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“Why arent they out yet Did they encounter any trouble” Leng Shaoxun was too worried to stand still.

He focused on the place where Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning swam into the pool.

“Theyll be fine,” said Leng Shaoxi, but she was actually no less worried than Leng Shaoxun.

She said that to comfort herself as well.

“Dont be too worried.

Even if something goes wrong, they will be fine,” said Xu Jinchen.

He wasnt too worried, but he still cared about their safety.

An hour and twenty minutes later, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning came out.

Everyone immediately walked forward.

They couldnt feel relieved until they had made sure that Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were fine.

“Youve been gone for so long.

What happened” asked Zi Beiying with concern.

“Nothing serious.

A fox got injured and was making some sounds inside.

We treated its wound, then came out,” said Gu Ning.

It was impossible for her to tell the truth, so she made up a lie.

“Alright, we should go back now.

Shaoting and Ningning are wet.

They need to change or theyll catch a cold,” said Leng Shaoxi.

Although they were strong, strong people could also catch a cold.

Besides, it was a bit cold now, so they could easily catch a cold.

What they didnt know was that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had already dried their inner clothes with their magical power.

Only their coats were still wet.

Other than Xu Jinchen and Zhan Zhiyin, no one knew that they were cultivators with superpowers, so it would be hard for them to explain how they dried their clothes.

It wasnt good if too many people were aware of their secret.

After that, they returned to the city.

After they got in their cars, the sky soon went completely dark.

Back in the city center, they separated.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying went to Century City, while Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting returned to Mid-Levels Mansion, because they needed to take a shower and change.

Leng Shaoxi and Leng Shaoxun went with Leng Shaoming to the Leng familys house.

Leng Shaotings clothes were in the Leng familys house, but there werent any clothes for Gu Ning, so they couldnt directly go back to the Leng familys house.

In addition, if other family members saw Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning sopping wet, they would be worried.

Therefore Leng Shaoxi and Leng Shaoxun kept it a secret and went back home with Leng Shaoming.

Zhan Zhiyin also returned to the Leng familys house with them, because Zhan Daosong was still there.

She would go back to the Leng familys house first, then go to the hotel with Zhan Daosong.

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Back in the house at Mid-Levels Mansion, Gu Ning was pulled into the washroom by Leng Shaoting.

“Ningning, we havent showered together in a long time,” said Leng Shaoting, sounding aggrieved.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning laughed out loud.

“Look at you!”

Leng Shaoting pulled Gu Ning over at once and undressed her.

“I cant wait to eat you alive! I miss your taste so much.”

Gu Ning obviously understood what Leng Shaoting was talking about, but she suddenly wanted to tease him.

“Um, Im on my period now.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting stopped undressing Gu Ning and looked very disappointed.

“Really Then why did you go into the water with me earlier Dont you know its bad for you during your period” He was mad.

Leng Shaoting was disappointed that Gu Ning was on her period right now, and they couldnt have sex, but he was angrier that Gu Ning didnt care about her own health.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, but she felt touched that Leng Shaoting cared about her so much.

Leng Shaoting turned around and wanted to leave, but Gu Ning stopped him.

“Where are you going”

“Im going to get your thing.

You can have a shower before me!” said Leng Shaoting in annoyance.

Gu Ning was on her period now, so he couldnt take a shower with him.

He was afraid he might lose control and hurt her.

As for what he was going to get for her It was undoubtedly pads.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning laughed again and stopped teasing him.

“Well, I just lied to you.

Im not on…”

Upon hearing that, Leng Shaoting kissed Gu Ning before she could even finish speaking.

He was a little rough, but he wanted to punish Gu Ning for lying to him and worrying him.

However, Leng Shaoting was reluctant to hurt her, so he became gentle after being rough for a few moments.

A while later, Leng Shaoting bit Gu Nings lips a little, then let her go.

It didnt hurt, but Gu Nings lips were numb for a second.

She rounded her eyes in anger and looked at him with displeasure.

Leng Shaoting didnt seem guilty at all, taking it for granted.

“Its your punishment.”

“Come on, I was just joking.

And dont you usually remember when my Aunt Flow visits Why did you forget today” Gu Ning said, feeling unhappy.

Leng Shaoting was surprised.

It was true that Gu Nings period should be a week later.

“I was too worried about you.

I didnt want your body to be affected.

I didnt think too much,” said Leng Shaoting.

He was too anxious when he learned that Gu Ning was on her period after they just got out of the cold water.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was satisfied.

She knew that he was too worried about her to remember when she would be on her period.

“Since youre not on your period, lets shower together,” said Leng Shaoting.

Afterwards, he roughly undressed Gu Ning in a few moments.

This wasnt the first time that they had been totally naked to each other, but Gu Ning was still a little embarrassed and didnt dare to meet Leng Shaotings eyes.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting joked.

“Weve done this so many times before.

Why are you still so shy Cant you look at me”

“Im not shy.

I can look at you!” Gu Ning felt challenged, so she turned to meet Leng Shaotings eyes.

Leng Shaoting was pleased and smiled.

“Right, Ningning, its your turn to undress me now.”

“You…” Gu Ning was startled, feeling slightly uneasy, but still helped Leng Shaoting take off his clothes.

After that, they had passionate sex.

By the time they got out of the washroom, two hours had passed.


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