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However, because of the distance and obstacles, Gu Ning couldnt see it clearly.

She could just roughly see that there were a lot of people inside.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting and the others what she saw, then they discussed how to act.

“What else is there to think about Just attack right now!” Shangguan Yang said, taking their enemies very lightly.

The others agreed with Shangguan Yang.

It might be difficult for them to do it alone, but the four of them, especially with Master Shangguan Yang there, had nothing to worry about.

In addition, they also had two flood dragons, a monster fox, and a tree spirit!

However, they didnt want to make their helpers known unless they were left with no choice.

After that, they decided to start the fight right away.

The ninjas were searching and patrolling, but they didnt know that their enemies were getting close to them.

As a result, when Gu Ning and the others suddenly appeared beside them, they were really startled.

They were surprised that they could hide so well and that they hadnt seen them at all.

However, without delay, they fought back.

Because the dozen or so ninjas were scattered, not all of the ninjas attacked Leng Shaoting and the others at the same time.

Therefore, due to the disparity in strength, Leng Shaoting and the others quickly killed them.

Within only ten minutes, about a dozen ninja were dead.

The surveillance cameras there werent destroyed, so when Leng Shaoting and the others appeared on the screens, the senior management, who were staring at the screens, saw them.

They were all surprised by their skills.

Who were they How could they be so strong

Although they knew the intruder had killed many ninjas and mutants during the past two days, and so had to be a master, they were still shocked when they witnessed it with their own eyes.

The intruders abilities were far beyond their expectation.

The ninjas, who could kill at least fifty professional killers, were easily killed by four people within only ten minutes.

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“Who are they” asked Senior Manager A.

He didnt expect an answer, because no one knew who they were.

They were aware of the existence of people with superpowers in many countries, but they had never met them before, so they had no idea about their skills.

Although it wasnt a secret that masters in the east could run on walls, that was all they knew.

Accordingly, Leng Shaoting and the others didnt use qinggong when they fought against the ninjas.

They had the appearance of the eastern people, but Gu Ning and the others put in cosmetic contact lenses to change their eyes to other colors.

Since they needed to disguise themselves, they had to do their best.

Therefore, their enemies couldnt tell which country they came from.

“No idea, they disguised themselves very well.

We cant see their real faces,” said Senior Manager B.

“Yeah, theyre too strong! What should we do now” said Senior Manager C.

“Do we need to help them” asked Senor Manager A.

“I dont think its necessary.

The elevator needs a fingerprint and password.

They cant get down here.” Senior Manager B replied.

Although he said that, after seeing their enemies abilities, he wasnt sure whether the elevator could stop them.

Anyway, at this time, they couldnt go out, so they could only wait and see.

“Im afraid the elevator wont be able to stop them…” Senior Manager C said worriedly.

The elevator was made of excellent material and was invulnerable to swords and guns, but it wasnt invincible.

Besides, their enemies werent ordinary people.

What if they had special abilities which they could use to destroy the elevator

After killing the ninjas, Gu Ning and the others went to the entrance.

Two ninjas were guarding the door.

They had heard the sounds of the fight, but they needed to guard the door, so they didnt go over.

Unexpectedly, even nearly a dozen ninjas couldnt stop them and were quickly killed.

Their enemies this time were so strong!

Even though the two ninjas were scared of their enemies abilities, they had to face it since they were face to face now.

Shangguan Yang and Leng Shaoting fought with two mutants separately, while Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao dealt with the two ninjas separately.

Because it was easier to deal with ninjas than mutants, Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning killed the ninja first, then Jing Yunyao went to help Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting could handle it, she wanted to kill the mutant as soon as possible.

Shangguan Yang didnt need help, so Gu Ning did nothing.

Instead, she used her Jade Eyes to check the underground room once more.

They were closer now, so Gu Ning could see it more clearly.

In the room, there were about ten mutants, fourteen ninjas and seven people in white coats.

These people in white coats were undoubtedly research professors in the laboratory.

There were no passages around the laboratory, and the only exit was the elevator.

They hadnt built other passages.

Perhaps they were confident that no one could find them.

It was true that they were too confident when they built this lab.

And they believed they would be able to protect themselves even if someone found them.

Therefore, they didnt set other passages.

Unexpectedly, they ran into strong enemies today, but now they were locked in.

They didnt despair yet, but they were filled with worry.

Even if their enemies intruded inside, there were many of them in the room, including over ten ninjas and about ten mutants.

They didnt think they would be injured.

There werent any signals, but there was an intranet, so they could report the current situation to the base of their organization.

As a result, before Leng Shaoting and the others butst in, the base of their organization received a video about the situation, then reported it to their leader.

After the leader learned about it, he was furious, but he couldnt figure out who their enemies were.

If their enemies really intruded into the lab, he would be completely ruined this time, but he could do nothing about it now.

He could only hope his people were able to defeat the bunch of intruders.

He was the leader, but he was just a mortal.

He couldnt go to support them.


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