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Now he was being dragged by the flood dragon, so he didnt need to swim by himself.

He only needed to hold his breath and not drown.

Seeing that Leng Shaoting was slightly conscious, the flood dragon was relieved.

It kept on swimming forward, trying to leave the area as far as possible.

However, the flood dragon was out of strength too, so it became more and more difficult for it to swim.

In such a situation, the flood dragon couldnt stay in the ocean any longer, or Leng Shaoting would be drowned.

Anyway, they had run away for so long.

The evil cultivator shouldnt be able to find them now!

There was a life jacket in Leng Shaotings Qiankun Bag.

After they reached the surface, Leng Shaoting could take it out.

Even though he was out of strength or even unconscious, he would be fine by keeping his head out of the water.

Without delay, the flood dragon pulled Leng Shaoting while swimming to the surface.

However, when they were only five meters away, the flood dragon suddenly lost all of its strength.

It could barely swim a meter farther, and softly sank instead.

“Master, Im sorry, I cant swim up…” The flood dragon was extremely weak now.

It exhausted itself and said the last sentence, then passed out.

Leng Shaoting didnt blame the flood dragon at all.

On the contrary, he was very grateful for it.

If it hadnt been for the flood dragon, he wouldnt have been able to survive.

In fact, he should say sorry to the flood dragon.

Because of him, it suffered great damage.

Leng Shaoting had no strength to open the Qiankun Bag and put the flood dragon into it.

Even if he had enough strength to do that, he wouldnt do it, because the flood dragon wouldnt be drowned after sinking in the ocean.

As long as it had enough rest, it would wake up again.

However, if he put it into the Qiankun Bag right now, the flood dragon might be kept inside forever if he died and no one found him.

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At this time, it was 11 pm.

Gu Ning was about to go to bed.

She wanted to have some water before that, so she went to pour a glass of water.

Just as she finished pouring water and was going to drink it, the glass suddenly slipped out of her hand.

The next moment it shattered and scared Gu Ning.

She held it steadily! It shouldnt slip.

However, somehow it fell and she had a premonition as well.

It was abnormal.

Something bad must have happened.

Gu Ning was only worried about Leng Shaoting at the moment, so…

Thinking of that, Gu Ning felt nervous and could barely breathe.

Without hesitation, she took out her phone to call Leng Shaoting, but failed to get through to him.

At this moment, Gu Ning became more worried and immediately went to find Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao had the same bad feeling as Gu Ning.

She suddenly found it hard to breathe normally.

Cultivators could feel their family members.

If any of their family members were in danger, they would have a strong reaction and accurately know who was in danger.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao believed that it must be Leng Shaoting.

She didnt want anything bad to happen to Leng Shaoting, but she was extremely uncomfortable.

She even wanted to cry.

Once she had these feelings, Jing Yunyao called Leng Shaoting, but also failed to get through to him.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyao walked out and was going to talk to Shangguan Yang about it.

As soon as Jing Yunyao opened the door, the door to Gu Nings room was also opened.

It seemed that Gu Ning had the same feelings as her.

“Mother!” Gu Ning quickly walked to Jing Yunyao.

“Lets go see Senior Shangguan right now,” said Jing Yunyao.

She knew that Gu Ning had the same worries as her, so she didnt bother to say much.


“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

Then they went to Shangguan Yangs yard at once, because they stayed in different yards.

The two of them hurriedly rushed to Shangguan Yangs yard, then saw that Shangguan Yang opened the door and walked out.

He walked out at this moment, not because he had the same premonition as Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning, but because he felt that there had to be something wrong after sensing them rushing over.

“Did anything happen” The moment he saw the expressions on their faces, he knew that something must be wrong.

“Senior Shangguan, I have a feeling that Shaoting is in danger,” said Jing Yunyao with a trembling voice.

She wasnt afraid of death, but didnt want anything bad to happen to her son.

Gu Ning was also trembling in fear.

She could only pray that Leng Shaoting would be fine.

Although Leng Shaoting was at a high level and should be able to protect himself, there were countless cultivators who were stronger than Leng Shaoting.

Besides, they both felt anxious and nervous, which meant that Leng Shaoting was indeed in danger.

However, who did it

They thought of the Jing family at first, but didnt think that was the answer.

It was possible that Leng Shaoting ran into a strong evil cultivator, monster, or ghost.

“What” Upon hearing that, Shangguan Yang panicked.

He trusted Jing Yunyao, because he was also a cultivator.

He knew that cultivators could feel their family members condition.

After that, Shangguan Yang tried to figure out the situation in his own way.

“Well, I think hes indeed in danger.

Lets ask his comrades about his situation.

They should know more than us,” said Shangguan Yang seriously.

Hearing Shangguan Yangs words, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao realized that they had just called Leng Shaoting and forgot to call his comrades.

“Ill do it,” said Gu Ning, then she took out her phone to call Xu Jinchen first.

However, before she even called him, her phone rang and it was Xu Jinchen.

Gu Ning immediately answered it.

“Gu Ning, did Shaoting call you His car is stopped on the mountain road from the military base to the capital, but hes absent.

We cant get through to him…” said Xu Jinchen.

When they returned from the outside, they saw Leng Shaotings car halfway, but no one was inside.

They were worried that Leng Shaoting might have encountered trouble.

Although Leng Shaoting was very strong and they didnt think he would be in danger, Xu Jinchen was anxious, so he called Gu Ning.

Xu Jinchen had a close relationship with Leng Shaoting.

They were the best brothers in the Red Flame, so he sensed Leng Shaotings situation.

Hearing Xu Jinchens reply, Gu Ning was sure that Leng Shaoting was in danger.

“No, I bet he must have run into something troublesome and couldnt get rid of it.

Mother and I are on our way to find him.

Dont worry, Shaoting is strong.

He should be able to protect himself.”


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