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After the woman walked away, Chang Kaixuan called his father and told him everything.

Because it was related to his familys connections, he didnt dare to keep it a secret, but it wasnt easy for him to be honest.

Anyway, his family would find out soon, and he might be criticized heavily at that time.

After his father heard about it, he was really mad and scolded him.

“Chang Kaixuan, are you an idiot Dont you know what situation were in right now How dare you cause us trouble at such a moment What do you want to do Will you be happy after our family loses everything”

“I didnt know they would stop supporting us just because of that,” said Chang Kaixuan.

He still didnt realize how serious the mistake was and even blamed Fan Junxin for breaking off their support for the Chang family.

Hearing Chang Kaixuans words, his father got mad again.

“Why are you still blaming them Youre literally useless! Dont you know how serious it is Do you think everyone should spoil you because you were born in the Chang family Youre not as important as you think you are.”

Because of his status, Chang Kaixuan had great pride in himself, but he wasnt dumb, so he realized that his behavior had been too much this time, but it had already happened.

What could he do now

“Then what should we do now” asked Chang Kaixuan.

He still needed to ask his father for his opinion, because he had no idea what to do to stop his family from suffering a loss.

“How did they know that you brought a woman back to your apartment,” asked his father.

Hearing that, Chang Kaixuan realized it was indeed strange.

How did they know he brought a woman back to his apartment Before he did that, he had a call with Fan Yayue.

Fan Yayue told him she was about to take a shower and go to bed, but she and Fan Junxin quickly showed up in his apartment a while later.

“I dont know.

Did Fan Junxin see us by accident Then he brought Fan Yayue over” Chang Kaixuan guessed.

“If you were as smart as your eldest cousin, you wouldnt have been ignored in our family!” said his father.

His father expected better from him.

“I…” Chang Kaixuan was struck dumb.

He knew he wasnt as outstanding as his eldest cousin.

He was also jealous of his eldest cousins importance in their family, but he couldnt do anything about it.

Chang Kaixuan figured out it wasnt so simple, so he asked, “Is it not a coincidence”

“Someone must have told Fan Yayue or Fan Junxin about it, otherwise they wouldnt have known.

Its possible for it to be a coincidence, but I dont think its likely.

I would rather believe its not a coincidence.

Our family has encountered a lot of trouble these days.

Your uncle and them are staying in the hospital now.

Our family is already in danger, so I think someone is deliberately causing trouble for our family, or the Fan family wants to get rid of us by keeping an eye on you,” said Chang Kaixuans father, sounding upset.

If other families were scheming against the Chang family, he wouldnt be so angry, but if it was the Fan family, he would be really mad.

He didnt want it to happen, but it had already happened and he couldnt change the result.

If it was done by other families, they could overcome it.

If it was the Fan familys scheme, they could do nothing about it.

However, currently they were unclear about it, so they needed to save the situation.

It would be too late to do something after the truth came out.

“What” Hearing his fathers words, Chang Kaixuan finally realized how serious it was.

He shared the same opinion as his father.

If other families were scheming against the Chang family, he wouldnt be so angry, but if it was the Fan family, he would be really mad.

However, he was trapped this time, which was a humiliation to the Chang family!

Actually, if he behaved himself, it wouldnt have happened.

“Theyre so evil!” Chang Kaixuan said angrily.

“If you behaved yourself, they wouldnt get the goods on you.

Now were not sure of the mastermind, so the most important thing you need to do is to apologize to the Fan family.

Try to win their forgiveness.

We are now in a bad situation.

Im afraid our enemies are watching us.

If its possible, we must keep as many friends as possible,” said Chang Kaixuans father.

Ever since Master Chang and Master Changs eldest son got sick and injured, he took over the Chang family for the time being.

To be specific, he and Chang Kaixian were competing against each other for power.

If he got in trouble, the other family members would leave him for Chang Kaixian.

“What Apologize to the Fan family No! Fan Junxin just punched me.” Chang Kaixuan argued at once.

His pride wouldnt allow him to do that.

He felt that Fan Junxin should come and apologize to him instead.

Hearing Chang Kaixuans reply, his father was furious.

“Is it wrong You cheated on his younger sister.

Shouldnt he punch you”

His father didnt want him to be punched, but it was indeed his fault.

And now their family was in danger.

They couldnt afford to make any mistakes!

“You should be aware of the dangerous situation our family is in right now.

After your father and uncle encountered trouble, were in a total mess.

Chang Kaixian and I are competing to take over the familys wealth.

If our family loses influence, who can protect you Those people you have grudges against will come to pay you back without delay!” Chang Kaixuans father said seriously.

Chang Kaixuan was struck dumb, but he was still reluctant to apologize.

However, if he didnt do that, the situation would only get worse.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem, he had to listen to his father.

Anyway he had called his father for a solution.

“Well, Ill apologize tomorrow.” said Chang Kaixuan.

“Tomorrow Dont you know how serious it is! Do it now!” Chang Kaixuans father was furious and shouted at him angrily.

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