it, Kang Shaojie was relieved.

He did his best and remembered the shapes and positions of those raw jade materials.

Kang Shaojie had a good memory.

Although he didnt have a photographic memory, he could remember those marked raw jade materials after paying close attention to them for a while.

Gu Ning took a very clear photo.

Although he couldnt see the patterns on those raw jade materials, he could see their shapes.

In addition, there were all kinds of sizes and shapes of raw jade materials, so it wasnt difficult to tell the difference.

Kang Shaojie remembered the positions, sizes, and shapes of those five raw jade materials, then replied to Gu Ning and thanked her before deleting her message.

Because the game hadnt begun yet, it was normal for Kang Shaojie to check his phone.

Therefore, when Kang Yuannan saw Kang Shaojie looking at his phone, he didnt think it was a big deal.

Anyway, no one he knew went to observe the pile of raw jade materials, so he didnt think that Kang Shaojie would be cheating.

Although Kang Shaojie didnt know whether Gu Ning was present and how she chose the five raw jade materials without touching and observing the pile of raw jade materials, he could only trust her.

It was only five minutes away from 10 am, so Kang Yuannan stood up.

Facing the other people, he said, “Everyone, the chairman of the Kang familys business isnt in a good condition, so he cant continue to manage the company.

However, such a large business group cant work well without a leader.

After the board of directors had a meeting, we agreed to hold a competition between me and my nephew, Kang Shaojie.

Whoever wins can take over the position and become the new chairman.

Today all of you will witness it.”

“Perhaps some of you think that I shouldnt compete against my nephew.

After all, my nephew holds 60% of the shares.

He undoubtedly ought to be the leader, but please dont misunderstand it.

Im not deliberately competing against my nephew to become the new chairman.

Its a decision made by the board of directors.”


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