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Wang Xinyan was terrified and shut her mouth at once.

Even the policemen were scared by Gu Nings cold voice.

In a hearing room, a policeman was taking down Gu Nings account according to the rules.

“Your name, age and where are you from” the policeman asked.

“Gu Ning, 18, and Im from City F,” Gu Ning answered.

“Do you know the girl Whats your relationship with her Why does she want to kill you” the policeman continued to ask.

“Ive argued with Wang Xinyan twice.

Once was in a restaurant where she tried to grab a private room that my boyfriend and I have reserved before her, but we just orally argued for a short time.

After that, Ive witnessed Wang Xinyan along with a group of people beating a girl on the street.

I gave the innocent girl a helping hand and punched them.

The next day, the Wang Family sent policemen to arrest my boyfriend and me and intended to sentence us to jail without trial.

The head of the Public Security Bureau heard of it, and made a call to release us.

Afterwards, the Wang Familys dirty secrets were exposed, and the Wang Family was unseated.

My boyfriend helped me acquire the Wang Familys raw material exploitation right, so the Wang Family claimed that I got revenge on them.

Therefore, Wang Xinyan came to kill me,” Gu Ning said plainly.

What she just said could all be found out easily, so it wasnt necessary for her hide, but as for the information which couldnt be found out, Gu Ning naturally wouldnt say it.

Hearing that, the two policemen who were taking Gu Nings account down were both surprised.

To their astonishment, this young girl before their eyes was exactly the one that the head of the Public Security Bureau had made a call to release, and she even got the Wang Familys raw material exploitation right before anyone else.

She couldnt be an ordinary girl!

The two policemen immediately changed their attitude and wore a kind smile.

They let Gu Ning leave at once without questioning her further.

It didnt matter whether Gu Ning was telling the truth or not, it was undeniable that Wang Xinyan had tried to kill her.

They had collected all the evidence, so Wang Xinyan was arrested directly.

She was doomed to be sentenced to years in prison.

The terrible news hit the Wang Family heavily once more.

They all hated Gu Ning to death, but they couldnt do anything, because there was only Wang Hongming who was lying sick in bed along with a bunch of useless women in the Wang Family now.

Zheng Peng, Tang Haifeng, Zhang Decheng and Yan Shuya all called Gu Ning after they heard of the news.

Hearing that Gu Ning was fine and safe, they all relaxed.

Around 6 pm, Wang Jinmao delivered a truck of raw materials to their warehouse.

When they were moving raw materials, Gu Ning put all of the raw materials with top-level jade into the small warehouse.

She planned to cut out that jade herself and make it into jewelry.

And she would supply other jewelry businessmen with the rest.

She was running many kinds of business concerning jade now, and it was necessary for her to make good arrangements.

Although the boss of the Wang Familys raw material provider had changed, the Wang Familys clients stayed.

However, some of them were worried that the Colorful Raw Material Provider would provide all the raw materials with jade inside for the Colorful Jade Provider and leave only the waste raw materials for them.

However, Zheng Peng promised that they would treat their clients fairly.

Leng Shaoting had left for his task two days ago.

He hadnt come back, nor called or sent Gu Ning a message yet.

Gu Ning understood that he must be occupied by his task, so she didnt call or text him either.

In the morning, Gu Ning received Master Tangs call.

Master Tang was going back to City B soon, and he invited her to have a meal together before he left.

Gu Ning had mixed emotions now after she found out that Master Tang was her biological grandpa.

Although it was Tang Aining in Gu Nings body now, they shared the same body and feelings.

“Girl Gu, come on and have a seat!” Tang Haifeng was excited and happy to see Gu Ning every time.

He even stood up to welcome her in person.

“Grandpa Tang, please stay seated.” Gu Ning immediately walked over and helped Tang Haifeng sit down.

“Just call me grandpa!” Tang Haifeng complained a little.

“Sure, grandpa,” Gu Ning said again.

“Ha-ha, thats great! What do you want to have Im leaving for City B this afternoon, and I dont know when I can meet you again.” Tang Haifeng was slightly sad.

Gu Ning didnt want to see Tang Haifeng being said, so she promised.

“Grandpa, once I finish the National College Entrance Exam, Ill visit you in City B.

I promise.”

“Sure, sure.” Tang Haifeng was cheered up.

The two then enjoyed the meal while chatting in harmony.

However, every time Tang Haifeng saw Gu Ning, he thought of Tang Yunfan, and couldnt help sighing sometimes.

Gu Ning understood why Tang Haifeng sighed, but didnt ask further in case he would be sadder.

However, Gu Ning couldnt ignore it for very long, so she asked in the end, “Grandpa, why do you sigh frequently Do you have an unhappy memory in your mind Would you mind telling me”

In fact, Tang Haifeng was willing to talk with Gu Ning about his worries.

“Well, Im just thinking of my second son.

He works all day, all the time.

Im concerned about his health if hes occupied by work 24/7.

Besides, hes already 42 now, but he refuses to get married, or have children.

As his father, I know he actually feels lonely even though hes busy working and looks fine.”

Tang Yunfan had been living his life for more than a decade, and Tang Haifeng should have gotten used to it earlier on, but Tang Haifeng was an aging old man.

He thought that his life was about to end soon, and he was so worried about his second son, Tang Yunfan.

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