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“What the f*ck!”

Just as the man opened his mouth, Gu Ning lifted him up throwing him away.

The second man accidentally fell on the first man and the first man almost passed out from the pain.

The other two men finally realized what was going on.

They were both shocked to see that their partners were knocked out, then raised the wood sticks in their hands and started attacking Gu Ning in anger.

However, this time, before Gu Ning could move, a man dashed in from the outside and threw the other two men out of the store within seconds.

Everyone was again amazed by this mans beautiful movements and appearance.

“Are you alright” Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning worriedly.

“Im fine,” Gu Ning smiled gently.

She wasnt surprised by his sudden appearance, instead she felt touched.

“Whats going on here” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Oh, nothing.

I just wanted to help this man,” Gu Ning answered.

“Miss, thank you so much for saving my life!” Zheng Peng thanked Gu Ning at once.

He was still in shock after what just had happened to him.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he would have been dead already.

“My pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

“However, Mr.

Zheng, I heard that your adopted son causes you all these troubles.

Why dont you cut off the connection with him”

Hearing that, Zheng Peng sighed with great force and said resignedly, “Actually, Ive failed to contact him for a year.

He causes trouble outside, but those men all come to me.

I dont know how to handle it.

If I dont give them money, theyll damage my store.”

He didnt tell Gu Ning whether he was regretful that he had adopted Zheng Hao, but he made it clear that he wanted to cut off the connection with Zheng Hao.

Ones kindness had limitations.

Zheng Peng had brought Zheng Hao up and had now lost all of his wealth because of him, which already crossed the bottom line.

“Why dont you call the police” Gu Ning asked.

“I did! However, they are members of the Qing Gang, and even the police dont dare to annoy them,” Zheng Peng replied.

He was only a common citizen without power and support, thus no one was willing to help him.

Speaking of the Qing Gang, Zheng Peng suddenly realized that it could be dangerous.

“Oh! They are from the Qing Gang, and you injured them.

You could get in trouble! I think you better leave right now!”

“Its fine.” Gu Ning understood that Zheng Peng was being kind, but she wasnt afraid of the Qing Gang at all.

“Dont you dare leave! You injured us and the Qing Gang wont let you get away with it!” At this time, the men who had been knocked down on the ground threatened Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“Gee, do you think that everyone is afraid of the Qing Gang” Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

“You…” They didnt expect that Gu Ning wasnt scared at all, but they believed that she was just pretending.

“If youre not afraid, stay here!”

Apparently, they were going to ask for support.

“I wont leave, because you have to pay for what youve done.


Zheng, please calculate your loss, and let them pay the compensation,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss…” Zheng Peng was surprised.

He didnt dare ask them for compensation at all.

He was more afraid that they would get revenge on him.

“What How dare you ask us to pay the compensation” Those men from the Qing Gang were mad.

“I dont think that up to you,” Gu Ning sneered once more.

Since she had already given Zheng Peng a helping hand, she would not leave him in a mess.

In fact, she decided to help him solve the problem completely.

Otherwise, those hoodlums would vent their anger on Zheng Peng if Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were gone.

In addition, it wasnt Zheng Pengs duty to pay for Zheng Haos bad behavior.

“Tell me you and your leaders names,” Gu Ning said to one of the men.

“Im Zhao San, and my leader is Jiu Ye who is an important figure in the Qing Gang,” a man said proudly, because he didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to deal with them.

“Great, you can go away now,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Those hoodlums didnt expect that Gu Ning would change the topic so quickly.

“Go away right now! Otherwise, Ill kick you away,” Gu Ning snapped with a cold glance.

Facing the great pressure from Gu Ning, those hoodlums trembled in horror, escaping away without delay.

However, before they left, one of them threatened, “Its not the end yet, and well be back!”

All the people around them felt sorry for Zheng Peng, but they could do nothing to help him.

Those hoodlums were from the Qing Gang after all.

After Zhao Sans group was gone, the onlookers dispersed too.

“Well, I think that I will have to close my store and leave City Teng now,” Zheng Peng sighed sadly.

He was truly frightened this time, and he had already had the idea to close his store, because his store could barely stay afloat now.

Then he said to Gu Ning again, “Miss, I can tell that youre not afraid of the Qing Gang, but the Qing Gang isnt some organization that you can have bad blood with.

I think you better leave now!”


Zheng, dont worry.

Since Im already involved, Ill help you solve the problem,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Zheng Peng was quite surprised.

He didnt have any hope that someone would be willing to help him out of this mess.

Although Zheng Peng was indeed in need of help, he didnt want other innocent people to be involved, so he declined.

“Miss, I understand that youre kind and warm-hearted, but you could be in danger once you annoy the Qing Gang.

Zheng Peng didnt want her to be in danger because of him, which proved that he was an upright man.

Actually, Gu Ning had her own plan too.

She was looking for an upright man to help her manage the jade provider that she was going to open, and Zheng Peng was a great choice, but she still needed time to know more about Zheng Peng.

However, since he was able to run such a big store, he must be able to some extent.

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