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Their speed surprised Wei Lingfeng and the others, but Wei Lingfeng soon calmed down.

After all, he knew about the existence of people with superpowers and monsters, so he guessed they werent ordinary people after witnessing their speed.

Seeing that, Wei Lingfengs bodyguards wanted to get out of the car, but Wei Lingfeng stopped them.

“No need, Gu Ning can handle it.”

Hearing that, his bodyguards stopped, but they were worried.

Could Gu Ning really handle it alone After all, the two people looked so strange.

Anyway, since Wei Lingfeng said that they would listen to him, it sounded like he trusted Gu Ning very much anyway.

So Gu Ning should be very strong.

When the two ninjas reached the front of Wei Lingfengs car, Gu Ning stopped them from going closer.

Nobody said anything, instead they directly started fighting.

There were long knives in the two ninjas hands, while Gu Ning had nothing.

Besides, the two ninjas were at a high level.

However, unfortunately, they were still not comparable to Gu Ning, so they were quickly at a disadvantage even though they had weapons.

They didnt expect such a strong person to be by Wei Lingfengs side, and it was a young girl.

It seemed that they took Wei Lingfeng too lightly.

Since they couldnt win, they were unwilling to waste more time fighting.

If they didnt go right now, they would surely lose.


However, Gu Ning wouldnt allow them to run away.

She immediately stopped them.

Because there was a huge gap between their skills, they couldnt escape once Gu Ning stood in their way.

Even though they tried to become invisible, Gu Ning was still able to quickly injure them.

Wei Lingfeng was shocked when he saw that the two ninjas could become invisible, and that Gu Ning moved unbelievably fast!

Wei Lingfengs bodyguards didnt know about the existence of people with superpowers, monsters, and ghosts, so this was the first time that they had ever seen something like this.

So it was hard for them to understand.

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Although Wei Lingfeng knew about the existence of people with superpowers, he hadnt seen their abilities before.

Therefore, he was also very surprised, but he could understand the situation.

Luckily, there was no traffic at the moment, otherwise it would cause a sensation if the scene went viral.

Wei Lingfeng could stop the news from going abroad, but it would be better if fewer people knew about it.

Actually, when they were fighting, several cars drove by, but none of them stopped.

Instead, they sped up and immediately left.

It couldnt be more obvious that it wasnt a normal fight.

As ordinary people, if they went forward, they might be dragged into trouble.

When the two ninjas still failed to hurt Gu Ning even though they had made themselves invisible, they realized that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

At the same time, they realized that they couldnt escape today.

Since they couldnt escape, they would do their best not to be caught.

Accordingly, they decided to stab themselves to death with their knives.

That was how they proved their loyalty.

After they failed to carry out their task, they would kill themselves.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt let them die so easily! If they were dead, she wouldnt be able to find and catch the mastermind.

Although they would refuse to tell her who the mastermind was, Gu Ning wouldnt allow them to die right now.

As a result, Gu Ning used her magical energy to hit them.

Before the knives touched their bodies, they were hit with a strong force, causing them to lose the knife.

Seeing that, Wei Lingfeng and the others were shocked again, because Gu Ning didnt touch the two men at all, yet the two men were directly knocked away.

It was like a scene in a kung fu action show.

An idea dawned on Wei Lingfeng and his bodyguards.

Was it possible that Gu Ning was a kung fu master

Although they couldnt believe it was real, it was hard to explain how Gu Ning managed to knock the two men away without touching them.

Gu Ning did that because there was no traffic passing by.

It wouldnt be an issue if only Wei Lingfeng and his bodyguards knew, but it would cause trouble if other people saw it too.

The two ninjas were amazed.

They also thought about those kung fu masters in the action shows.

They were surprised to know that it was real, but they werent ordinary people either, so they quickly accepted it.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they wanted to die, they couldnt kill themselves.

They were in utter despair.

Once Gu Ning was sure that the two ninjas couldnt fight back, she returned to the car and said to Wei Lingfeng, “Alright, we can take them away now.”

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng immediately ordered his bodyguard to make the arrangements.

Afterwards, Gu Ning told the two bodyguards to get out of the car and to watch the two ninjas.

Wei Lingfeng stayed in the car since Gu Ning wanted to have a private conversation with him.

When the two bodyguards were gone, Gu Ning directly said to Wei Lingfeng, “Mr.

President, theyre ninjas from Country R.

Ninjas have superpowers too, so they are stronger than ordinary people.

Ninjas are the same as assassins, but Im not sure whether they belong to a private organization or a country.

Anyway, since they are from Country R, this assassination must have something to do with Country R.

I stopped them from killing themselves, but they would rather die than be caught by us.

So it might be hard for us to get any useful information from them.

If they are left alive, itll only cause us trouble.

As long as they have enough time, theyll be filled with energy again.

At that time, Im afraid you wont be able to catch them.

So if you cant get any useful information from them, you better kill them to avoid trouble.”

Because two countries were involved, Gu Ning couldnt stand out and help them with the interrogation.

Besides, the two ninjas would rather kill themselves than be caught by them, so it would be nearly impossible for them to get any useful information.

“Great, I understand.

Thank you so much for your help.” Wei Lingfeng thanked Gu Ning gratefully.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he might have been killed.


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