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Now Pei Jiangchao was unhappy since Master Pei again compared him with Pei Jianghai.

Obviously, he still couldnt understand why Master Pei educated him.

“Fine, I know Im not comparable to Jianghai, but why are you always criticizing me Am I so bad in your eyes You only compliment Jianghai!” Pei Jiangchao argued.

Hearing that, Master Pei was furious.

“What How could you be so dumb to not understand me at all Your response proves that youre not mature.

Dont you know why I criticize you If you did your job well, would I criticize you I teach you how to deal with things for your own good.

If you think I have a bias against you, there is nothing I can say.

If you dont understand me, I wont bother to explain it.

Since you dislike me teaching you, you can solve the problem on your own if you get exposed this time.

Alright, now, get out!”

Master Pei wouldnt really leave the mess to Pei Jiangchao, but he was extremely angry and disappointed at this moment.

Pei Jiangchao was anxious.

If Master Pei didnt help him, he honestly had no idea how to handle it, but he was reluctant to accept it, so he didnt give in right away.

Seeing that, Pei Jianghai was angry and immediately reminded Pei Jiangchao.

“Jiangchao, apologize to father now.

Do you think you can deal with it on your own”

If Pei Jiangchao was exposed and the Dai family had solid proof, the Pei family would have to take the blame and punishment.

He wasnt exposed yet, so they still had time to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Pei Jiangchao understood that he shouldnt be stubborn, so he gave in and apologized.

“Dad, Im sorry.

I misunderstood you.

I have no idea how to deal with it.

Can you help me, please”

Although he might not be exposed, it was highly likely for it to happen, so he had to do something.

Pei Jiangchao apologized, so Master Peis anger went away a little.

He couldnt really leave the mess to Pei Jiangchao.

After remaining silent for about ten seconds, Master Pei opened his mouth again and asked, “Who did you send to abduct Dai Xiongyu”

“Theyre my bodyguards, but they never show up with me in public,” said Pei Jiangchao.

Although they were his bodyguards, they mainly did bad deeds for him.

However, he didnt dare to tell Master Pei about that, or he would be criticized.

The Pei family did as many bad deeds as the Yuan family, but he still didnt want his father to know about what he had done.

Even though he didnt say about it, Master Pei wasnt dumb and was clearly aware of everything.

He simply didnt want to point it out.

It wasnt important either.

The most important thing they needed to do now was to get Pei Jiangchao out of this mess.

“When did you send them to abduct Dai Xiongyu How did you contact them Tell me everything,” said Master Pei.

Afterwards, Pei Jiangchao told Master Pei everything about the abduction.

“Since you gave the order by a call, it cant prove anything.

There is no way to prove the number belongs to you.” Master Pei was slightly relieved.

“But the Leng family might be involved in this, so we still need to be prepared.”

“What should we prepare” asked Pei Jiangchao.

“If they really betray you, youll be taken to the police station for an interrogation.

If they conduct a further investigation, they might find some evidence.

After all, those men listen to you.

Even though they have never shown up with you in public, you cant deny that theyre serving you.

All we can do is deny that they followed your order and abducted Dai Xiongyu.

We need to make someone the scapegoat and you the victim so that we can solve the problem,” said Master Pei.

“Who can be the scapegoat” asked Pei Jiangchao.

“Thats a question for you to think of.

Who is most reliable among your people He must have contacted those men,” Master Pei asked.

Because he wasnt clear of Pei Jiangchaos force, he couldnt make the decision.

After thinking for a while, Pei Jiangchao had a name.

“Yang Feng.”

“Why him Tell me the reason,” said Master Pei.

They were familiar with Yang Feng, he was the Pei familys distant relative and Pei Jiangchaos previous chauffeur.

In the first half of last year, Yang Feng was diagnosed with advanced cancer, so he was fired by Pei Jiangchao.

“Yang Feng has been diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Hes dying.

I thought that he was a reliable man, so I told him about those people.

Whenever I needed to use them, I always asked him to do it for me.

I think hell be willing to take the blame as long as I give him some money,” Pei Jiangchao said.

He had confidence in that.

“If so, go to see Yang Feng right now.

Tell him to use your private number and let him take the blame.

As for the reason, just say he was fired by you after he was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

He wanted to pay you back, so he abducted Dai Xiongyu using your name.

Whether people believe it or not, there is no solid proof and Yang Feng will be made the scapegoat.

No one can judge you,” said Master Pei.

Although Yang Feng was fired after he was diagnosed with advanced cancer, he didnt hate Pei JIangchao because he had received a lot of help from the Pei family and Pei Jiangchao gave him a lot of money when he left the company.

Therefore, Yang Feng was grateful to Pei Jiangchao and was much more reliable than other people.

In fact, Pei Jiangchao trusted Yang Feng much more than the bunch of men he sent to abduct Dai Xiongyu.

And he would give Yang Feng a lot of money if he was willing to be the scapegoat.

With that money, Yang Fengs wife, son, and parents could live a good life.

“Great, Ill go to see Yang Feng right now,” Pei Jiangchao said with excitement.

“Arent you afraid that people will see you on your way to see Yang Feng” asked Mater Pei.

“Then who should go to see him” asked Pei Jiangchao.

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