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The onlookers were also amazed by her.

“Jesus, this girl is so amazing! She easily beat the three men.”

“Right, I guess she isnt afraid of running into bad guys.

I read a piece of news the other day.

Within one week, two girls were raped and killed when they went out alone at night.”

Hearing that, everyone was scared.

“Its so dangerous outside now.

Girls better not go out late at night, unless you have the ability to protect yourself.”



Hearing their discussion, Gu Ning frowned.

Even though she knew this society was dangerous and scary things happened every now and then, she still felt uncomfortable when she heard it for herself.


If she could help those innocent girls, she wouldnt hesitate to do so, but those girls just had bad luck, so she could only feel sorry about it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning turned to glare at the three men who were beaten on the ground.

The three men were frightened and immediately got up and ran away.

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This girl was unbelievably strong, and they were no match for her!

After they ran away, Gu Ning turned around and got in her car.

She didnt bother to give Rong Zechen a glance, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

It was true that she didnt think it had anything to do with Rong Zechen.

After all, she fought them simply because the three men sexually harassed her.

Besides, Rong Zechen shouted to her that he didnt need her help, so she wouldnt do him any favors.

Rong Zechen originally hesitated to thank Gu Ning.

Although she didnt admit that it had something to do with him, she had helped him out.

However, before he made up his mind, Gu Ning directly ignored him and left, which made Rong Zechen feel a little uncomfortable.

Was he so hateful

Even at this moment, Rong Zechen still felt upset upon thinking that Gu Ning had rejected him.

After all, Gu Ning was the first girl he truly liked and appreciated, and he had never been rejected before.

Rong Zechen was good-looking and was born in the Rong family.

As long as he wanted, he could have countless women.

There was no need for him to chase women, because he already had a lot of admirers.

Till now, he only had two ex girlfriends, and he was pursued by them.

He had his standards.

His girlfriend had to be a top beauty and have a good body, as well as a good family background, otherwise he would be embarrassed to go out with her.

Only when he met Gu Ning was he willing to give up those standards because of true love.

However, Gu Ning was gone, and Rong Zechen had to take a taxi to the hospital right away.

He was badly injured!

He didnt dare to tell his family that he was injured, so he only called his good friend, Wei Chuanxun, to take care of him.

Hearing that Rong Zechen was injured, Wei Chuanxun was shocked.

Given Rong Zechens family background, he couldnt believe that anyone would dare to hurt Rong Zechen.

The group of men might not know Rong Zechens family background, or they had to be doing it on purpose.

They might have been paid by someone who had a higher status than Rong Zechen.

Wei Chuanxun went to the hospital at once.

Upon thinking about how he got injured, Rong Zechen was mad.

He was in a bad mood recently, so he went to have fun in bars very often and hooked up with a sexy woman.

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This woman was three years older than him and was extremely seductive.

So it was hard for him to push her away.

At the beginning, Rong Zechen didnt take her seriously, because women in nightclubs were cheap in his eyes, but gradually he accepted her and asked her to drink with him every time he went to the nightclub.

Afterwards, the woman told him her story.

She told him that her family used to be rich, but her father was trapped and went bankrupt.

In the end, her father chose to kill himself by jumping off of a building.

Two years later, her mother also left.

At that time, she was only twenty years old and was a sophomore.

The death of her parents hit her heavily, so she quit school, then spent her time in the nightclubs.

After hearing that, Rong Zechen felt sympathy for her, then they had sex.

Rong Zechen was twenty-two this year and he had two ex girlfriends.

He had had sex with them before, but his exes were virgins so the sex wasnt exciting.

He didnt have much experience either, so he had no idea how exciting sex could be.

However, the woman was obviously experienced in sex and excited him.

He even had more stamina in bed, so he suddenly needed her every night.

They only had a sexual relationship so the woman wouldnt ask Rong Zechen to marry her.

It was impossible for Rong Zechen to marry her, because there was a huge gap between their status.

It was a tacit agreement between them.

The woman wouldnt call Rong Zechen unless Rong Zechen came to see her.

However, today when he had sex with the woman at her home, four men suddenly opened the door and walked in.

One of them claimed to be the womans boyfriend and ordered the three men to beat him.

Luckily, he had learned some fighting skills.

Although he was injured, he still escaped.

After the attack occurred, Rong Zechen became suspicious of the woman trapping him, but he didnt know who the mastermind was.

Why did he have that suspicion Because those men only beat him and didnt criticize the woman at all, which was abnormal.

Normally, they would beat the woman as well.

It was just a guess, but he felt that he had been tricked.

If someone really schemed against him, he should be worried that there might be a next step.

They probably didnt plan that scheme just to beat him.

He was worried that they had a sex tape of him and the woman in bed, which they could use to threaten him.

It really had happened many times before.


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