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However, he called Gu Ning first, not because he thought his girlfriend was more important than his grandfather, but because there should be a sequence.

The missed call from Gu Ning was on the top, so he called her back right away.

“Sure.” Gu Ning replied, then they hung up.

Rong Jue felt a little sad, but said nothing.

In silence, he drove Gu Ning to where she wanted to go.

Gu Ning got off near the siheyuan, instead of at the gate of the siheyuan.

After she got out of the car, there was still a distance of two hundred meters.

And it was a block.

Rong Jue might think she lived in this block after she got off here.

Gu Ning didnt want him to know that she knew people who were living in the siheyuan.

It wasnt a big deal if Rong Jue knew, but she didnt want many people to know.

Afterwards, Gu Ning walked towards the siheyuan.

There was a square nearby, so there werent many people on this road.

After walking for about a dozen meters, Gu Ning noticed someone was following her.

Two ordinary looking men were behind her.

They either wanted to rob her or sexually assault her.

Gu Ning directly stopped, turned around, and looked straight at them.

Seeing Gu Ning turn around and stare straight at them, they knew that they had been exposed, but it was just a young girl, so they werent afraid and directly walked ahead.

“Hey, beauty, are you alone Why dont we have some fun together” A man leered at Gu Ning.

“F*ck off!” Gu Ning was annoyed and kicked the man in the stomach.

The man was kicked to the ground as he screamed in pain, attracting attention from other people.

The mans companion subconsciously stepped back.

He was afraid that he would be next.

“How could you kick him” He angrily shouted.

The public didnt know the reason, so they said nothing, but they were surprised that Gu Ning was able to kick a man down.

“Because he deserves it.

Shouldnt he learn a lesson when he tries to sexually assault a girl publicly” Gu Ning said in annoyance.

She showed her anger to those onlookers, in case they blamed her for injuring innocent people.

Hearing that, the onlookers turned to give the two men accusatory glances.

The two men were guilty so the man who could still stand immediately helped the man on the ground get back to his feet.

Then they hurriedly left.

Gu Ning didnt bother to chase them and continued to walk to the siheyuan.

After Li Mingyue was pushed into a ward, the Li family stayed with her for about twenty minutes, then left.

There was nothing for them to do since He Qihang could take care of her.

Because Li Mingyue had absorbed a lot of magical power, she woke up about an hour later.

After Li Mingyue woke up, she was in a good condition.

She didnt feel much pain, but her heart was broken when she was told that she lost her baby.

Filled with sadness, she burst into tears and He Qihang comforted her.

“Its fine.

We still have Yaoyao,” said He Qihang, but he actually hated Li Mingzhang to death.

However, he couldnt kill him.

“But it breaks my heart!” said Li Mingyue.

“Well, perhaps the baby wasnt prepared to be our kid.

Alright, stop crying.

Its bad for your body.

You just had an operation,” He Qihang said to comfort her.

He was heart-broken too, but he had to face the reality.

“I hate Li Mingzhang.

How could he be so cruel I was pregnant!” said Li Mingzhang.

“What Didnt he do it by accident” He Qihang was shocked and asked at once.

Obviously, it was not an accident.

“It was not an accident! He did it on purpose.

Although he was a little impulsive, he knew what he was doing.

He asked me to sell the empty house and give them the money for the business.

I disagreed and he argued with me.

Then he pushed me,” said Li Mingyue.

Because the Li family valued sons above daughters, Li Mingcun and Li Mingzhang treated Li Mingyue badly.

Therefore, Li Mingyue didnt bother to keep it a secret for Li Mingzhang.

Moreover, Li Mingyue wasnt weak at all and wouldnt grin and bear it.

Li Mingyues house was given to her by her grandfather.

It was her dowry.

Although the house wasnt large and was only about sixty square-meters, it was located in a very good block.

After all, the housing price was crazily high in the capital, so the house was worth a fortune.

“What H-He…” He Qihang was so mad that he couldnt finish a sentence.

He even gasped for breath, furious and hating Li Mingzhang more than ever.

Li Mingzhang pushed Li Mingyue down stairs for money! Even though they werent close, he shouldnt do that.

Given what he had done, he had to be a cruel and selfish man.

They were always aware of Li Mingzhangs cruelty and selfishness, and knew that Li Mingzhang strongly disapproved of their marriage when He Qihang wanted to marry Li Mingyue.

They wanted Li Mingyue to marry a rich man so that the Li family could benefit from it, but Li Mingyue disagreed.

Then Li Mingzhang beat He Qihang and chased him out.

Li Mingzhang even controlled Li Mingyue and forbade her from leaving the house.

He Qihang was angry whenever he remembered that, but it had been a few years, so he didnt bring it up.

After all, he still married Li Mingyue.

However, what Li Mingzhang had done to Li Mingyue this time was totally unacceptable.

Without delay, He Qihang took out his phone and called Li Mingzhang.

Seeing He Qihangs call, Li Mingzhang felt a little guilty and didnt want to answer it.

Although he didnt know that Li Mingyue was already awake and had told He Qihang the truth, he guessed that it shouldnt be good news.

However, after thinking for a while, he still answered it.

“Li Mingzhang, youre a jerk! How could you force your own older sister to sell her house for you You pushed her causing us to lose our baby! You almost killed her.

Lets wait and see.

I promise Ill pay you back!” He Qihang shouted angrily.

Before Li Mingzhang could say anything, he hung up.

Li Mingzhang was stunned.

He knew Li Mingyue would tell He Qihang everything, but he didnt expect Li Mingyue to wake up so quickly.

When He Qihang hung up on him, he got very anxious.

If it was just He Qihang, he wouldnt care, but He Qihang had a relationship with Gu Ning!

Gu Ning saved Li Mingyues life.

If He Qihang wanted to pay him back, Gu Ning might help him.

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