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“Because Zheng Shenghui wanted the land.

If Shenghua Real Estate hadnt joined the auction, he could have bought it…” said Kong Lixuan.

He somehow felt much more relieved after telling the truth.

He instantly felt more relaxed.

Because of the accident, he was under a lot of pressure.

It was torture for him who had done nothing illegal before.

At the same time, he was worried about his familys safety, because he didnt want Zheng Shenghui to hurt them.

Afterwards, Kong Lixuan confessed everything about his deal with Zheng Shenghui.

He told them how, when, and where they met.

However, he didnt have a recording like Lin Shiwei did.

Therefore, the evidence wasnt enough.

Zheng Shenghui could say it was a false accusation and that he lent four million yuan to Kong Lixuan.

However, since Kong Lixuan mentioned Zheng Shenghui in his confession, the police had to bring Zheng Shenghui in for interrogation.

People with high status had privileges, so the director of the police station didnt send policemen to arrest Zheng Shenghui.

Instead he called Zheng Shenghui by himself.

“Hi, Chairman Zheng, this is Hucheng District Police Station.

There is a case about Kong Lixuan, and we need you to come in right away,” said the director.

When Zheng Shenghui received the directors call, he got nervous.

He was afraid that Kong Lixuan might have betrayed him.

It was true that Kong Lixuan betrayed him, but he didnt know that yet.

Although he was anxious, Zheng Shenghui still calmed himself down and asked, “What is it Can I know”

He was trying to find out more.

“Kong Lixuan admitted that he bribed Lin Shiwei of Shenghua Real Estate to replace the qualified bricks, which caused the accident, but Kong Lixuan stole money from the financial department of Chengfeng Real Estate, so we need you to confirm that,” said the director.

He didnt say that Kong Lixuan betrayed Zheng Shenghui since it might cause an argument.

In that case, it would be a waste of time, so they decided to wait till Zheng Shenghui came.

“What Kong Lixuan bribed Lin Shiwei with the money from the financial department of the company” Hearing that, Zheng Shenghui feigned surprise, pretending that he knew nothing.

Because the director didnt tell him that Kong Lixuan gave them his name, Zheng Shenghui thought that Kong Lixuan didnt betray him yet.

Even if Kong Lixuan did, he wouldnt admit it.

In the directors eyes, Zheng Shenghui was a contemptible wretch making trouble, but he didnt bother to point it out.

Instead, he said, “So, we need you to come over in person, Chairman Zheng.”

“Im a little busy now.

I cant leave.

Can I tell my secretary to go over” said Zheng Shenghui.

He was reluctant to face it, so he refused to go in person.

“Sorry, you must come in person because your secretary cant make decisions for you.

Were doing our job, so we cant waste time.

If you dont come, I can only send several policemen to come see you,” said the director in a tough tone.

After being embarrassed by the director, Zheng Shenghui was displeased, but he knew that there was someone who was more influential involved in this case.

Even the director of the police station called him, so he had to agree.

If the police came to see him, it could easily cause a misunderstanding.

Before Zheng Shenghui left, he called the manager of the finance department to his office.

They had a conversation for about ten minutes, then Zheng Shenghui left for the police station.

Because they were both in Hucheng District, it didnt take long for Zheng Shenghui to reach the police station.

Once he arrived, he was directly taken to the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Zheng Shenghui saw Gu Ning and the others, as well as Kong Lixuan.

Upon seeing Kong Lixuan, Zheng Shenghui criticized him angrily.

“Kong Lixuan, how could you do that I thought you had potential and even wanted to give you a promotion at the end of this year…”

“Chairman Zheng, dont rush to lose your temper, or you might embarrass yourself,” said Gu Ning meaningfully.

Zheng Shenghui was startled.

He naturally knew that they didnt believe that he was innocent, so it was just an act in their eyes, but so what He wouldnt admit it just to save his face.

“Who are you” asked Zheng Shenghui.

He knew that it was Gu Ning, but he pretended that he didnt know her.

“My name is Gu Ning.

Im the boss of Shenghua Real Estate.” Gu Ning introduced herself.

She knew that Zheng Shenghui recognized her, but she had to introduce herself since he asked.

“Oh, youre the boss of Shenghua Real Estate!” Zheng Shenghui said, “Chairman Gu, Kong Lixuan is my employee.

Im so sorry for what he has done to Shenghua Real Estate.

If there is a result, you can punish him according to the law.”

“Of course, whoever breaks the law should take responsibility.

No one can get away with it,” said Gu Ning.

Zheng Shenghui understood what Gu Ning was implying, so he felt a little nervous, but he still did his best to calm down.

“Sure, of course.” Zheng Shenghui nodded, but he only felt guilty.

“Chairman Zheng, you might not know, but Kong Lixuan has already betrayed you.

He told us that you threatened him with his family.

You forced him to bribe workers from Shenghua Real Estate to replace the bricks,” said Gu Ning in a flat tone.

She didnt look mad.

If someone else were in her position, the person might have lost his temper already!

Gu Ning was annoyed the moment she met Kong Lixuan, but she was mentally strong and could control her emotions.

Hearing that, Zheng Shenghui panicked.

Although he was worried that Kong Lixuan might betray him, he didnt think it was possible since he already used Kong Lixuans family as a threat.

Unexpectedly, Kong Lixuan really betrayed him.

He was surprised and got mad.

“Slander, its slander! Thats completely ridiculous!”


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