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Nourished by the magical power, Zhan Zhiyins internal injuries were quickly healed.

“Oh, where is the truck driver” asked Jiang Shuyuan.

“Hes already gone.

He has a good attitude and agreed to pay the compensation, but…” said Leng Shaoming.

“But what” Master Leng asked with a frown.

He had a feeling that it wasnt so simple.

“But I have suspicions that this car accident might not really be an accident.

It could be a scheme.

Although I dont have evidence, the big truck didnt turn until it was close to my car.

The truck driver explained that his mind went blank for a second, then he hit my car.

Its not enough to prove that its a scheme, but I saw panic in his expression.

I need to conduct a further investigation about that.

So for now we should finish the formalities with the police.

After we have more evidence, we can deal with the case again,” said Leng Shaoming.

Only his family was in the room, so there was no need for him to keep it a secret.

Leng Shaoming spoke about his suspicions with his family, because the mastermind might not just target him.

His whole family might be targeted.

Therefore, he needed to tell them to be more careful.

“How dare he scheme against Shaoming! If we can catch the mastermind, well definitely make him pay a heavy price,” said Jiang Shuyuan with strong hatred.

She couldnt wait to tear the mastermind to pieces.

“Well, since he dares to scheme against us, we should teach him a lesson.” Master Leng was also furious.

“I already sent out people to conduct an investigation.

Once there is a result, well definitely take it seriously,” said Leng Yuanqian.

His son could have been killed, so it was impossible for him not to be mad.

In fact, he was angrier than anyone else.

They had to deal with it according to the law, otherwise he would kill the person by a thousand cuts.

Whether or not only Leng Shaoming or the whole Leng family was targeted, all of them were very mad about the accident.

After the truck driver left the police station, he made a call and said that he had failed his task and that Leng Shaoming was only slightly injured.

The person on the other side of the phone was very disappointed, but he didnt blame the truck driver.

After all, Leng Shaomings car was already knocked into the river.

Even if he wasnt killed, he should have been seriously injured, but he survived and was fine.

It was very strange, but he had to admit that Leng Shaoming had good luck.

After taking Gu Nings power crystal, Leng Shaoming quickly felt much better.

Zhan Zhiyin also went back to normal, but they didnt plan to leave the hospital yet.

A while later, Leng Shaomings leader and colleagues learned about the car accident, and came to see him together.

When they walked into Leng Shaomings ward, they were extremely nervous to face the Leng family.

After all, their status was barely comparable to the Leng familys, so they couldnt help but stand in awe of them.

That afternoon, the Leng family left.

Because Leng Shaoming was fine now, they didnt need to stay and take care of him.

In fact, it wasnt suitable for them to stay there right now!

It was time and space for Leng Shaoting and Zhan Zhiyin to take a step in their romantic relationship.

They had been through a terrible accident together, so they had different feelings for each other now.

They were much closer than before.

When the Leng family left they thanked Zhan Zhiyin again, which embarrassed her.

After they left, only Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin were in the room.

Strangely, the atmosphere became a little embarrassing.

“Im sorry for making you stay in the hospital with me.” Leng Shaoming apologized.

They didnt leave the hospital, not because of their physical condition, but because of something else.

“Its fine,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

She came here in order to see Leng Shaoming.

As long as she was with him she didnt care what they were doing and where they were.

However, she was growingly anxious as she became closer and closer to Leng Shaoming.

She always hesitated to tell him about her real identity.

She wanted to be honest with him, but she was afraid that he might disdain and leave her since there was no love between them.

However, if she didnt tell him earlier, it would hurt him deeply after he fell in love with her.

Therefore, Zhan Zhiyin hesitated to make a decision.

Seeing that Zhan Zhiyin was unhappy, Leng Shaoming asked, “Whats wrong Why do you look worried”

Right after asking that question, Leng Shaoming realized he shouldnt have done that.

He was clearly aware that Zhan Zhiyin wanted to be closer to him, so he shouldnt embarrass her like that.

“Um, Im just thinking about something,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

“What is it Can you talk to me about it” asked Leng Shaoming.

He was prepared to confess his affection to Zhan Zhiyin anytime, but before that, he was slightly nervous, so he decided to chat with Zhan Zhiyin for a while.

“Its not something serious.

I just read a romantic story about a human and a monster yesterday.

Im wondering if its acceptable for a man to be in love with a female monster,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

She decided to feel out Leng Shaoming first.

“I dont know.

But I think most men wouldnt be able to accept that.

After all, monsters are really scary.

Its just a story,” said Leng Shaoming.

“How about you If you didnt know the girl is a monster and fell in love with her, would you accept her if she loves you back” Zhan Zhiyin joked with Leng Shaoming, but she was actually very anxious.

Although it wasnt a formal confession, it was important for her to know his real feelings.

“I dont know.

It wont happen in real life after all.

And Ive never encountered such a thing before.

I cant tell what Id do.

If monsters really exist in this world, honestly Id be scared when I see them,” said Leng Shaoming.

He also joked about it, but that was his real thoughts.

Even though Zhan Zhiyin understood that it was very normal for Leng Shaoming to have that idea, she still felt very upset.

“Right.” Zhan Zhiyin forced a smile as a reply.


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