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If the man werent injured, he wouldnt be afraid of Gu Ning, but now he was injured.

He couldnt fight against Gu Ning, so he was nervous when Gu Ning walked towards him.

As Gu Ning walked to the man, everyone turned to look at her.

“Tell me, how many times have you abducted kids like that before” Gu Ning put pressure on the man and asked coldly.

The man felt stressed from the pressure, and panicked upon hearing Gu Nings question.

“I-Ive never done that before…” He stammered.

Although he denied it, the expression on his face betrayed him.

Therefore, Gu Ning was sure that this wasnt the mans first, but she needed more evidence.

“Really Your reaction says something different.

This isnt your first time, right” Gu Ning said with determination, while staring straight at him.

“I…” The man was shocked.

He knew his reaction betrayed him, but he couldnt calm down.

To make it worse, he became even more panicked.

Seeing that, the crowd realized that this man had done this many times before so they heavily criticized him.

“I hate human-traffickers the most.

Theyve ruined countless families.”

“Right, they should all be sentenced to death once theyre caught.”

“They should be beaten to death!”

“They should be buried alive!”

“They shouldnt have any kids of their own!”


The human-trafficker aroused the most aggressive comments from the crowd.

Although the man was a criminal, he was still angry when he heard their harsh comments.

He was a human-trafficker, but he didnt think he was as evil as they described.

He understood that he had ruined many families, but he had to earn a living.

Because he was unwilling to be criticized by them, he argued.

“I didnt abduct him.

I-I just wanted to have fun with this little kid.”

No matter what, he couldnt admit it or he would be put in jail.

“Do you think anyone will believe that” Gu Ning sneered.

“Nobody will believe you!”

“We werent born yesterday!”

“I think we should call the police.”

“Right, lets call the police.”

Hearing that they were going to call the police, the man was more scared.

“No, Im not a human-trafficker.

I was really playing with the kid.

See I got injured because of that,” he said hurriedly.

“We told you that we dont believe you.

You were injured because you deserve it.

Even if youre beaten to death, you deserve it! If the boy were slightly weaker, he would have been abducted by you.”

“Right, girl, call the police now.

We cant let him get away with it.

If your younger brother wasnt strong enough, he could have been abducted.” Someone said to Gu Ning.

“Right, girl, call the police!” Other people agreed.

“I will definitely call the police.

We must put him in jail.” Gu Ning had no intention of letting the man go, so she took out her phone to call the police.

As soon as the man saw that Gu Ning was going to call the police, he struggled to get back to his feet and wanted to run away.

Even if Gu Ning let him go, the crowd wouldnt.

Before Gu Ning did anything, a bunch of people stopped the man.

“Do you want to run away No way!”

“Right, well send you to the police station!”

“You should spend the rest of your life in jail.”

“Right, you shouldnt come out again.”


The man was injured and could hardly fight back against an ordinary person, let alone a large crowd.

And because he tried to run away, it proved that he was guilty.

The police station was nearby, so the police quickly arrived.

“Who called the police” asked a policeman.

“I did.” Gu Ning said, “This man is a human-trafficker.

He tried to abduct my younger brother in public earlier, but he failed.

I asked him a few questions and found out that he might be a recidivist [1.

a convicted criminal who reoffends, especially repeatedly.].

You can do a further investigation to see what else you can find.”

“We know how to do our job.

Im the police, not you.” A policeman was displeased because he felt that Gu Ning was trying to educate him.

Hearing that, some people were mad at his attitude.

Gu Ning was also annoyed and became cold.

“Is this your attitude I called the police.

Shouldnt I explain the situation to you”

“Alright, alright, well deal with it.” Another policeman said impatiently, then went to lift the human-trafficker and took him away.

“Wait a second.” Gu Ning stopped him at once.

“What” The policeman obviously didnt have patience.

“I dont think youre responsible given your attitude.

He just tried to abduct my younger brother and hes a


Will you give him a serious punishment” said Gu Ning.

Since the police took over this case, the police should be responsible for that, and Gu Ning had no power to interfere, but their attitude annoyed her.

She didnt think they would deal with it seriously.

She was afraid the police would be bribed and let the human-trafficker go.

“Whats wrong with our attitude How dare you question us Why should we give you a promise Who do you think you are” Gu Nings question angered the two policemen and they snapped at her.

“Fine, take him away then.” Gu Ning didnt want to argue with them, so she stopped.

She didnt give in, she was simply unwilling to have an argument with them publicly.

After that, the two policemen gave Gu Ning a glance of disdain, then took the man away.

Once they were gone, the crowd discussed it.

“The two policemen are so rude! I dont think they can do their job well.”

“Right, perhaps theyll let the man go after he gives them some money.”

“Who knows!”


Everyone felt it was unfair and they had sympathy for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt seem affected.

She walked to the side and made a call.

By the time the man was taken away by the police, their roasted lamb kebabs still werent done yet.

They ordered too many, so it took a lot of time.

After all, Gu Ning ordered a hundred kebabs.

Although this store was very popular, it was the first time that a customer had ordered so many at a time!


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