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Before today, Jing Yanhua would be worried about Jing Yaorongs safety, but now they were like enemies.

He was also deeply hurt by Jing Yaorong.

He was no longer worried about him, and Jing Yaorong deserved it.

Nevertheless, they still hoped that no one would be killed and that Jing Yunyao could avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Oh, Shaoting, come here!” Jing Yunyao turned to call Leng Shaoting over.

Leng Shaoting walked to them, then Jing Yunyao introduced him to Jing Yanhua and his wife.

“Aunt, uncle, this is my son, Shaoting.

Shaoting, this is your Grandpa Yanhua and his wife.”

“Nice to meet you, grandpa, grandma.” Leng Shaoting politely greeted them.

“Good boy! Youre not only handsome, but you are also a talented cultivator.” Jing Yanhua complimented.

Thinking of how long Leng Shaoting had cultivated and the level he had already reached, Jing Yanhua felt amazed.

He believed that no one could do better than Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting had a master like Shangguan Yang who was at a very high level, so he wouldnt be weak as long as he learned Shangguan Yangs skills.

However, if Leng Shaoting wasnt talented, he wouldnt be this strong even though he had a strong master.

At least he couldnt reach such a high level within only two years.

Honestly, both Senior Mrs.

Jing and Jing Yunfei were jealous of Leng Shaotings abilities.

They didnt know that Leng Shaoting actually reached the primary stage of the Yuan Ying Period from being a mortal within only two years, otherwise they would be even more jealous of him.

“Thank you so much for your compliment, Grandpa Yanhua,” said Leng Shaoting.

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“Ningning, come here!” At this time, Jing Yunyao called Gu Ning over, and Gu Ning immediately went to them.

“Uncle, aunt, this is Shaotings fiancée, Gu Ning.” Jing Yunyao introduced Gu Ning to Jing Yanhua and his wife.

Since she accepted them as her family, she should introduce them to one another.

“Ningning, they are your grandpa and grandma.”

“Hi, grandpa, grandma.” Gu Ning greeted them kindly.

“Great, nice to meet you!” Jing Yanhua and his wife replied with a smile.

They had heard a lot about Gu Ning, so they had a very good impression of her.

Jing Yunfei came back to his senses and realized that Gu Ning was also a cultivator.

In that case, could she be Qing He

Obviously, she was Qing He!

If Qing Feng was Leng Shaoting and Qing He was Gu Ning, it couldnt be a coincidence that they went to participate in the kung fu competition.

At this time, Jing Yaorong arrived.

The moment he saw them, he became even more displeased.

He was scared of them, but still did his best to stay calm.

Even though he was probably going to lose, he couldnt be a coward.

However, when he walked closer and saw Jing Yunyao, he was amazed since he saw that Jing Yunyao wasnt just in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

Her level was too high for him to see.

What was her level then Was it possible that she was at the peak or a higher level

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong was in a worse mood.

How was it possible How could Jing Yunyao reach such a high level

When Jing Yunyao saw Jing Yaorong, she became angry, as did Leng Shaoting, because Jing Yaorong had killed her husband and his father.

“Father.” Jing Yunfei supported Senior Mrs.

Jing walking to Jing Yaorong after he showed up.

When they walked to Jing Yaorong, Senior Mrs.

Jing was extremely anxious.

She didnt want to see him, but she was left with no choice.

Seeing that Senior Mrs.

Jing was injured all over, Jing Yaorong was sad.

He was mad too, but he wasnt as impulsive as Jing Yunfei and didnt argue with them right away.

“Hi, Patriarch Jing, its been a while.” Jing Yunyao greeted Jing Yaorong, but there was no kindness in her tone.

She only sounded cold, because this wasnt a family reunion.

She came to take revenge.

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“I didnt expect that youre not dead.” Jing Yaorong snorted.

“Yeah, Im not dead.

The man who killed my husband is still alive.

I cant die yet.

I must take revenge for my husband,” said Jing Yunyao in an even colder tone, hatred showing on her face.

At the same time, Leng Shaoting also clenched his fists.

He did his best to control his emotions, in case he lost control of himself and rushed to beat Jing Yaorong.

They would do that, but not right now.

“As a cultivator, you broke the rule in the cultivation world and married a mortal.

How could you be so shameless” said Jing Yaorong, as if Leng Yuanhan ought to be killed.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao got furious and loudly questioned.

“Since you care so much about the rules in the cultivation world, why did you disobey the rules and kill a mortal”

“Do you have any evidence to prove I killed him Dont defame me!” Jing Yaorong retorted.

He refused to admit that he was the murderer.

Although he knew no one would believe it, there was no evidence and Tiandaozong would punish Jing Yunyao if she really dared to hurt him.

“Do you think you can clear your name by denying it” Jing Yunyao sneered.

She knew Jing Yaorong wouldnt admit it quickly, so she stayed calm after he denied it.

“Since you believe its me, show me the evidence!” said Jing Yaorong.

He didnt think Jing Yunyao had evidence.

After all, it happened so many years ago, and no one else should have seen them.

As the victim, Jing Yunyao couldnt be the witness.

“Great, I can show you the evidence.” Jing Yunyao sneered.

Then took out the phone Jing Jining sent to her and played the voice recording.

Once the voice recording was played, Jing Yaorong panicked and abruptly turned to glare at Jing Jining.

“Jing Jining, didnt you promise me that you wouldnt interfere in this Why does this exist And Jing Yanhua, didnt you promise to stop your son Whats your son doing right now”

“So what” Jing Jining answered.

He didnt think it was wrong.

Jing Yanhua chose to remain silent.

He had promised Jing Yaorong, but he did nothing!

“You…” Jing Yaorong was mad.

He knew he shouldnt trust them, so he sent people to spy on them.

Now, without surprise it turned out that they didnt keep their words.

They just didnt want him to have a good life and were determined to cause him trouble.


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