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“What you found out might not be the truth!” Lin Shiwei was still arguing, but he clearly knew it was useless.

No matter what, he wouldnt accept it until the final result was out.

“Oh, you refuse to repent until you fail completely!” Gu Ning sneered.

She turned to the other two workers and asked, “How about you two Why didnt you say anything You havent answered my question yet.”

“Um…” The two workers exchanged glances with each other, but didnt know what to say.

They wanted to deny it, but obviously Gu Ning was aware of everything.

As a result, no matter how they denied it, it was meaningless.

They couldnt defeat Gu Ning.

Therefore, they hesitated to lie.

They thought they should probably admit it right away, then maybe they would be punished lightly.

While they hesitated, they secretly looked at Lin Shiwei, but Lin Shiwei could barely protect himself.

He was trying to dodge the bullet and had no more energy to help them.

“Up to now, do you think you can really stay out of it by staying silent Its just that if you admit your mistakes and have a good attitude, you will suffer less in the process, and Ill give you a lighter punishment if the situation allows.

However, if you continue to lie to my face, I wont say anything further.

Anyway, I already have evidence.

Even if you dont admit it, its meaningless.

Alright, since you dont want to admit it, the police will handle it,” Gu Ning said.

Then she turned to look at Meng Fan, and said, “Officer Meng, Ill leave this case to you.

Ill give you a copy of all the evidence now.”

“No problem, Miss Gu.

Its our duty.

Dont worry, we will take it seriously,” Meng Fan said solemnly.

As a policeman, it was his responsibility to deal with this case with a serious attitude.

Although he was a policeman and had seen many such crimes and violations, he still felt indignant every time he came across this type of thing.

Hearing that, Lin Shiwei hesitated.

Gu Ning had evidence and her high status could easily put them in jail once she determined that they were guilty.

Chengfeng Real Estate was powerful in City D, but it wasnt comparable to the Shengning Organization.

Besides, he didnt think Chengfeng Real Estate would save them.

By then, they would be thrown in jail, while Kong Lixuan and Chengfeng Real Estate were safe.

No, he wouldnt carry the blame all alone.

Therefore, when Meng Fans people went to handcuff them, Lin Shiwei spoke.

“Ill tell you everything.”

Once Lin Shiwei spoke, the policemen stopped, but they didnt walk away.

The two people who conspired with Lin Shiwei had long wanted to admit it, because the consequences of admitting it or not were almost the same.

In fact, if they didnt admit it, the result might be worse.

As a result, they felt relieved when Lin Shiwei said he could tell the truth.

“Yes, it was Kong Lixuan who asked me to cooperate with him to frame Shenghua Real Estate.

He knew that my son had leukemia and needed a lot of money, so he came to see me.

Then he asked me to help them replace the bricks we originally used.

It would cause a collapse when the building was almost complete, and Shenghua Real Estate would get into trouble…”

Saying that, Lin Shiwei paused, and looked slightly upset.

A while later, he continued.

“At first, I was unwilling to do that.

I turned him down twice, but when he came to see me for the third time, he threatened me with my son.

I-I had no choice but to agree…”

Lin Shiwei said that through gritted teeth.

He was furious.

He regretted doing that now, but back then he honestly didnt dare to say no.

He accepted it because he was threatened…

In that case, Lin Shiwei was also a victim.

However, it still couldnt change the fact that he accepted bribery and schemed against Shenghua Real Estate.

Gu Ning was only a bit less angry with him.

Either way, Gu Ning couldnt believe his words without evidence, so she observed his reaction and asked, “He threatened you with your son”

“Yes, I have a recording,” said Lin Shiwei.

Then he went to grab his phone.

Lin Shiwei wasnt dumb.

Kong Lixuan wanted him to break the law and even threatened him.

He finally gave in, but he was extremely angry at Kong Lixuan.

He didnt think their dirty secret would be so easily exposed, but it was possible, so he secretly recorded their conversation when Kong Lixuan talked to him.

Without delay, Lin Shiwei took out his phone and played the recording for Gu Ning and the others.

“Lin Shiwei, if you agree to help me replace Shenghua Real Estates bricks, Ill give you two million yuan.

A million yuan is enough to cure your son.

As for the other million yuan, you can quit from Shenghua Real Estate and find a job somewhere else,” said Kong Lixuan.

After that Lin Shiwei was silent for a while and Kong Lixuan continued.

“Lin Shiwei, since Im so honest with you, I dont plan to leave you with any other choices.

I dont want anyone else to know about it.

So, you must do it whether youre willing to or not.

Otherwise youll see your sons body.”

“What do you want to do” Lin Shiwei asked in horror.

“Do I have to say it aloud Your sons life is in my hands,” said Kong Lixuan arrogantly.

“You…” Lin Shiwei was furious, but also terrified.

“You cant do that.”

“Why Why cant I If you have connections you can sue me!” Kong Lixuan said aggressively.

After a long silence, Lin Shiwei yielded.

He had thought about reporting it to their supervisor because he already had a recording, but he was more afraid of being paid back.

In addition, he had to admit that he wanted the money.

However, if Kong Lixuan didnt threaten him, he would have turned him down.

“Kong Lixuan is so arrogant!” Meng Fan said angrily with a strong sense of justice.

Although they didnt know Kong Lixuan and had never heard his voice before, they didnt doubt it was a recording between Kong Lixuan and Lin Shiwei.

Anyway, they would conduct an investigation.

“Chairman Gu, Im sorry, we gave in to the temptation and conspired with Lin Shiwei.

Were so sorry…” The two workers apologized at once.

“Please, forgive us.

Can you please punish us lightly”


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