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Not many people were aware of Gu Nings background, so Master Leng did an introduction when Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning sent him their gift.

“Please let me introduce you, this is my eldest grandsons fiancée, Gu Ning.

Shes a very outstanding girl who started up a company at only eighteen years old.

Within a year, she had become unbelievably successful.

She is now the most famous businesswoman of the year.

Her enterprise is the Shengning Organization, which is developing at the fastest speed in history,” said Master Leng.

It was publicly known that Gu Ning was the chairman of the Shengning Organization, so it wasnt a secret.  .com

Hearing that, everyone was astonished.


Most people knew that the Shengning Organization had become very successful within a short time, but many people didnt know that Gu Ning was its chairman.

Not to mention that she only looked about twenty years old.

Even if they had heard about that, they wouldnt have believed it so they were totally shocked.

“Jesus, thats amazing!”

Leng Wenzhen hadnt thought that Gu Ning was impressive, but now he had to change his mind.

Gu Ning was incredible!

“Miss Gu is such a young achiever.”

“Right, it has never happened before and I dont think anyone can do better in the future either.”

“The Shengning Organization is the enterprise that has developed the quickest Ive ever seen.”



Everyone complimented Gu Ning.

Although most of the guests were senior officials and Gu Ning was just a businesswoman, they all admired her.

Gu Ning was only nineteen and yet she had already achieved a lot, which was something they had never seen before.

“And, shes also the granddaughter of the Tang family in City B, and the daughter of the chairman of Tanghuang.” Master Leng continued.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised again.

They didnt expect Gu Ning to be the granddaughter of the Tang family in City B, and the daughter of the chairman of Tanghuang.

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Did Gu Ning get help from the Tang family to build a successful company so quickly

However, that shouldnt be it.

If Gu Ning was a member of the Tang family, why wasnt her surname Tang

Was Gu Ning Tang Yunfans illegitimate daughter

No matter what, since Master Leng said Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans daughter, she should be.

In that case, the Shengning Organization must have relied on the Tang family to develop so fast.

They originally thought it was unbelievable that the Shengning Organization could develop so fast and that its founder was even a 19-year-old young girl, but now they were convinced that it had relied on the Tang family to become so successful.

Therefore, many people doubted Gu Nings abilities.

However, for the sake of Master Lengs face, they didnt say it aloud.

Master Leng understood that the guests might doubt Gu Nings abilities after he said that, but it was true that Gu Ning was a member of the Tang family.

It wasnt a secret, but not many people knew it.

Afterwards, Master Leng explained.

“I know you might think the Shengning Organizations development has a lot to do with the Tang family, but I can be honest with you.

The Shengning Organization totally relied on Gu Nings own abilities to become so successful.

Connections are very important for someone to do a business, but Gu Ning accumulated her connections by herself.

Without real abilities, no one can build a company well.

Every guest here has a successful career, so you should know support isnt enough.

Nobody will support you if you dont have skills.”.com

Hearing that, everyone realized that Gu Ning was much better than they thought and they stopped doubting her abilities.

Right, they all had a successful career, so they should know the rules better than other people.

Although many people became successful by riding on other peoples coattails, they couldnt become important and would soon lose their success.

Whether in business or in politics, ones abilities mattered the most.

Gu Ning couldnt be incompetent if she could lead the company to such a big success.

Some of the people might still doubt her abilities, but they wouldnt say it aloud.

At this moment, Tang Yunfan stood out and said, “I think you just heard that Gu Ning is my daughter.

However, her surname is Gu instead of Tang.

Before she was born, I had an accident and was separated from her mother.

So she had the same surname as her mother.

We didnt meet again until last year.

By then, Gu Ning had already built up several companies.

She just hadnt merged them into the Shengning Organization yet.

The Tang family really hasnt supported the Shengning Organization.

On the contrary, I fell into a coma after a car accident once, and someone tried to steal my position.

Fortunately, Gu Ning helped me get rid of the bad guy and stopped the Tang family from losing our wealth.

In addition, I bet you have read news about Gu Ning on the Internet, so you should know that she isnt weak at all.”

Tang Yunfan didnt want other people to doubt Gu Nings abilities, because it was unfair to her.

The Tang family wasnt involved in the development of the Shengning Organization and wouldnt steal the credit from Gu Ning.

After hearing Tang Yunfans explanation, the people there finally believed that Gu Ning was a talented businesswoman.

Now they wanted to find out more about her on the Internet, but they were at Master Lengs birthday party.

It wasnt right for them to play on the phone right now.

After that, they stopped talking about Gu Ning, but they changed their attitude towards her.

Then Leng Shaoming presented his gift for Master Leng.

After the Leng familys relatives finished sending their gifts, it was the guests turn.

The majority were officials, so they didnt buy expensive gifts, but they still showed their sincerity.

Officials werent rich, unless their families had a business.

If they took out a very expensive gift, other people might think they had accepted bribery.

After sending the gifts and good wishes, they could walk around and enjoy themselves.

Due to Wei Lingfengs special status, he couldnt stay for long, so he excused himself after giving his gift to Master Leng.

When Wei Lingfeng walked out, Gu Nings gaze fell on him and she saw his blackened forehead.


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