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After all, Leng Shaoming was a member of the Leng family with power and influence.

If he reported someone, no one would dare to ignore it.

And he normally had evidence, so it was much easier to catch the criminals.

They werent able to do anything and keep their dirty secrets from other people.

Leng Shaoming was now working as the Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee in City Lin in the capital.

Leng Shaoming achieved this position at a young age because of his own abilities and the Leng familys influence.

However, City Lin was a third-tier city, and his position wasnt very important, so it wasnt strange that he was promoted to his position at such a young age.

Even though Leng Shaoming had abilities and connections, he might be criticized if he received a fast promotion, so he had to do it step by step.

For example, Leng Shaoting should be promoted to general given his achievements, but he was too young.

He couldnt get a promotion to a high position so soon.

In fact, Leng Shaoting already had a rapid promotion among his peers and had the highest status.

Leng Shaoming coincidentally learned about Zhan Zhiyins secret.

It was the weekend so Zhan Zhiyin came to see Leng Shaoming.

Leng Shaoming wanted to seize this chance and confess his affection for her.

After getting along with her for a while, he was very sure that he liked her.

Actually, Zhan Zhiyin had a greater interest in them being together, because she often traveled a long distance to see him.

Because Leng Shaoming was always busy with work, while Zhan Zhiyin didnt have regular work, she had more free time.

Either way, Leng Shaoming had a good impression of Zhan Zhiyin and fell in love with her as she showed her interest in him.

He could feel how much she liked him.

Therefore, he decided to take the most important step and confess his affection for her.

He wouldnt let the girl do that.

However, on his way to the airport to pick her up, an accident happened.

The city where Leng Shaoming was located was only a two-hour drive from the capital, and there was no airport, so he normally went to the capital airport first.

It took him half an hour to get from the airport to his city rather than the two hours from the downtown of the capital.

The incident which happened to Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin was a car accident.

When they were halfway home they reached a bridge, then a big truck that had been driving steadily suddenly changed direction and slammed into their car.

The next moment, the car lost control and rushed towards the river under the bridge.

At the moment of the accident, Zhan Zhiyin subconsciously used her body to protect Leng Shaoming and released her magical energy to resist the impact, reducing the damage from the accident.

For average people, the damage from the first hit plus the secondary damage from falling 20-meter-high into the river could be a fatal experience.

However, because Zhan Zhiyin wasnt an ordinary person, if she helped they would only be slightly injured at most.

When Zhan Zhiyin threw herself forward to protect Leng Shaoming, Leng Shaoming was completely stunned.

Was she strong enough to protect him

Actually, the moment when the accident happened, Leng Shaoming wanted to protect Zhan Zhiyin, but Zhan Zhiyin did it before him.

The car fell into the river, but because Zhan Zhiyins magical energy protected the two of them, neither of them suffered any serious injuries, though they still suffered some minor injuries.

Especially Zhan Zhiyin, she suffered some internal injuries.

After all, she was at a low level.

When the car had fallen into the river, because the sunroof was open, water poured in right away.

However, Zhan Zhiyins speed wasnt slow.

She immediately pulled Leng Shaoming and climbed out of the sunroof.

The river wasnt shallow, with a depth of five or six meters, so the two of them were afraid that they would have to swim upstream after they got out of the sunroof.

When the accident happened, the traffic at the accident site was also paralyzed.

Many people were frightened, and got out of their cars to check the situation.

Some called the police, while some called the hospital.

If people encountered things like fights, few would stand out and help, because they might be implicated, but they would be willing to rescue people from accidents, because they wouldnt get in trouble just because of that.

It wasnt because they were cold-blooded, but there was a price to be paid for helping strangers.

The driver didnt escape, because the consequences of escaping would be even more serious.

If he didnt escape, he would at most pay the compensation.

After the car accident happened, some people were ready to rescue the victims in the river, but before they even went down, they saw two people floating to the surface.

It made them feel extremely relieved.

On the other hand, the driver standing on the bridge looked unhappy when he saw that Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin had survived.

He didnt want Leng Shaoming to survive, because it meant he failed his task.

The car accident was actually a scheme.

Zhan Zhiyin was busy helping Leng Shaoming, so her phone, wallet and other stuff were all left in the car.

Anyway, they were lucky that both of them were fine.

They could buy new phones and apply for new bank cards, but if they were killed, they couldnt come back to life again.

After floating to the surface, they could finally breathe and talk.

“Are you alright” They asked at the same time.

“Im fine.” They answered at the same time once more.

“Well, weve gone through a life threatening situation together.” Zhan Zhiyin joked.

They were in a terrible situation, but both of them were optimistic.

As long as they survived, they were happy.

“If it hadnt been for you, I would have been killed.

Thank you so much!” Leng Shaoming thanked her sincerely.

She just saved his life, and it wasnt a little favor.

Youve also saved my life. Zhan Zhiyin said to herself.

Precisely because Leng Shaoming had saved her before, she had the chance to help him out this time.

However, if Leng Shaoming hadnt come to pick her up today, the accident wouldnt have happened, so Zhan Zhiyin felt a little guilty.

“Im sorry.

If you didnt come to pick me up today, it wouldnt have happened,” said Zhan Zhiyin, feeling guilty.

“Well, I cant avoid it forever.

Itll happen sooner or late.

In fact, I should apologize to you for dragging you into trouble,” said Leng Shaoming.

He suddenly looked upset, because he was clearly aware of the situation he was in.

“Do you mean this car accident wasnt really an accident” Zhan Zhiyin immediately understood Leng Shaoming and got angry.


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