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“Sure, Ill do it now,” Yuan Wenye said, then rushed out.

Every time Master Yuan wanted someone to do something, Yuan Wenye would compete for the opportunity.

He wasnt diligent, but he wanted to impress Master Yuan so that he could be the heir and take over the Yuan familys wealth.

“Wenyue, warn the others to be careful in the coming days.

I dont want any of them to cause us trouble again.

We wont protect them if theyre dragged into trouble at this key moment,” Master Yuan said.

“Of course,” Yuan Wenyue said and immediately left too.

Master Yuan had three sons, and he appreciated Yuan Wenrui most, because Yuan Wenrui was a doer and brought many benefits for the Yuan family.

Unfortunately, Yuan Wenrui fell into trouble in the end.

Now he felt that Yuan Wenyue was more stable and smarter than Yuan Wenye.

Yuan Wenye was always too eager to achieve something and was a little reckless.

Although Yuan Wenye had the abilities, he had ruined many things too.

They needed to think carefully before taking action to deal with an important matter.

If not, they could easily make mistakes.

The Rong family did nothing inappropriate.

They didnt seize the chance to scheme against the Leng family or the Dai family.

They wouldnt hesitate to benefit from the chaos, but they wouldnt play dirty tricks.

The Rong family also hoped that the new family which replaced the Chang family could be some of their people, so they copied what the Leng family did.

They reached an agreement with people who werent in their faction on the condition that they would help each other.

In order to replace the Chang family, the new family agreed.

After all, the Rong family wouldnt draw them over, it was impossible.

They just wanted to have a temporary cooperation.

However, some families and forces couldnt stay patient, especially those who were eager to replace the Chang family.

They immediately took action to challenge the Chang family and the Dai family.

Facing the Leng family, they needed to be cautious.

They had the courage to challenge the Leng family, but they could not do that without enough confidence.

After all, the majority believed what had happened to the Chang family recently had something to do with the Leng family.

Why would they still challenge the Dai family even though they knew the Leng family supported them It was because they didnt think the Leng family would continue to support the Dai family if the Dai family was in trouble.

Even though the Leng family was stronger than the other powerful families, it was hard to say who would win once there was a battle.

Currently the Leng family was the strongest family among them, but only a few people were aware that Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao were cultivators.

If they werent, the Leng family might not be much stronger than the other families.

After all, the Leng family was the family behind President Wei.

However, it didnt mean they could do whatever they wanted.

Society was different and the president couldnt control everything.

The situation the Chang family was in was getting worse and worse.

Master Chang was still unconscious, and his eldest son was injured.

He could barely do anything except for speaking.

As a result, only Master Changs second and third son, as well as collateral branches, were managing the Chang family.

The people in the faction gathered together for benefits.

If the family who supported them could give them what they wanted, they would side with the family.

If not, they would leave.

Therefore, after the Chang family ended up in trouble, many officials started cutting off their relationship with them.

Some officials chose to wait for a while, while some stayed supportive.

Those who still sided with the Chang family had benefited a lot from them, but due to solid proof, it was useless no matter how hard they struggled this time.

It was their own fault.

They never cared about the law and were easily caught doing bad deeds.

The Dai family had a good reputation and had the Leng familys support now, so no family could really hurt them.

However, before long, the Dai familys eldest grandson was abducted.

Everyone believed it was done by the Chang family.

After all, the Dai family was trying to replace the Chang family.

It was also possible that it was done by another family.

After all, many families were involved in the game for power right now.

The Dai family were anxious when their eldest grandson was kidnapped, so they turned to the Leng family for help without delay.

They had the ability to find their eldest grandson, but it was safer to have a powerful helper.

When Leng Yuanqian heard the news, he was at home.

Jing Yunyao, who was at the side, also heard about it, so she immediately shared the news with Gu Ning and asked her to check the surveillance cameras.

The Dai familys eldest grandson was abducted on his way home.

Those abductors directly stopped the car he took and violently took him away.

They did it openly, not secretly, so they conducted an investigation starting from where Dai Xiongyu was kidnapped.

Before K had any clues, Gu Ning went to the place where Dai Xiongyu was abducted.

This time, Gu Ning went out alone, because she was already strong enough to beat a group of men.

The other people stayed at home, waiting for her news.

In addition to K, the police were also searching for Dai Xiongyu, but they were much slower than K.

Gu Ning kept talking with K on the phone and chased in the direction he told her.

However, at a fork, there were no more surveillance cameras, so Gu Ning had to rely on herself to find Dai Xiongyu.

At this time, it was already 7 pm and the sky was nearly dark.

It wasnt easy to find someone in the night, but it wasnt difficult for Gu Ning.

With Ks help, she knew that there was a winding mountain road which was about 12 kilometers long at the end of this path.

On the other side of the road was a small town.

In the middle of this road, there were two forks, one led to a village while the other led to another.

They had no idea whether those abductors stopped halfway, or whether they passed the twisting mountain road, or went to a village.

In that case, Gu Ning could only use her Jade Eyes.

K was still watching the surveillance cameras.

Once those abductors car entered the town, he would see them from the surveillance cameras.

However, if they were in a village, he might not be able to see them if there werent surveillance cameras.

Gu Ning walked ahead and looked around with her Jade Eyes.

She didnt just want to find their car, because they could get out halfway and leave a man to drive the car away to confuse the police.

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