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Chapter 251: Human Trafficking

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The second was a waste.

Zhao Yuefeng was a little disappointed, but he wasnt upset because the first jade of the oil green type was worth over a million yuan, so he had already made a fortune.

However, the third one contained medium-high-level jade of the water type, which shocked Zhao Yuefeng.

Jesus! Gu Ning was so lucky! She just picked three raw materials and two of them have jade!

Seeing that the level of the jade was relatively high, Zhao Yuefeng planned to share it with Gu Ning later.

The third jade was slightly bigger than a fist, and it was worth twenty million yuan.

If it was not for the fact that Zhao Yuefeng wouldnt sell it, those jewelry businessmen would be in a fierce competition for it.

“Miss Gu, I didnt expect that youd be so lucky, and I dont think that I should take them all alone.

Why dont we share them together” Zhao Yuefeng said to Gu Ning.

He was a generous man too.

He was willing to share with Gu Ning, which proved that he was an upright man, but since Gu Ning had promised to give them to him, she wouldnt share with him now.


Zhang, thank you so much for your kindness, but I think that I have better jade among my raw materials!” Gu Ning replied.

Even so, Zhao Yuefeng tried to persuade Gu Ning to accept his advice, but Gu Ning insisted on not doing so, so he compromised in the end and bore her generosity in mind.

It wasnt early when they finished shopping, so Gu Ning and Zhao Yuefeng separated afterwards.

Zhao Yuefeng understood that Gu Ning was going to meet Master Tang, so he didnt invite her to leave with him.

Gu Ning found an empty place without people around before putting all of her raw materials into her telepathic eye space.

Walking along the street of stone gambling, Gu Ning had an impulse to acquire all the raw materials with jade inside, but she knew that it wasnt the right time to do so, thus she curbed her impulse.

She walked out of the street of stone gambling, taking a taxi to Tengfei Hotel.

It was a five-star hotel in the downtown where Master Tang was staying, so they had an appointment there.

Although it was only 4 pm and was too early for the dinner, Gu Ning planned to stay in the hotel too, and have a rest before she went to meet Master Tang.

After a while, Gu Ning noticed that the driver was driving the taxi to a remote place.

Even though Gu Ning wasnt familiar with the route, she was aware that Tengfei Hotel was located in the downtown.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning realized that she was in trouble.

She had heard earlier that human trafficking was a big problem in City Teng, but she didnt expect that she would encounter it.

She calmed herself down and asked, “Hi, why are we going to a remote place”

“Oh, its a short-cut, and well arrive soon.” The driver lied, because he believed that Gu Ning wasnt familiar with the route.

Gu Ning thought for a while.

She thought that there might be many people who had been trafficked, and their families had to be very anxious.

Thus she decided to rescue them.

Gu Ning was a girl who abhorred abomination.

If it was possible, she would love to wipe human trafficking out all at once.

In that case, she probably couldnt meet Master Tang on time today, so she secretly sent him a message and delayed the appointment to tomorrow morning.

Master Tang was a little disappointed that he wouldnt be meeting Gu Ning today, but he understood that Gu Ning had her own things to deal with.

“Hi, weve been on the road for over a dozen minutes now.

Why are we still in a remote place I think were out of town already,” Gu Ning asked again, as if she had no idea that she was in danger.

“Dont worry.

Well be there in a minute,” the driver said, and was relieved to see Gu Ning being “naive”.


Im sleepy and I need to have a short nap.

Please wake me up when we arrive.” Gu Ning yawned, like she was exhausted.

Then she leaned against the back of the seat closing her eyes.

“No problem!” The driver was more than willing to see that.

Gu Ning obviously didnt close her eyes.

She just turned her body so that the driver wouldnt see her face.

They were in an isolated area surrounded by mountains already.

A few minutes later, the car stopped outside of an abandoned warehouse.

The driver called her, “Hey, we have arrived already!”

Gu Ning woke up at once, and pretended to be scared to see the scene before her eyes.

“Where-where is this place This is not the Tengfei Hotel!”

“Of course its not, but since youre already here, get out right now!” The driver opened the car door of the back seats, leering at Gu Ning.

“No-no, what do you want to do” Gu Ning pretended that she was terrified.

“You will find out,” the driver sneered.

“Please dont…”

“Well, its not up to you now.

Can you fight against these two muscular men” The driver pointed at two tall, muscular men standing in front of the car.

“I think you better be quiet, or well punch you to be.”

Gu Ning struggled for a few seconds then got out of the car.

“Get in!” The driver pushed Gu Ning into the warehouse, and Gu Ning didnt resist at all.

It was a mess inside.

There was a slightly fat man with a plain face who was around 40-years-old sitting on a chair.

He was smoking in a relaxed manner with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

And there were two strong men standing behind him.

In the corner squatted two pretty, well-dressed women in their early thirties along with a young boy who was around 12-years-old.

They all wore horrified expressions, trembling and weeping in fear.

Beside them was another tall and muscular man.

Apparently, they were trafficked here too.

Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes to scan those men to check whether they carried guns.

Luckily, they had no guns with them.

In that case, Gu Ning would be safe.

However, Gu Ning smelt a touch of fresh blood from a pile of agglomeration 10 meters away to her right side.

Did they kill someone and throw the body there

Thinking of that, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see what was behind it, and she was shocked.

There was a man and a woman who were around 27-years-old dressed all in black behind the agglomeration.

Both of them were injured.

The mans thigh was severely injured, and the blood soaked through the bandage.


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