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Many people were also green with envy because of the amount of money that Gu Ning had made.

They all dreamed to own that enormous amount of money themselves.

The Queen of Jade was well-known online right now.

“Miss Tang, do you plan to cut out the rest of the raw materials of yours” someone asked with great anticipation.

There were seven representatives of different jewelry companies in the store of the Wang Family, but only several of them had gotten one or two pieces of jade, which was barely enough.

Although they were jealous of Gu Nings unusual luck and ability to cut out so many pieces of jade, they were more willing to maintain a good relationship with her for their future cooperation.

“Sure!” Gu Ning gave them an affirmative answer.

She intended to aggravate Wang Hongming, and she wouldnt stop when she had just began.

The following raw materials which were about to be cut out were from Room A.

One of them already showed green through the window, so everyone believed that there would be a medium-level jade inside, but to their astonishment, its color changed after only one cut.

“Its purple! How come its purple” the worker almost shouted with excitement.

“What Purple Isnt it green”


Its a high-level jade of the violet type!”

“What The high-level violet”


The crowd was shocked.

It was beyond their imagination that there was actually a purple jade inside.

However, no one was more regretful than Wang Hongming.

He was in despair now.

All the priceless jade was bought by a stranger, and he lost a fortune within a day.

He had thought that there was merely a medium-level jade in the raw material with a window, so he didnt pay much attention to it.

However, there was something more exciting to come.

Another worker removed the outer layer and started cleaning the second raw material with a window.

The jade with a bright green color came into peoples sight.

It was flawless and smooth, and was jade of the old-pit glass type.

Wang Hongming was struck dumb.

Why How could it be possible He kept thinking to himself.

Gu Ning was now almost a goddess in their eyes, because her judgments were 100% accurate concerning stone gambling.

No one else could do that before her.

Thinking of that, Wang Hongming couldnt accept the truth.

His anger and disappointment were burning.

“I dont think that this is violet jade.

It has to be the violet jade with green flowers,” someone said in shock when the jade which was assumed to be violet was more than a half cut out.

“What Violet jade with green flowers” another man said with amazement.

Violet jade with green flowers was a kind of top-level jade.

Although it couldnt compare with the Kings Green, it was much more valuable than the jade of the old-pit glass type.

“Exactly, I heard that someone cut out a piece of violet jade with green flowers five years ago.

It weighed 12 pounds and was sold at the price of a billion yuan.

I think this one probably weighs around eight pounds, and it is worth at least five hundred million yuan,” a man added.

Everyone was astonished by its price, but at the same time, some were also mad that the man revealed its real price already, because in that case they couldnt deliberately bid a lower price for it.

However, even now, no one was more astonished than Wang Hongming.

He had controlled himself to stay calm for so long, and now suddenly he sensed his blood was rising in his throat.

He immediately gave his secretary a hint and walked away with him without delay.

Gu Ning noticed every detail of Wang Hongmings reaction.

She understood that he had gotten too mad and finally lost control now.

The minute that Wang Hongming walked out of the store, he spat a mouthful of blood, and almost fell.

Luckily, his secretary supported him on time.

Meanwhile, his chauffeur came back, so he drove Wang Hongming to the hospital at once.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see what was happening outside, but she had no sympathy for Wang Hongming at all, because he deserved it.

She had no intention to hurt him in the very beginning.

If Wang Hongming let it go after that, she wouldnt behave against him again, but if he was going to revenge himself on her, Gu Ning absolutely wouldnt yield.

In fact, from what Gu Ning already knew about the Wang Family, she understood that Wang Hongming wouldnt let it go easily.

Some people on the street saw Wang Hongming spitting blood and began to discuss it.

“Hey, I saw Master Wang spitting blood on the street just then.”

“What Master Wang spat blood”

“Its understandable.

He lost so many pieces of valuable jade within a day!”

“Exactly! If I were him, I couldnt accept it either.”

“Its so shocking by the way.

Who is this Tang Aining She is so unbearable!”

“Indeed, Im so jealous of her!”

There were more people who arrived after they read the news.

They only knew that someone continuously cut out many pieces of jade, but didnt know the types of those jade.

To their amazement, they had the rare chance to see the jade of the violet with green flowers and old-pit glass types.

They all believed that they had to be in a dream, because it was too good to be true!

Other than the shock, admiration and jealousy, Gu Ning also sensed hostility from the people around her.

She had made an enormous amount of money within a short time, which was quite noticeable.

There were many thieves and robbers around this street all the time, because the street of stone gambling was where rich people gathered.

However, Gu Ning didnt care.

She had already prepared well for it, since she chose to cut out raw materials in public.

If those thieves and robbers dared to attack her, they better be mentally prepared to bear the result.

More representatives of jewelry companies were busy chatting with Gu Ning and exchanged name cards with her.

She already had 16 name cards in her hands till now, including 13 domestic jewelry companies, which covered two thirds of the popular jewelry brands in this country.

And the other three were international jewelry companies.

Zhao Yuefeng also came to the store like everyone else, but he didnt recognize Gu Ning.

And Gu Ning treated him the same way as others in order to not expose her real identity.

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