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Chapter 253: Gao Yi And Qiao Ya

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Gu Ning said with sincerity, and allayed their concern.

They gradually relaxed too.

Flying Eagle indeed lacked strength right now, and it was too risky if he was going to remove the bullet from Flying Bird.

Therefore, Flying Eagle agreed in the end.

Gu Ning immediately took out a pair of scissors to cut off the bandages wrapped around Flying Birds wound.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning then used a scalpel to remove the bullet expertly.

At the same time, she secretly put her power into Flying Birds body to stop the blood from flowing out.

Looking at Gu Nings expert skills, Flying Bird and Flying Eagle were both impressed.

This must not her first time removing a bullet!

Who is she Why is she so good at fighting as well as medical treatment

A few minutes later, the bullet was removed.

Gu Ning administered painkillers and hemostatic drugs to Flying Bird at once, then wrapped the wound in gauze.

To not arouse their suspicion, Gu Ning didnt cure Flying Birds wound completely.

The injury was healed inside, but its outside looked the same.

It was still painful, but not severe now.

Flying Bird now looked much healthier under the nourishment of the power, and she started to regain her strength.

Gu Ning then cured Flying Eagles wound on his leg.

She removed the bullet quickly and administered the same drugs to him.

“Thank you so much!” The two said to Gu Ning with great sincerity.

They knew that Gu Ning had saved their lives and it was far from enough to just thank her orally, but they had no idea how to repay her.

“Once were fully recovered, please feel free to ask for our help.

As long as we can do it, well spare no effort to assist you,” Flying Eagle promised with great gravity.

They were of course willing to repay Gu Ning.

“What if I want you both to be my closest assistants from now on” Gu Ning asked seriously.

Hearing that, the two were surprised.

They understood that Gu Ning meant that she wanted them to be her trustworthy assistants, but they had just met each other for the first time, so why should she believe them Wasnt she afraid that they could be bad people

Although they werent bad people and were willing to follow Gu Nings lead, they were in a dangerous situation now.

“Wed love to, but were in great danger right now, and we dont want you to be involved.”

They didnt want Gu Ning to suffer along with them.

Gu Ning understood that, but she was able to solve the problem.

As long as she asked K to wipe their names off the wanted list from the intranet inside those killer organizations, they wouldnt be chased any longer.

Without a high reward, nobody would be interested in chasing them.

“I dont care.

If you will be loyal to me, Ill protect you both,” Gu Ning said.

Although she was young, she had an air of maturity and confidence.

Her speech was quiet persuasive.

However, it was still hard for the two to believe Gu Ning because of their special identity.

“Well…” They agonized over their choice.

“May I know the reason why you hesitate” Gu Ning asked.

“To be honest, someone wants our heads so were dangerous to be around,” Flying Eagle replied.

“If you were not being chased, would you agree” Gu Ning asked.

“Its much easier said than done!” Flying Eagle forced a smile.

He apparently didnt believe that it was possible.

“Well, are you willing to trust that I can protect you” Gu Ning asked again.

“Sure,” Flying Eagle and Flying Bird answered with one accord.

Gu Ning had already shown her ability in front of their eyes.

Gu Ning didnt say another word, but took out her phone, calling K.

“Hey, boss, whats up” K asked the minute he answered the call, and he sounded in a great mood.

Indeed, after he could walk again, he cheered up a lot.

He was now able to climb mountains, run, drive and so forth.

His life was getting increasingly better.

“K, help me wipe the names of Flying Bird and Flying Eagle off the wanted list from the intranet inside the killer organizations,” Gu Ning ordered.

“No problem, do you have an account and password If you have, itll be faster.” Although K was curious about why Gu Ning wanted to do that, he didnt ask the reason.

“Ill text you,” Gu Ning said before she hung up.

Flying Bird and Flying Eagle rounded their eyes in great shock.

How can she know our identity

Although they knew that Gu Ning had no intention to hurt them, they were still alert.

“How do you know our identities” Flying Eagle asked coldly.

“If you really trust me, please dont ask meaningless questions.

If youre willing to follow my lead, never betray me.

I wont treat you unfairly either, but if youre reluctant to do so, I wont force you,” Gu Ning said.

She wouldnt force them, but she knew that they would agree.

“Great, well follow your lead,” Flying Bird answered this time.

She had heard of K who was a famous international hacker.

Once he acted, it was possible that their names could be removed.

In that case, both she and Flying Eagle would be safe.

Moreover, Gu Ning had just saved their lives, and there was no reason for her to deny Gu Nings offer.

Gu Ning didnt care that they were in danger, so there was nothing that they should be worried about.

Flying Eagle had the same idea, and the two would never leave the other alone.

Flying Eagle gave Gu Ning his account and password, and Gu Ning immediately sent it to K.

Five minutes later, K called Gu Ning back and told her that it was already done.

As of this moment, Flying Bird and Flying Eagle had disappeared from this world.

Flying Eagles real name was Gao Yi, while Flying Birds was Qiao Ya.

After that, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya left with Gu Ning.

Although they were still injured, they were able to walk normally and didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were surprised, but didnt show it.

They knew when they should be quiet.

Before they left, Gu Ning used the traffickers phone to call the police.

They left the remote area by driving the taxi.

Gu Ning stopped the car in the parking lot inside a shopping mall.

She then went to buy two sets of clothing for Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

After Gao Yi and Qiao Ya changed their clothes, they abandoned the taxi, directly taking another car to Tengfei Hotel.

While Gu Ning and the other two were on their way to the hotel, the police arrived at the warehouse.

The group of traffickers was exactly those who they had wanted to arrest these days, and the policemen couldnt thank the person who called them enough.

It really was a gift!

All of them were arrested without delay.

Gu Ning and the other two arrive at the hotel around 7 pm.


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