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Han Jingxue didnt tell them that Han Chenglin already had a girlfriend, so they had no idea.

“Hi, Ms Qiao, nice to see you.” Out of politeness, Han Chenglin greeted them, but he kept a distance from them since they werent close.

“Hi, Chenglin.” Ms Qiaos daughter smiled at him.

She was excited to see him.

Although she lived a life of wild abandon, she sincerely had a good impression of Han Chenglin.

Han Chenglin was a good-looking, rich heir, and he was also a star.

“Hi, Miss Song.” Han Chenglin politely replied.

Even though she lived a life of wild abandon, it had nothing to do with him, so he didnt show any disdain.

“Chenglin, do you have time Why dont we go for a cup of tea” said Ms Qiao.

“Sorry, Ms Qiao, I have an appointment with my friends,” said Han Chenglin.

He complained to himself that Ms Qiao must have a low EQ.

He was with his friends right now.

Why would she ask him that question It was embarrassing.

“Oh, can you take Yuxuan with you Youre all young people.

I think you can have fun together,” said Ms Qiao.

It was rare for them to meet Han Chenglin, so Ms Qiao wanted to seize this chance and let her daughter spend more time with Han Chenglin.

Hearing that, Song Yuxuan turned to look at Han Chenglin with anticipation.

“Im sorry, Ive been invited by my friends.

Im not the host, so Im afraid I cant make the decision.

Also Im not familiar with Miss Song.

I dont think its a good idea,” said Han Chenglin.

He was really displeased at this moment.

He understood Ms Qiaos intention, but it wasnt appropriate.

“Its not even a problem.

Youll soon get closer after spending some time together.

Your friends look very nice,” said Ms Qiao.

She implied that if they didnt agree, they werent nice people.

Chu Peihan was annoyed by their behavior, but she had said nothing because it wasnt polite.

However, she couldnt stand it any longer.

“Im sorry, we just dont want unfamiliar people to join us.”

“You…” Ms Qiao was mad after being embarrassed by Chu Peihan.

She wanted to criticize Chu Peihan, but Han Jingxue opened her mouth.

“Alright, Xiaomeng, stop making it difficult for Chenglin.

We can go and have fun by ourselves.”

She was unwilling to anger Han Chenglin, otherwise Han Chenglin might tell on her to their family.

Qiao Xiaomeng was reluctant to accept it, but she wouldnt argue with Han Jingxue publicly.

As a result, once Han Jingxue opened her mouth, Qiao Xiaomeng closed hers.

She understood that Han Chenglin would be displeased if she continued, which was the last thing she wanted.

“Fine, come and visit us if you have time another day,” said Qiao Xiaomeng.

Han Chenglin said nothing, but Qiao Xiaomeng didnt wait for his answer.

She directly pulled Song Yuxuan and walked away.

Song Yuxuan was reluctant to leave, but there was nothing she could say.

After that, Gu Ning walked away with her friends.

“Peihan, are you mad” Han Chenglin asked Chu Peihan cautiously.

Even though he had done nothing wrong and showed obvious disdain for them, he was still afraid that Chu Peihan might be mad at him.

“Why should I be mad Youve done nothing wrong,” said Chu Peihan.

She was a reasonable girl so she wouldnt get mad at Han Chenglin just because of that.

She was only unhappy with the mother and the daughters behavior.

Hearing Chu Peihans reply, Han Chenglin felt relieved.

“Do they have a strong interest in Chenglin” Su Anya asked suddenly.

She believed that was the reason.

“Yeah, but Han Chenglin doesnt have an interest in them,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt mind talking about it.

If the girl was Han Chenglins ex-girlfriend, she would be unhappy, but the girl wasnt.

Han Jingxue had just tried to set them up once.

“Right, shes hardly comparable to you, Peihan.” Su Anya smiled.

She said that, not because Chu Peihan was her friend, but because Chu Peihan was much better than the girl in regards to their appearance and build.

Chu Peihan was also more outstanding than the girl, so there was no need to compare their family background.

“Of course.” Chu Peihan said with confidence.

No one disagreed with her on that, because they had the same idea.

When Han Chenglin was gone, Qiao Xiaomeng complained to Han Jingxue.

“That girl is so rude.

Its none of her business when I talked with Chenglin.”

“Yes,” said Han Jingxue.

She disliked Chu Peihan, especially when she thought of Chu Peihans attitude towards her.

Chu Peihan even made Han Chenglin ask her for an apology.

She got mad every time she remembered that, but she didnt tell Qiao Xiaomeng that Chu Peihan was Han Chenglins girlfriend.

She wasnt worried that Qiao Xiaomeng might hurt Chu Peihan, but she refused to admit that Chu Peihan was Han Chenglins girlfriend.

Anyway, they were both young and Chu Peihan was only a sophomore.

Young people often couldnt resist temptation, so they might break up after a short time.

If she admitted that Chu Peihan was Han Chenglins girlfriend now, Han Chenglin and the Han family would be greatly embarrassed if Chu Peihan betrayed Han Chenglin.

Actually, Han Jingxue was the kind of person she described.

She always believed that only other people would try to hurt her, while she was innocent.

Even if Han Chenglin betrayed Chu Peihan one day, Han Jingxue wouldnt think it was Han Chenglins fault.

Instead, she would only think that Han Chenglin finally went on the right path.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stayed in the siheyuan that night, and decided to drive their friends to the airport the next morning.

After sending Hao Ran and the others to the hotel, they left.

Shengshi Hotel wasnt just a hotel.

There were all kinds of entertainment activities so they could enjoy themselves as they wanted.

Therefore, they rested in their rooms for about an hour, then went out for fun, otherwise it would be incredibly boring.

The next day, at 7:30 am, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove them to the airport.

Chu Peihan and the others went to the airport along with everyone.

They were close friends, so Gu Ning decided to drive them to the airport in person.

When they separated, they were reluctant to leave, but it was time to say good-bye.

After driving them to the airport, Gu Ning and the others returned to the city center where they separated again.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi went back to their school.

On the other hand, because Chu Peihan needed to continue to work at the filming set later, she made full use of her free time and went on a date with Han Chenglin.


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