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Chu Peihan didnt ask that because she planned to cheat on Han Chenglin.

Since she decided to be Han Chenglins girlfriend, she would be loyal to him as long as he treated her seriously, but she wasnt sure of Han Chenglins feelings.

She trusted him, but she wasnt him.

She couldnt control his mind, so she was still very careful even though Han Chenglin liked her very much.

Since Han Chenglin wasnt in the capital, Hao Ran and the others didnt insist.

They could just have fun by themselves.

However, at about 5 pm, Han Chenglin called Chu Peihan and told her that he was back in the capital.

He would arrive at about 6 pm, so he asked if they could have dinner together.

Chu Peihan then said that she was with Gu Ning and their other friends from City F, but if he didnt mind, they could share a meal.

Han Chenglin was more than willing to hang out with Chu Peihans good friends.

It was a good thing if he could be accepted by her circle.

After hanging up, Chu Peihan told Gu Ning that she just called Han Chenglin to dine with them.

Han Chenglin should arrive at the capital at about 6 pm, but he wouldnt meet them until about twenty minutes later.

Gu Ning and the others reached the restaurant at about 6 pm and started ordering.

However, before the dishes were placed on the table, Han Chenglin arrived and shared the meal with them.

Even though Han Chenglin wasnt familiar with them, they had met before and everyone got along with him.

So he quickly joined them and chatted happily.

“Chenglin, does Peihan easily lose her temper when shes with you” asked Hao Ran.

It seemed that he couldnt wait to gossip about their relationship.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan gave him a glare.

He obviously wanted to stir things up between them.

Hao Ran wasnt afraid of her.

He was really curious about it.

Would Chu Peihan change her character after she fell in love After all, she was hot-tempered when she was with them.

Although many people changed their character after they fell in love, Hao Ran wondered if Chu Peihan would do the same thing.

“What No, Peihan is really considerate,” said Han Chenglin.

He didnt want to upset Chu Peihan, so he wasnt being sincere.

Chu Peihan was considerate, but it was also true that she was short-tempered.

Anyway, he could accept that and it wasnt a big deal in his eyes.

“Really” Hao Ran didnt believe it.

“Hao Ran, what are you implying” Chu Peihan threatened him, as if she was going to punch him.

“See, shes always like this when shes with us.” Once Chu Peihan got mad, Hao Ran seized the chance and raised his voice.

It seemed he couldnt wait to see a drama.

“If you annoy her again, we wont help you if she teaches you a lesson,” said Gu Ning suddenly.

Hao Ran was scared and didnt dare to say another word.

In order to draw attention away from the previous topic, he immediately invited the others to enjoy the meal.

Everyone was amused by his reaction.

“Hao Ran, youre a coward!” Qin Zixun laughed at him.

“Do you dare to annoy her” Hao Ran gave Qin Zixun a glare.

Qin Zixun shrugged and said nothing.

He was unwilling to mess with Chu Peihan.

Even if he teamed up with Hao Ran and other boys, they couldnt defeat Chu Peihan.

They were practicing their skills and made great progress, but Chu Peihan was making progress too, so she was still stronger than them.

“Youre all cowards.

Youre so afraid of Peihan.” Su Anya made fun of them.

“Why dont you go to compete with Chu Peihan” Hao Ran said angrily.

“I didnt learn how to fight,” said Su Anya.

“Fine, you win!” Hao Ran ignored Su Anya and continued to eat.

After the meal, they left and decided to rest at the hotel.

They had fun for a day and they were all tired, so they wouldnt go out tonight.

Their flight would take off at about 10 am, so they needed to get up early.

At 7:30 am the next day, they needed to go to the airport.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi didnt go to school today, but stayed with them.

They would return to school the next morning.

Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin went on a date, but Chu Peihan would come back later to stay with Su Anya and Yu Mixi.

However, when they walked out of the hall of the hotel, they met Han Chenglins younger aunt, Han Jingxue.

Han Jingxue was with a middle-aged woman and a young woman.

They just finished a meal as well.

When Han Jingxue saw Han Chenglin and Chu Peihan, she was a little embarrassed.

Although she had apologized to Chu Peihan last time, she still felt reluctant to see Han Chenglin again.

She didnt dare mention her friends daughter in front of Han Chenglin anymore, but she didnt pass Han Chenglins words on to her friend.

Her friends daughter lived a life with wild abandon, but her friend had no idea about that.

If her friend knew, she wouldnt have complimented the girl repeatedly.

She didnt think Han Chenglin would lie to her.

She knew him very well, otherwise she wouldnt think he deserved a quality woman.

Moreover, she had a close relationship with her friend, so there was no need for her to ruin their friendship.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her that her friends daughter lived a life of wild abandon.

Han Jingxue didnt want Han Chenglin to know that she saw him, not only because she was embarrassed, but because Gu Ning was also with him.

If Gu Ning learned about what she had said to Chu Peihan, Gu Ning might have a bad impression of her.

Unfortunately, her friend had a different idea.

Without delay, her friend pulled her daughter straight to Han Chenglin.

Han Jingxue wanted to stop them, but it was too late.

The middle-aged woman and the young woman were Han Jingxues friend and the friends daughter.

“Chenglin, what a coincidence! Its such a surprise to see you here.

Did you come to have a meal with your friends” Han Jingxues friend greeted Han Chenglin with a broad smile.

Because there were both girls and boys with Han Chenglin and Chu Peihan wasnt close to him, nobody could see that they were a couple.


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