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Thinking of that, Yuan Wenye didnt know how to communicate with Leng Yuanqian, so he directly hung up.

The next moment, he talked about it with his father.

They must stop the Dai family from being promoted to a higher status.

If the Dai family really replaced the Chang family, it would be meaningless no matter how much they prepared.

Master Yuan was much smarter than his sons, so he quickly figured it out.

He believed that the Leng family supported the Dai family in standing out against the Chang family, and the Dai family must have relied on the Leng family to collect evidence.

However, he had no idea how much the Leng family had helped the Dai family.

Anyway, since the Leng family played an important role in that, why did they choose to support the Dai family instead of their own people

Was what Leng Yuanqian told them the truth The Dai family collected the evidence on their own and the Leng family simply supported them against the Chang family

He would rather believe that the Leng family collected most of the evidence.

After all, although the Dai family wasnt weak, it was hardly comparable to the Leng family.

If the Leng family did most of the job, why did they choose to support the Dai family instead of their own people

If the Leng family did that, they could become stronger.

Master Yuan couldnt understand it till he thought further about it.

The Leng family didnt support their own people because they didnt want to split into two forces.

At that time, the Leng familys influence would be weakened, which was the last thing the Leng family wanted.

Therefore, they chose to support another family to reach cooperation.

Even though the Dai family wouldnt join the Leng familys faction, they would still be supportive.

After Master Yuan figured it out, he shared his thoughts with Yuan Wenye and his other sons.

Hearing that, they understood why the Leng family did that.

However, they didnt think they would be able to do the same.

“If so, the Leng family is very generous,” said Yuan Wenyue.

“No pain, no gain.

If I were them, I would choose my own people without hesitation, but after careful thinking, I think we need to think twice,” said Master Yuan.

It was a loss for the Leng family to support another family, and they might have a new enemy if the new family didnt form a good relationship with them, but there was an advantage, because the Leng familys own force wouldnt be split.

They would be as powerful as usual.

“What should we do now Do we have to watch the Leng family and the Dai family kick the Chang family out” Yuan Wenye asked reluctantly.

“Of course not,” Master Yuan said in anger.

He didnt want the Leng family and the Dai family to have everything either.

No matter what the reality was, they felt betrayed by the Leng family, so they would do something about it.

“Then what can we do” asked Yuan Wenyue.

He didnt want the Leng family and the Dai family to kick the Chang family out of the game.

Although it was highly likely for the Dai family to replace the Chang family, they still needed to do what they could now.

“Conduct an investigation into the Dai family.

Although the Dai family has a good reputation, I dont believe that they havent done anything illegal before.

Once we find any of their dirty secrets, well expose it and damage their reputation.

We also need to see whether there are ambitious people in the Leng familys faction.

Itll be the best if they can scheme against each other.

Our people must take action too.

Dont we have some evidence in our hands Lets get involved now,” said Master Yuan.

“Of course.” Yuan Wenye and Yuan Wenyue answered, then immediately went to do it.

However, right after they started their investigation, a senior official in their faction was arrested for bribery and corruption.

It caused a great impact on the Yuan family.

Normally, they would remove the news as quickly as possible.

If they failed, they could only give up and cut off their connection.

“It must have been done by the Leng family! They dont want us to interfere, so they deliberately caused trouble.” Yuan Wenyue guessed.

“I believe so, otherwise the scandal wouldnt explode at this key moment,” said Yuan Wenye angrily.

He felt what the Leng family had done was totally unacceptable, but they had done bad deeds, so they had to be prepared to be caught at any time.

In fact, bribery and corruption werent uncommon in their circle.

If they caught other powerful families doing bad deeds, they would actively report them, but they would hate the people who did the same thing to them.

Master Yuan was very angry, because he also believed that it must have been done by the Leng family.

“The Leng family is really arrogant!” Master Yuan hit the table heavily, but he couldnt argue with the Leng family because his people had indeed done something wrong.

If he dared to argue with the Leng family about it, it would become his fault.

“Dad, what should we do next” asked Yuan Wenye.

No matter what happened, they tended to ask Master Yuan for his opinion.

They had their own ideas, but Master Yuan was the patriarch of the Yuan family.

Whatever they did had to have Master Yuans permission.

Therefore, they got into the habit of asking Master Yuan about everything.

If they made decisions on their own, Master Yuan would harshly criticize them if they failed.

No one wanted to be scolded!

Most importantly, they all wanted to leave a good impression on Mater Yuan.

To prevent them from succeeding once, but failing twice, they would rather do what they could be sure of.

Yuan Wenye was the first kind of person.

He made many mistakes in order to succeed once, while Yuan Wenyue was much more cautious.

He never took action before making sure that he would succeed.

Therefore, Master Yuan had a better impression of Yuan Wenyue and felt that he was more stable.

“What can we do Just see if there is anything we can change.

If not, we can only give up,” Master Yuan said in annoyance.

He was really depressed by everything.

Leng Weihua was bullying him!

The Yuan family felt that they were being treated unfairly, but they deserved it.

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